Chapter 62: Perception Of Sound’s Soul


The rhythmic sounds were echoing in the woods. A big pile of broken material stood beside Lu Ping’s left foot, and very soon, another small pile could be seen beside Lu Ping’s right foot, of which the material was even more fragmented than the previous one.

Success cannot be obtained so easily. Every time, Lu Ping proceeded with more caution, however, the result was nevertheless the same; an explosion and the material becoming even more fragmented.

However, he was not discouraged.

He broke one piece, picked up another one, and repeated. He didn’t feel bored at all as he gladly worked with his entire concentration. Wen Yan, leaning on library’s window, had been watching this for almost half an hour. However, he didn’t sense anything at all. After half an hour, he paused, seemingly contemplating. Subsequently, he turned his head in another direction where Su Tang, without any sense of direction, was still aimlessly walking and trying all sorts of movements. Lu Ping withdrew his vision when he saw Wen Yan leaning on the library’s window. Wen Yan also seized the opportunity at once and asked:

“What are you guys doing?”

She couldn’t make anything out of SuTang’s actions.

The actions of Lu Ping, who was near the window, were also indiscernible for her in the beginning, but she was able to infer some clues later on.

However, Lu Ping’s reply was quite simple:


As soon as he finished speaking, he picked up another fragment, gathered his concentration, perceived the Sound’s soul and proceeded on to inject it with extreme caution.

“Hey, you should take a rest!” However, he suddenly heard Wen Yan talking once again.


A soft sound, like that of someone’s gasp, marked Lu Ping’s defeat again.

Lu Ping would not be vexed because of simple defeat, however, if the defeat were to be caused due to external factors, he would naturally mind it a lot. He raised his head, and his vision, which was on Wen Yan, was full of reproach.

“Blaming me?” We Yan said.

“Of course, don’t make noise.” Lu Ping said.

Wen Yan was angry. She had been watching them so patiently for half an hour. Over there, what sort of weird cultivation Su Tang was doing, she had no idea. Here, she could see some hope in what Lu Ping was doing. Yesterday, when Lu Ping destroyed the equipment in the Transmission Room, she had been present. Apparently, at this moment, he was using the yesterday’s destroyed equipment for his training.

However, how could it be so easy? The control over the purity of Soul’s Power was a necessity for the breakthrough into the realm of Linking. She had to spend full eight months after attaining the sixth Heavenly layer in the Infusion’s soul. Just on the basis of this fact, she was considered as a genius in the Tian Zhao institute. These guys, coming from some institute in the Xia Feng institute, said that they wanted to participate in the Soul Convention. Apparently, from their attitude, they truly intended to breakthrough into the realm of Linking in a month?

Wen Yan had always been a troublemaker. Anything that caught her eye would be regarded as interesting. However, what currently transpired in front of her eyes didn’t feel interesting to her at all. She only felt it absurd. And this guy actually blamed her for this absurd matter. She didn’t feel like apologizing at all, instead, she felt a little wronged.

However Lu Ping evidently did not have any intention to reason with her since he seemed as if he was about to continue his training. However, as he lowered his head and looked at the chip in his hand, he was astonished.

The fragment in his hand had cracked, but not completely snapped off. It was still whole somehow. Half of it was snapped, which suspended from the other half.

This never happened. All the fragments, having the same material and same tolerance, always completely snapped. However, what did this imply, progress?

Progress was naturally worth celebrating, however, how did it actually happen? Just now, nothing was different about his control. At the last moment, while injecting the power of Sound’s soul, he suddenly heard Wen Yan’s voice. Subsequently, the fragment snapped off as usual, but the extent of damage was somewhat less this time.

Was it coincidence? Or, hearing that voice instead strengthened his proficiency of control.

Lu Ping couldn’t say for sure. He somewhat perplexedly raised his head, just to see Wen Yan, leaning forward on the window, angrily staring at him.

“Currently, you can’t even control a single Soul’s power, yet you wish to breakthrough into the realm of Linking in one month, isn’t this too naive?”


Hearing Wen Yan speaking again, Lu Ping immediately picked up another fragment. However, he wasn’t hurried. Instead, like every time, he completely focused his attention, and this time he was hearing what Wen Yan was saying.

