Chapter 65: Soaring Qi and Blood

If you were to stand on top of the tallest palace hall, you would see that just outside the imperial city wall lay a vast stretch of area enveloped by Hao Tian’s flame tornado. Several hundred houses were immediately ripped apart, the crushed wood and stone violently dancing and swirling by Hao Tian’s side!

The common people only knew that the best martial arts Tongshen experts could each individually replace a powerful army of thousands. After having now witnessed the skills of these Protector Shangxians, they understood that the Tongshen of martial arts was merely the power of mortals and nothing more.

The Dao skills of Shangxians seemed to be even more fearsome than the earthquakes, tempests, and volcano eruptions of nature.

In the eyes of mortals, Protector Shangxians were meant to rule the world!

“Wu Yu, come!”

Hao Tian’s voice swept across a thousand zhang. 
(T/N: 1000 zhang≈ 3.3 km ≈ 2.1 miles)

The Dao skill was fierce and powerful. This time, it exploded for real. Wu Yu wouldn’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.

The raging flame tornado was already spreading out in front of his eyes!

In actuality, he had a way to dispel the Dao skill — retreating and sticking close to Yuan Xi. Normally speaking, Hao Tian might stay his hand to avoid harming Yuan Xi.

But Wu Yu disdained to do so.

Furthermore, would Hao Tian really stop his attack when faced with Yuan Xi’s potential death?

That wasn’t for certain.

According to what Wu Yu knew about Hao Tian, he loved himself more.

If Hao Tian had to make a choice between killing Wu Yu and saving Yuan Xi, he would probably choose to directly kill Wu Yu. Yuan Xi’s accompanying death wouldn’t matter.

After all, now that Wu Yu was no longer Sun Wudao but instead Prince Yu, this identity of his held a different meaning for Hao Tian.

Facing the raging flame tornado, there was no way back!

After the Celestial Monkey Transformation, Wu Yu’s whole body was ruled over by a maniac impatience. The stronger his enemy was, the more irritable and brutal he felt. His scorching-sun-like eyes looked like they were permeated with a bloody haze.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Wu Yu accelerated his advance, giving out a low roar akin to a beast. Under the propelment of spiritual power, the Firelight Array activated in its entirety. Flames blazed to life on the Demon Suppressing Staff, burning 10 zhang high!
(T/N: 10 zhang ≈  33 m ≈ 109 ft ≈ 10 stories tall)

The hatred and fury accumulated in the past year completely erupted, roving around his internal organs, flesh, and bones like a raging fire, burning his body from head to toe!

The Origin of Power within his Danzhong point kick-started, producing a massive amount of spiritual power!

The world in his eyes had already turned blood-red.

“Hao Tian…”

Wu Yu’s mouth had four weapon-like sharp teeth that gave off a cold glimmer.

His grin seemed extra ferocious.


One eruption caused his internal qi and blood to soar!


A violent shout shook the whole city!

At this moment, the Demon Suppressing Staff shined with radiance.

Wu Yu resolutely pressed on towards the raging flame tornado, charging head on, the Demon Suppressing Staff raised above his head.

The Tongshen Staff!

It was once again the Tongshen Staff, but everything seemed more in harmony after the Celestial Monkey Transformation, producing a different result!

Wu Yu’s resolute attitude for charging forward profoundly shocked countless people of Wu Du yet again.

But for the majority, this sort of action was just courting death.


Wu Yu’s determination was unexpectedly to break apart the flame tornado!

What a heroic spirit!

What courageousness!

Upon witnessing this, even Hao Tian couldn’t help but laugh coldly. In all these many years, his opponents could only evade in the face of such a Dao skill.

Time seemed to have frozen at this very moment.

When Wu Yu charged into the raging flame tornado, endless flames torched his body. The bits and pieces of wood and stone revolving at a high speed became weapons, pounding on his body. The destructive power of the jagged stone shards among them was especially high.

This Dao skill could decimate an entire army into powder.

The fierce storm bombarded Wu Yu’s body with flames, broken stones, and sharp wood, one after another.

A short span of time encompassed over ten thousand assaults that emitted sounds of concentrated strikes.

If it were any other First Stage Condensed Qi cultivator that had charged in, their body would have likely been torn into shreds after three breaths’ time!

It was also for this reason that Hao Tian was so self-confident.

Wu Du’s citizens were worried and scared for Wu Yu!

They could already imagine Wu Yu being ripped to bits…

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Everyone had thought Wu Yu would’ve been torn apart by now, but three breaths’ time had passed already. The horrifying ramming sounds continued on. They also observed that there was a still intact figure standing in Wu Yu’s spot!

That’s right!

The Indestructible Vajra Body!

Even if the speed of the stones and wood was even higher, his body was seemingly iron-forged after attaining the first stage of the Indestructible Vajra Body. There was only one result to these bits and pieces smashing onto his body, and that was shattering into dust!

As for the flames that filled the sky, the Indestructible Vajra Body was mostly forged from flames to begin with! You could even say that the Dao skills Wu Yu feared least out of the countless ones out there were those made of flames!

And in particular, the Celestial Monkey body was in itself ablaze with golden flames!
All the tornado managed to do was stretch out the golden flames on his body!

Hao Tian claimed to have over a century of cultivation experience, yet he didn’t even know such a simple attribute problem. Hao Tian was in the exact center of the tornado, his eyes wide open, looking on helplessly as Wu Yu charged right in!

“How can that be! His body is this robust! He still hasn’t been ripped apart yet!”

