Chapter 64: Auction House ( Part 3 )

“The first item is a 200year old ginseng, place your bets!” The beautiful blue dressed lady said, her hands holding a half open box, a ginseng could be seen placed neatly inside, this ginseng radiated intensely as an enormous amount of vitality could be felt quickly spreadly through the room.

“what, such an intense vitality, is this really only a 200year ginseng?”

“Don’t you know? this Ginseng is from the elven forest south, their herbs are extremely pure compared to herbs obtained from anywhere else, theirs have 2x the effectiveness”

“Is it that good? 10 spirit stones” The first bet was made, the sound coming from a lower seat”

“15 spirit stones” another voice rang out.

“30 spirit stones, please allow me to buy this my grandfather is in dire need.” a meek sound said Fang Tien, looking down towards the source could see it came from a petite young mage, her small form seemed extremely fragile as she seemed nervous being surrounded by the large population of seated audience.

Seeing the source Fang Tien quickly lost interest and looked away, he wasn’t interested in this item as the Du Clan scared forest posses far superior herbs, so why would he bet? closing his eyes he had decided to cultivate until something interesting had been called.

“40 spirit stone! who’s baby is this, no one cares about your grandfather this old man needs it more!” an old voice shouted.

“45…Spirit stones!” the meek voice could be heard, sounding extremely scared.

“50 spirit stones! Kid go home and light some incense for your grandfather, this belongs to this old man.”

“100 spirit stones, this young master shall buy it for this small miss who dares to bet?” an extremely haughty voice rang out from one of the private room, looking up the people seated below could only see a private room with dark screens as the inside of the rooms were blocked from vision.

Inside the private room a man and a woman could be seen, they seemed 19 years old in appearance, they looked as if there they were a match made in heaven as the girl looked peerlessly beautiful, her sky blue pupils looked extremely captivating along with her dark blue hair. The boy looked somewhat handsome but his perverted eyes ruined his looks.

“Fu Dong, why are you bullying such an old man?” a gentle and calming sound could be heard, when this female spoke it was as if the temperate sound of the sea could be heard.

“Xie Jingyi how could I allow such an innocent child to be bullied in front of my eyes? besides her grandfather was sick I can’t see such a situation and do nothing.” Fu Dong smiled, his small beady eyes caused his smile to be unnerving.

Seeing his expression, Xie Jingyi knew he wasn’t telling the truth but she choose to continue to play along. “Fu Dong remember why we came, I was told an extremely rare amulet would be for sale” Xie Jingyi said.

As he looked at Xie Jingyi his eyes scanning her body Fu Dong quickly replied:” Of course, no matter the cost I will buy it, besides in this city only a few can afford to go against my family.”

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