Chapter 61: Cultivation Rank+ Divine abilities+ Equipment Grade

—————– First Divine Ability Heaven’s sight!——————–

Fang Tien is able to view the past/future of any being/object within the world timeline, the effects of this ability at his current rank is limited to just seeing the past, the only exception to this rule is if a being is powerful enough to jump outside the world line, such a being wouldn’t be limited by time and thus can be said to live forever.

Under Special circumstances, the past of such a being can be viewed.

——————2nd Divine ability Time-Mark————

Fang Tien using the power of his Dao of time and his special Du Clan eyes, he becomes able to affect the reality of any one person who looks into his eyes.

This shows them a favorable timeline that is indeed real, thus it is virtually impossible to realize one is under the effect of an ability, while the effect can be broken it has yet to be seen how.

Abilities that can cancel illusions/ beings that are resistant to illusions are ineffective against Time-Mark.

once cast on a person this ability can only be stopped by killing said person, can currently be used 3 times a day.

——— ——-3rd Divine Ability Spatial-Chrono Reversal————————-

Fang Tiens 3rd Divine Ability This Divine ability allows him to reverse the space-time of any particular object in which the runic symbols of time appeared, even giving him the ability to reverse casted spells.

Runic words of time appear on every existing object/being, at his current stage, Fang Tien can only see the runic time symbols on casted abilities.

This Skill can only be used once every 24hours due to its enormous strain and spiritual energy usage.


Cultivation Ranks

Eye Cultivator


Closed pupil

Awakened Pupil

True sight Pupil

King pupil

Emperor Pupil

Emperor True sight pupil

False God pupil

God pupil

Immortal pupil


Mage Cultivators

========== ==============

Rank 1-2(Novice Magus)

Rank 3-4(Apprentice Magus)

Rank 5-6(Great Magus)

Rank 7 ( True Magus)

Rank 8 ( False Law Magus)

Rank 9 ( True Law Magus)


Immortal Physique

========== ===============

Closed physique

Awakened physique

Myriad physique

King physique

Emperor physique

True Emperor physique

False God physique

God physique

Immortal physique

——- Cultivator Realms———

Rank 1-2( Novice Warrior)

Rank 3-4(Great Warrior)

Rank 5-6( Bloodline Warrior)

Rank 7( Awakened Warrior )

Rank 8( True Bloodline Warrior)

Rank9( Supreme Warrior)


——————Item Rarity Ranking—————-



Ultra Rare


Elemental Heroic

Heavenly Heroic


True Immortal

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