Chapter 66: Ancient Amulet

Looking at the box containing the golden apple Fang Tien hoped the purchase was worth the effort, as his stockpile of spirit stones was now reduced to 14,000 spirit stone.

Du Yan, Du Lei, and Du min could be seen staring at the Golden Apple, although they didn’t dare to say it they wondered why Fang Tien spent that much on an apple, as the bloodline boosting properties wouldn’t have any effect on their Du clan bloodline, 1,000 Spirit stones was more than enough to support lone cultivators for years. .

Scanning the golden apple Fang Tien transferred it to the inner space within his eyes, there the box was fully opened showing the golden apple revealing it in all its golden glory, the egg inside the space shook as a strong suction force emitted from it, this force was so powerful the strong force seemed as if it would tear the space apart.


The golden apple could be seen flying through the air as it seemingly fell into the Egg, vanishing on impact, a belch could be coming from the Egg as complicated and obscure symbols and lines could be seen appearing on it.

The Egg rocked wildly as if performing some weird dance before the symbols and lines that appeared on its surface vanished, and with them the energetic actions of the egg as it was once again calm.

Fang Tien looked calmly at the egg, nothing much had changed except its size being 2x as large as before, a disappointed sigh left Fang Tien’s mouth as he was frustrated that after spending 1,000 spirit stones the egg had still yet to hatch.

As Feng Tien divine senses exited his inner space, the voice of the auction hostess could be heard.

“The Next item on sale is an ancient amulet said to be made in our current era but its believed to have existed from thousands of years back, it’s actual time of origin is a mysterious but what our experts can vouch for is its authenticity.”

With her hands held up an open box could be seen contained within her palms, inside this box a simple amulet could be seen, this amulet carried a small purple gem within its center.

“While this amulet may look simple it’s been said to originate from one of the elves royal family members, using the finest material and forged personally by the royal family craftsman.” with a smile the hostess held the box higher showing the amulets beautiful quality to all.

“Not only does the build guarantee superior quality but it’s been confirmed to have a special effect for magus and eye cultivators, it lowers the spiritual energy consumed when casting spells by 50%, meaning if you’d only been able to cast 10 fireballs you can now cast 15!” the hostess added her last words causing a silence throughout the hall.

“This is this real? isn’t this a Heroic level equipment?”

“A…magus Heroic level equipment? this is explosive news if this was announced publicly before the auction was held all the magus within the nearest two cities would be here.”

“Good because that arrogant magus wouldn’t allow any none magus inside.”

The amulet had started a heated discussion among the crowd as soon sky-high prices for it were called out.

“500 spirit stones!” a voice could be heard coming from the 9th private room.

“This young master Fu Dong wants this amulet! 1,500 stones!” Fu Dong’s arrogant voice rang out.

“Your Fu family might be rich but why would our Lang family fear you? 1,700 stones” the voice from the 9th room said.

“Lang Guanyu, Give this young master some face, 2,000 spirit stones!” Fu DOng said.

“The Zi family, being a family of magus feel that you’re both out of your range, 2500 stones!” a strange voice could be heard from the 5th private room.

“Damn this is just a competition between the elites in the private room…”

“Shh, unless you don’t want to live in this city again.” sounds of discontent could be heard from the crowd inside the hall.

inside the Fang Tien private room he could be seen staring at the amulet, a harmonious feeling flowed through his veins whenever his eyes passed over the amulet, “What is this feeling? Is this item related to my mother’s clan…I must have it then.”

With a resolute expression, Fang Tien called out ” 5,000 spirit stones!”

“Oh no its number 2 again.”

“Who’s in number2? too filthy rich throwing out 5,000 on the first offer.”

“I can tell you who’s in number 2!” an aged female voice could be heard.

“Who is it?” a deep voice said.

“My future husband!” the aged female voice said with a laugh.

“Damn kill yourself old hag, aren’t you too old to be fantasizing?” the deep voice said.

Loud shouts of surprise and various discussion could be heard inside the crowd.

Inside the room of Fu Dong, Xie Jingyi fair and delicate hands could be seen tugging at the sleeves of Fu Dong red gown.

With a nod, Fu Dong shouted ” 5,500 Spirit stones” Who is the one Guest in number 2? do you dare to say your name!”

Inside Fang Tien’s room, Du Yan could be seen looking angrily at the room across.”Who does this bastard think he is, we should storm over there and beat him for daring to question our young master!”

Du Min could be seen nodding in agreement with her usual blank facial expression.

“You guys..we should wait until the auction is over..then we’ll simply cripple his cultivation and cut out his tongue.” Du Lei said, a serious expression on his face.

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