Chapter 64: Correct Determination

“Quite cruel method, but usually quite effective as well.” Chu Min said without a change in her expression. She ate quite slowly. In comparison, she drank wine much faster.

“Is this really necessary?” Wen Yan asked, not only Chu Min, but also the other four.

“It’s only a Grand Soul Convention. There was one last year, one is this year, one will be next year and also the next of next year.” Wen Yan said.

“Of course, Grand Soul Convention is not not that important,” Xi Fan said, “We all have our own reasons.”

“You have also decided?” Chu Min looked at Xi Fan and asked the final confirmation. Evidently, Xi Fan’s choice was the most grave.

“Decided.” Xi Fan said without the slightest hesitation.

“So, begin?” Chu Min asked.

“Begin.” Xi Fan said.

“Ok!” Chu Min nodded.

Xi Fan had shown the correct determination.

If he had given up, Chu Min wouldn’t have said a word. If he had decided to wait for his injuries to heal, Chu Mn would have rejected him.

Waiting for injury to heal was fine, and it would increase his chances of succeeding substantially. However, for Xi Fan, his cultivation was like being placed on a field of death where one could only move forward in order to survive. He couldn’t retreat a single step and could not have a relaxed attitude. Waiting for the injury to heal was already a kind of retreat. With such a mind set, he might be able to win him some more time for cultivation. However, it wouldn’t help him much. This sort of attitude was itself a fatal weakness. After all, Xi Fan had to undergo the Linking of Essence’s soul.

“Eat a bit less.” This was Chu Min’s last moment advice for Xi Fan. As for Mo Lin, she didn’t even ask him. Among the three individuals, Mo Lin’s situation could be considered as the best.

Thereupon, in the afternoon, two more figures could be seen in the woods.

Mo Lin sat under a tree. He didn’t resemble Su Tang who was trying every possible movement. He wished to Link Pivot’s soul. This moment, he was chewing on a grass root, which was quite bitter. However, Mo Lin seemed as if he was tasting some delicacy and was thoroughly experiencing the taste within.

The sense of taste was a specific perception of Hinge’s soul. Arousing the feeling of taste could initiate a certain effect on control. This was the same argument as Lu Ping while listening to Wen Yan’s words or music had an slightly increased control over the Sound’s soul. However, the emphasis of Lu Ping’s cultivation was different. He needed to learn the control itself. Thus, Chu Min didn’t allow him external help. While Mo Lin’s and the others’ main aim was the breakthrough into the realm of Linking. Thus, using external means to arouse the control was a simple and easy method. Although this method was not much effective than Wen Yan’s words for Lu Ping, it was better than nothing.

As for Xi Fan, he was motionlessly lying down under a tree.

Sun shined, wind blew, small grass caressed his face, however, he didn’t feel any of this. After losing his Strength’s soul, he had already lost the basic sense of touch. He couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, couldn’t taste, and couldn’t not even feel something.

He wished to cultivate the Essence’s soul. Essence’s soul was consciousness; it was state of mind. After losing his five senses, no information from outside could be transmitted to him. He also had no way to obtain as minute of an assistance as holding a grass root as Mo Lin was doing. He was just quietly lying down, without a single individual knowing how hard of a struggle the consciousness inside that body of his was facing at this moment. On the exterior, his cultivation seemed the most tranquil among the three, but in reality, his cultivation was the most ruthless one.

Wen Yan had been watching them all along. She saw Mo Lin and Xi Fan losing their senses with the help of Chu Min and also saw them striving under such circumstances to make the breakthrough.

She didn’t know what could possibly be their reasons for doing this, but such a determination and attitude astonished her greatly.

Bang… Bang… Bang…

Here, Lu Ping was still holding a fragment. The big pile had turned into the small pile, and small pile had turned into the big pile. Although he wasn’t trapped into a frightening situation like the other three, his seriousness was not inferior one bit.

Did she put in such an effort?

They were cultivators who were far inferior to her in terms of realm, yet they evoked a feeling of crisis in her. At Tian Zhao, her fellow genius classmates never caused her to feel such a sense of inferiority.

Cannot relax!