“You are really strange. Such a strong power, how could you not accomplish such a simple matter? Even more strange is why can’t I perceive your Soul’s Power most of the time?”


With a soft sound, fragment in Lu Ping’s hand once again cracked.

“Hey, you are not hearing what I say!” Wen Yan yelled.

“I am hearing, I am hearing!” Lu Ping was quite excited since he had confirmed his conjecture. It had not snapped completely, just like before.

“You can keep going.” Lu Ping said, when he had already picked up another fragment.

“What keep going! You have to reply me, all right? I just asked you something, you didn’t hear?”


This time was also the same. Now, he was sure that this had something to do with Wen Yan speaking.

“Which ability are you using while speaking?”

He wished to understand it one step further.

“What ability!” She was not in a good. She could infer seeing Lu Ping’s two attempts. She was but a Linked One of Infusion’s soul. Hey eyesight was quite keen, and from the extent of damage of fragments, she could tell that Lu Ping had some progress.

“You are hearing my words; this is related to perception. Thus, it unknowingly increased your attention on Sound’s soul. However, its effect will be only this much. It’s not that useful.” Wen Yan could not only discern, but she was even clear on the reason behind it.

“Oh, then you continue speaking.” Lu Ping had already picked up another fragment and seemed eager to try his hand.

“What continue!” Wen Yan was angry. She had the illustrious identity of the big sister, a celebrity in the institute. How had she turned into a servant in the eyes of this country bumpkin, bossing her around as he pleased?

She glared at Lu Ping and naturally didn’t continue speaking. She reached out with her hand and pulled out a round, circular thing from her pocket and patted it on the window’s ledge, “Use this.”

“What is this?” Lu Ping asked.

“You haven’t seen Sound Preserving Device?” Wen Yan was astonished. How destitute is this Xia Feng region?

“Eh… I’ve heard about it.” Lu Ping recalled that Su Tang did mention such a thing to him.

“Too miserable….” Wen Yan was somewhat sympathetic. Heard but not seen…..isn’t this a bit too pathetic?

“This thing goes like this,” Wen Yan’s tone suddenly became much gentler, “Using the power of Sound’s soul, this thing can store sounds, which can be utilized later using the Sound’ soul.”

While speaking, Wen Yan’s finger softly clicked on its upper side. It didn’t seem like she had controlled any Soul’s power, but a melodious sound came out of the oblate thing.

“How about it?”

“En, using this stuff will certainly make cultivation much easier!” Lu Ping was regretfully sighed.

Cultivation……? Who said this thing is for cultivation?

Wen Yan couldn’t keep up with Lu Ping’s reasoning at all. Lu Ping had already picked up another fragment. This time, he was controlling his Sound’s soul while listening to the melody.

“If this sort of cultivation had any use, why would everyone suffer so many hardships?” Wen Yan muttered.

Bang, a soft sound.

That’s what I said! Wen Yan was thinking, however, as she shifted her vision, she saw that the fragment in Lu Ping’s hand had not even snapped. The fragment was just cracked. Although the crack was deep, it clearly represented progress.

“Very pleasant to hear.” Lu Ping appraised the melody coming out of Sound Preserving Tool.

‘Because he was able to increase his focus by listening to the melody?’

Wen Yan was thinking, but soon after, her face turned dark again.

Didn’t Lu Ping’s words were the same as saying her voice was unpleasant and people didn’t want to hear it?

“Absolutely shameless juvenile!” Wen Yan cursed in muffled voice, but didn’t disturb Lu Ping this time. She had seen the progress Lu Ping in such a short duration. What he was doing didn’t seem too absurd now!

It might not be impossible……As Wen Yan was thinking, an extremely dense Soul’s Power rushed at her. She hurriedly jerked herself back from the window’s opening.


A wave of dust could be seen at the window’s ledge. Wen Yan blankly shifted her vision, only to discover that her Sound Preserving Tool had already been turned into dust.

“You need to pay attention to the process, not the result.” Early in the morning, far away from her, the drunkard was drinking while instructing Lu Ping.

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