Chapter 62: Auction

Excitement could be seen on the faces of random mortals and cultivators alike as they walked hurriedly towards a large red building.

Looking at the crowd and long line outside Fang Tien interest was piqued, he had been in this town for a day now as the teleportation formation that would take them directly to the academy was temporarily closed and wouldn’t be opened until tomorrow.

In this free time sightseeing and exploring the massive vicinities of the town was used as a way to pass the time.

Seeing Fang Tien’s interested expression Du Yan moved closer towards him, the large umbrella she held to block the sunlight covering them both, ” Young master its looks to be the auction house, I’ve heard rumors about it yesterday.”

“Rumours?” Fang Tien asked

“Yes young master, today’s auction seems to be even more special as some rare item from an ancient era will be auctioned off,” Du Yan said, seeming not very interested in an auction.(edited)

Fang Tien’s brows furrowed as he thought of his current spending limits, he had already carelessly given most of his spirit stones to the black veil, her appetite seemed endless as she devoured without end.

Seeing Fang Tien’s expression Du Yan added, ” Young Master we’ve been able to secure our monthly funds from the clan, they’ve sent us these two spatial boxes containing spirit stones, one is for our use and the other exclusively for yours.”

With a wave of her hand, a small spatial box appeared, this box seemed to be the size of her palms as it managed to fit perfectly within them.

As Fang Tien received the box his divine senses scanned the insides, the elders had made it so that the box could only be opened by Fang Tien’s divine essence hence not even Du Yan knew the exact amounts of spirit stones contained inside, as his Divine senses peaked at the contents inside thousands of spirit stones could be seen, Fang Tien estimated this number went as high as 15,000.

Such a large amount slightly surprised him as the last time he had received his allowance it had only amounted to 5,000 spirit stones.

It should be because of how close we are to the academy admittance Fang Tien thought silently.

Feeling rejuvenated by his new found wealth Fang Tien decision was easily decided “Let’s check this auction out, I might find something amusing to buy”

Seeing the long line and wait to get inside Fang Tien remembered the token given to him by Shao Jian, will this token be effective here? He wondered as he walked over the token appearing within his hands as he held it up to large guards who blocked the auction entrance.

“Elemental clan token?” With a smile a young lady could be seen walking from the inside of the auction house, her tight fitting dark blue dress perfectly bringing out her alluring curves, her tall figure and hefty chest that seemed as if they would burst forth made her even more enticing.

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