Chapter 66: Day One

Today, the battle occurred on the street could neither be regarded as too big nor too small. After the number of injuries increased, the fight was left unsettled as always.

The curtain of night descended. For many people, it represented the end of their daily cultivation, and probably the time to relax. During this time, many students would slip away from the institutes and go to the market to have some fun. Fighting with the students of the other institute also meant fun in the dictionary of many students. Thereupon, after the big fight in the day, two small fights occurred on the street during the night. The guards of the two institutes napped, not interested in watching the lively scene at all.

Lu Ping and the rest had been cultivating throughout the entire day. Apart from a little rest during the dinner, the night didn’t affect them whatsoever. It lasted until Chu Min called an end to the day’s cultivation.

Lu Ping helped in settling down Mo Lin and Su Tang. The situation of the two looked good. Especially Su Tang; she fell asleep almost as soon as she lay down. Her sleep seemed quite deep while her face had a smile on it.

Even though she had lost four senses, she was still calm and serene. Because something that was even more important to her had begun.

However, Xi Fan’s condition couldn’t be discerned. Su Tang and Mo Lin could still use facial expressions to convey their feelings. However, Xi Fan couldn’t. For him, the time seemed to have stopped from the moment he lost his senses. Apart from a cultivator of Essence’s soul, who had some ability like talking through thoughts, nobody could communicate with him. Had he stopped cultivating to have some rest? Had he encountered some trouble? Was he still continuing with his greatest effort, or was he discouraged?

Didn’t knew, and couldn’t tell.

Lu Ping looked towards Chu Min. Chu Min, knowing his thoughts, could only shake her head. She couldn’t tell either.

The night passed, and the first day of cultivation was over.

For many people, this was an ordinary day.

According to the last year’s incomplete statistics, humankind’s average life expectancy was 113 years, which is 41245 days. One day was the forty-thousandth part of one’s life, but for Xi Fan, this one day amounted to one-third of his total life.

Because if within the next three days, he couldn’t undergo Linking, he could only die.

As soon as Lu Ping woke up early morning, he specially went to Xi Fan and looked at his condition. Although he was aware that he wouldn’t be able to discern anything, perhaps Xi Fan had already obtained success and had already regained consciousness?

However, he had not.

Xi Fan’s face was tranquil, so tranquil that he almost felt dead. Lu Ping couldn’t help but reach out and try to feel his breath.

“He is living.” From behind came Chu Min’s voice.

Lu Ping let out a sigh.

“Your perception is too lacking.” Subsequently, he was ruthlessly exposed. In order to check someone’s breath, a cultivator had to reach out with his hand? There were thousands of methods to check someone’s breath distantly.

“I was only confirming.” Lu Ping explained. Although his perception was not too sharp, it was not as lacking as Chu Ming implied either.

Chu Min was also aware. Hence, she didn’t reply;. She was holding a bottle. The first glimmer of light had barely reached the ground, and she had already begun to drink.

Lu Pin made a round trip to bring breakfast, then helped Su Tang and Mo Lin to eat. Mo Lin was especially happy while eating. Being able to retain Pivot’s soul was simply a joy to him. He savored every bite. For Su Tang, no matter how delicious the food was, this moment, it held no meaning. She ate quickly, then immediately began to cultivate. Just after one day, her movements were no longer that shaky and strange and had begun to look natural and smooth. Evidently, her control of Strength’s soul had already gone up a notch. Her control over her movements and sense of touch were becoming increasingly sharp.

Lu Ping, however, didn’t seem to have made any improvement. Only that small pile had become even smaller. Even that tiny bit of improvement, when he heard music or Wen Yan’s talk, couldn’t be seen at this moment.

A bit of disappointment was hard to avoid, but he was not discouraged. He moved his stool, sat before the small pile and began the new day.

“You have improved. Since your perception is too bad, you can’t sense it yourself.” Chu Min suddenly said to him.

“Right!” Lu Ping was excited. So the situation was not as bad as he’d thought. This boosted his spirit as he immersed himself in the new day’s cultivation.

“This child is really simple, so easy to trick.” Early morning, Wen Yan had again arrived. Upon hearing Chu Min’s words, she somehow managed the courage to come beside Chu Min and speak. She was clearly not much older than Lu Ping, but as if she had experienced all sorts of ups and downs of life, she referred Lu Ping as a ‘child’. Apparently, she wanted to reduce the distance between her and Chu Min.

Chu Min glanced at her and said without a change in her expression:

“Your perception is also not much stronger than him.”

“What?” Wen Yan said.

“Because I didn’t deceive him. He really has some progress.” Chu Min said.

Wen Yan started. She thought that Chu Min, upon seeing Lu Ping not making any improvement at all, said some words to comfort and encourage him; a white lie. However, it turned out to be her own wishful thinking.

Wen Yan’s face blushed for a second. After a while, she again managed to summon enough courage:

“Teacher Chu Min, in your opinion, what are my shortcomings in cultivation?”

She had already interacted with all the teachers in the institute. From them, she had not received many new things. Currently, having discovered that this drunkard woman, whom everybody had always avoided like plague, was actually this strong and so courageous that she allowed students to train in such a manner, Wen Yan also wished to ask guidance from her.

“You?” Chu Min again glanced at her, and again without a change in expression, she said:

“Reduce your fun a bit, and you would be much stronger.”

“I….” Wen was left speechless, and she blushed again. In Tian Zhao, She was notorious to create trouble and enjoy watching it unfold. This drunkard woman also seemed to be holding a similar opinion. She didn’t expect that the latter also knew this fault of her. If she valued time and exerted herself fully into cultivation, she would certainly make a huge improvement. Wen Yan herself was also aware of this reasoning. However, this was her nature. If in order to become stronger, she changed her nature, would she still be herself?

This problem was Wen Yan’s own. She had to solve it herself. No one else could help her.

Wen Yan sighed, then looked at Xi Fan:

“How is he doing?”

“Only he himself knows.” Chu Min said.

“You are incapable of communicating with as well?” Wen Yan said.

“My Essence’s soul is quite ordinary.” Chu Min said.

“You are guiding him through the Linking of Essence’s soul, though?” Wen Yan said.

“Not guiding. I only have a method for them. From this point, they can only rely on themselves.” Chu Min indifferently said.

As she said these words, her head cocked at an odd angle and vision shot towards the treetop of a tree in the southwest.

What is there?

Wen Yan shifted her vision after Chu Min and looked at that tree’s top. However, apart from the treetop faintly swaying due to the wind, she didn’t find anything else.

“You look after them for a while.” Chu Min said and suddenly moved towards that direction.

“Where are you going?” Wen Yan felt puzzled. As her vision returned, she saw a figure flickering. Her vision turned towards that figure, but not a soul could be seen.


Surprisingly, Wen Yan couldn’t find Chu Min’s trace. That treetop was still faintly swaying, and nothing seemed to be happening there.

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