Chapter 63: Auction House ( Part 2 )

Hearing this voice Fang Tien eyes were drawn to its source, a developed womanly figure could be seen, her beauty while not comparable to Du Yan or Shao Jian her enchanting curves and mature aura was something the two lacked.

Before Fang Tien could even reply Du Yan blocked his vision as she stood in front of him, “It is indeed the elemental clan token, will you keep us waiting outside still?” Du Yan said haughtily.

“Of course not honored guest, allow me to apologize for any inconvenience caused, I will be hosting today’s auction please enjoy.” With a bow, she smiled as her alluring figure vanished inside past the guards.

Seeing that she had finally left Du Yan blew a sigh of relief “Young Master you should try not to talk in public, as you’ll cause a commotion especially to females like that.”

Hearing her words strange expressions appeared on the faces of Du Lei and Du Min as they remembered the incident at the inn that Fang Tien had caused by talking, young master was indeed dangerous….

“Master Sha Sha think she’s right too!”

“Let’s go” with an annoyed expression Fang Tien walked forward, as he wasn’t very talkative since a young age her request wouldn’t prove to be very hard for him, he had mostly grown up with trees and plants as friends as he lived in the sacred forest with his master and while these trees and immortal herbs could talk they could never replace the experience of actual humans.

“Hey! How are they walking past everyone in the line?”

“idiot shut up! Didn’t you see the token they held? Don’t talk unless you want to ruin your family.”

“Who’s the lucky brute walking with three beautiful girls? Damn, he must have saved a deity in his past life.”

Sounds of loud chatter could be heard from the crowd as they stood in the blazing heat, waiting for hours to get inside the auction house chatter was their main source of entertainment.

As the group entered the inside of the auction building they were led to the auction room, entering to a private room seated directly above the normal seats, this private room was apart of the rooms exclusive for high ranking guest, one had to be a clan leader of a medium tier and above family or an extremely rich merchant to be granted access, it was different for top-tier families such as Shao Jian’s.

Even tho the 4 were seated within this room plenty of free space remained, as they had a direct and clear view of the main stage Fang Tien found the token he very useful, even though the Du Clan could be considered a top-tier family they had been sealed far too long to the point of being completely forgotten.

Seeing how useful this token was Fang Tien wondered why his Clan’s first ancestor would make such an order, the Du Clan had been sealed for era’s as the first ancestor final order was to keep the clan completely sealed until the birth of another Deity eyes.

“Welcome Honored Guest to the 116th auction, as you’ve all heard today we have a special item for sale at the end of today’s auction!” The blue dressed young lady that Fang Tien had seen outside had appeared again, as she spoke to the large seated crowd, Fang Tien was unsure if auctions were always this full or if the special item brought the entire town out.

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