Chapter 65: Golden Apple

Seeing that the offer had come from one of the private rooms the old man didn’t dare to continue to offer as he reluctantly sat down disheartened by his lost opportunity, at his age and cultivation rank a 200year ginseng of this purity would be able to extend his life by 50 years, enough for a slim chance of breaking through to a higher realm

“100 spirit stones going once…Sold to the buyer in room 3”

A woman could be seen waiting at the door of room 3 “Young master here is your purchased ginseng”

Fu Dong hearing the sound at the door seemed annoyed as if his important conversation was affected, “Don’t bother me for something so trivial, send it to the girl below, now shoo.”

“Yes, young master.”

Xie Jingyi looking at this sighed ” just don’t make any more impulsive buys until my item shows up.”

Fu Dong looking at her worried expression smiled proudly, ” Don’t worry if its one thing I won’t lack its spirit stones.”

“The next item is a bit unknown, its properties were that of an ordinary apple, but what’s different is this apple is golden in color and seems to be impossible to be spoiled, according to our experts this apple had once absorbed a drop of blood from a real dragon thousands of years ago, this apple is extremely useful for warriors as its high special properties will allow one’s bloodline to be even purer.”

Holding a large golden box container, as it slighly opened an intense golden light shone brightly illuminating the entire room and action hall, As she quickly closed the lid the light vanished.

“Thump! Thump!”

Sounds of a heart beating reverberated within Fang Tien mind, this heartbeat seemed to drown out all other sounds as it occupied madly his mind, but just as quick as it came it vanished with the closing of the lid.

“Mhmm?” Looking into the independent space opened inside his eyes Fang Tien could see a large egg shaking.

“The egg from the divine pond? it’s reacting to the golden apple…is it because of the real dragon blood?”

By time Fang Tien had come to the realization of what had caused the sound the bidding for the Golden Apple had already risen to 200 spirit stones, the warriors were bidding fiercely for it.

“500 Spirit stones” Fang Tien magnetizing voice resonated within the hall, the sound bringing instant silence to the room.

“Who…? they directly raised it by 300 spirit stones.”

“It came from room 2! one of the private rooms.”

“Who’s betting against this young master? fellow guest the Fu clan will be sure to treat you kindly if you let this one pass, 550 spirit stones!.” a haughty sound could be heard from room 3.

“1000 spirit stones” Fang Tien’s temperate voice rang out once again.

“1…1000 spirit stones!?”

“Number 2 is filthy rich when can I be that rich.”

“Why wasn’t I born good looking? even being the concubine would be good.”

Veins could be seen on Fu Dong temples as he seemed enraged by Fang Tien price raise, his mouth opened as he looked as if he wanted to compete.

Looking at his expression Xie Jingyi voice could be heard quietly saying ” Drop it, this might jeopardize our main purpose.”

With an angry expression, Fu Dong calmed himself down,” You’re right, trivial golden apple isn’t as important as you.” Fu Dong said with a smile.

“1000 spirit stones, going once…twice…sold to the honored guest in room number 2.”

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