Hao Tian spurred on the spiritual power of his three Origins of Power and invested it all into his Dao skill, causing the tornado to grow more violent.

“Wu Yu, I will tear your body into a thousand pieces!” Hao Tian’s roar transmitted out from within the tornado.

Wu Yu was fixated at the obstruction to his advance, the burning hot suns in his eyes dyed blood red.

The flames burning on the Demon Suppressing Staff soared to the heavens!

Pow! Pow! Pow!

He had a shockingly imposing aura, his heart submerged in loftiness. With every step forward, Wu Yu broke through layers upon layers of the storm. Truthfully speaking, forging ahead in this catastrophic Dao skill was not easy in the least. But with such an intense and deep-seated hatred, as long as he didn’t die, there wasn’t anything that could stand in his way!


The Demon Suppressing Staff swept across the tornado, causing it to fall into chaos!


Wu Yu’s golden monkey self gave out a feral howl. This was his most fiendish moment yet since he acquired the Celestial Monkey Transformation!

The golden flames grew to 300 zhang tall and were then dissipated by the tornado. They converged inside the tornado, directly superseding Hao Tian’s original flames.

(T/N: 300 zhang ≈  1 km ≈ 0.6 miles)

“Hao Tian, I swore an oath the moment I was reborn — if I don’t kill you in this lifetime, then I’m not even a person!”

“I’ve finally waited until this moment! Hahaha!”

The sound of Wu Yu’s demented laughter was swept out with the tornado.


Yuan Hao was standing in the eye of the tornado and could already faintly make out a golden figure piercing through to him.

“It’s already at this level and he hasn’t been obliterated yet!”

Hao Tian felt profound fear at long last!

But it was too late!


Wu Yu broke through the moment the tornado started shaking.

Hao Tian’s view was soon blocked off by a blood-red burning sun!

“Wu Yu!”

Hao Tian Shangxian wailed, panic-stricken.

All his spiritual power had been poured into the flame tornado. How could he have known that Wu Yu would unexpectedly charge into the tornado, relying only on his corporeal body!


Wu Yu broke away from the tempest and smashed down with the Tongshen Staff.

Hao Tian Shangxian had once been like the heavens in his heart.

Today, he would flip the heavens and earth upside down!


Hao Tian Shangxian defended with the Fire Cloud Horsetail Duster but how tremendous was this exceedingly hefty force? The staff sent the duster flying and struck down heavily onto Hao Tian Shangxian’s shoulder!

Kacha came the loud sound of bones shattering!

The once aloof Hao Tian Shangxian howled in pain, heavily dropping into a kneel. A good portion of his body had practically been pounded into the ground by Wu Yu.

Without the support of Hao Tian’s spiritual power, the tornado skill dispersed at that moment, its flames disappearing. The mass of stone and wood fragments that once pervaded the sky now fell to the earth like a miracle.

When the spectators looked past the mayhem and saw Hao Tian Shangxian completely stained with blood and kneeling in front of Wu Yu, their expressions froze and they nearly forgot to breathe.


Yuan Xi yowled in shock, her body sticking firmly against the city wall. Her eyes were wide open, almost like she had been struck by lightning.

Her unceasing cry was extremely shrill — her entire world was evidently collapsing.

Apart from this terrible cry of hers and the battlefield, the vicinity was absolutely silent. The onlookers just stared, some even brimmed with tears, watching as Wu Yu exacted judgement on his enemy.

“Wu Yu, I have an important secret that I need to tell…”

Hao Tian Shangxian clearly knew the situation was hopeless after suffering such heavy losses this time. The Tongshen Staff completely destroyed his everything. Now seeing Wu Yu proceeding with a violent second move, he hastily rushed to speak.

But Wu Yu wasn’t that foolish.

His opponent was just looking for an opportunity when he wasn’t paying attention to counterattack. Wu Yu’s speed did not decrease in the least. Moreover, there was a portion of mania that came along with his Celestial Monkey body that even he couldn’t control!


The strike landed right on Hao Tian’s Baihui acupuncture point.
(T/N: The Baihui acupuncture point is at the center of the top of your head.)


Hao Tian’s skull cracked.

Because he happened to be speaking right at that moment, his teeth bit his tongue clean off. Wu Yu forcibly cut off the words he was about to say.


With a fractured head and blood flowing, Hao Tian stared at Wu Yu, his gaze filled with despair. It was a pity he couldn’t say even one word.

“Regretting it now?” This time, Wu Yu had truly destroyed him.

Hao Tian hastily nodded as he held back tears, his mouth filled with blood. He probably never thought he could end up as wretched as he was now.

“It doesn’t matter if you regret.”

Wu Yu’s expression was apathetic. A sweep from the Demon Suppressing Staff in his hands and there came the sound of a kacha. Everyone distinctly saw Hao Tian Shangxian’s head go flying as it traced out a parabola, finally splattering next to Concubine Xi.

“Ah!” She gave a final miserable cry at her moment of greatest despair. She slipped in her fright, tumbling off the city wall. The hemp rope pulled straight, strangling her rather tender neck.


Concubine Xi pulled at the rope around her neck, but it was to no avail. She continuously struggled in midair, swaying back and forth. Her eyes rolled back, the last thing she saw being Hao Tian Shangxian’s corpse falling over by Wu Yu’s feet with a bang.


One last word sounded out, and the world darkened forever.

Yuan Hao swayed together with her at her side.

It was done.


Wu Yu looked his surroundings that had fallen into chaos.

His heart was empty.

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