As she thought about how she had spent her whole morning going through books and watching other people cultivate, Wen Yan felt that she was indeed a bit too wasteful of time. She didn’t wait anymore and resolutely left to focus on her own cultivation.

Only five individuals remained.

Su Tang continued to roam about, Mo Lin continued to taste all sorts of things, Xi fan was still quiet as before, Lu Ping was still seriously training on fragments, and Chu Min, at a position from where she could see every single one of them, opened a new bottle. The smell of alcohol once again permeated the woods.

Bi Polar institute.

Diagonally opposite to Tian Zhao. The two institutes had been fiercely competing from the day they were established. However, even after several hundreds of years, neither of the institutes had managed to win. Both the institutes had progressed quite fast and had always been ranked next to each other in the continent’s Feng Yun List. As for the Zhi Ling region’s list, they combinedly occupied the first and the second positions.

However, at this moment, outside the gate of Bi Polar institute was a group of listless and dispirited students. Some of them even had minor bruises and scars.

These students were precisely Xia Feng institute’s first grade and third grade students who had rushed from the Xia Feng region to borrow Bi Polar’s Soul’s Tower.

Their assessment went smooth, but as if inferior creatures who had entered a group of a high level species, they suffered discrimination. A moment ago, they finally couldn’t endure anymore and incited a group fight. Subsequently, they were beaten black and blue by the students of Bi Polar institute and were chased out of the institute.

They had originally planned to leave today but ended up in such a condition. They all felt quite sullen. But then again, they didn’t have a choice either. They were far inferior in terms of realm. They could only bear grudges in their hearts and curse inwardly before leaving with tail between their legs.

“Ha ha ha ha.” The group of Bi Polar institute’s students who had chased them out of the institute had enjoyed themselves quite a bit as well. At this moment, looking that none from the side of Xia Feng institute was running their mouths, the Bi Polar students did not continue to tangle with them anymore.

“A bunch of country bumpkins…wasting time.” Someone said while spitting on the ground. Today’s fight also broke due to a similar taunt. Some people taunted the students of Xia Feng institute on their low realms, saying that regardless of how they cultivated, it would be a waste of time. Both sides entered an argument, and a fight broke out. Students of Xia Feng were turned into sorry figures, seemingly affirming the previous statement.

“Who are these people?” Some students of Tian Zhao also happened to walk out of the entrance diagonally opposite to that of Bi Polar institute. They felt quite curious as they saw a group of people spiritedly walking away and asked facing Tian Zhao institute.

The two institutes although had a competitive relationship, the students wouldn’t be as ‘you die, and I live’. They still had normal interactions between each other.

“A bunch of country bumpkins from the Xia Feng region. Reportedly, their Soul’s Tower was destroyed, and they rushed to use our Soul’s Tower for assessment. With such a level, they were really asking to be disgraced.”

The individual who answered did so in a loud voice, obviously, wishing to be heard by the Xia Feng students. Xia Feng students replied something, but accelerated their steps.

“They’re so bad?” The students of Tian Zhao stared blankly.

“Of course, they are. Our institute heard that yesterday four intruders came and created quite a scene? Who were they?” The students from the side of Bi Polar asked.

“They were also the students from Xia Feng region.”

“Xia Feng region’s students, and they made you bounce around like chickens? We heard they even damaged your Transmission Tower?”

“Your mother! Who said that! Isn’t it standing just fine? Can’t you see it?! Students of Tian Zhao furiously pointed towards the Tower, which could be clearly seen even with the separation of several roads due to its height.

“It hasn’t dropped, but is it fine?”

“What nonsense!”

The students of the two institutes could interact, but it didn’t mean they were friends. The conversation went on the wrong track, and an explosive atmosphere began to spread around.

“What, you wanna go at it? That’s pretty fortunate since tidying up that bunch of rubbish was not satisfying enough, we’ll use this opportunity to teach you a lesson?”

“Just you? Would you even know how you died? Tian Zhao students rushed ahead, and a new fight had already erupted.

The street separating the two institutes was quite spacious. However, rarely would someone be seen walking on it. This was because the last year, the average number of fights that occurred on this street per day…amounted to three point two…

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