Chapter 66: Wu You’s Disappearance

Revenge had been accomplished.

You could say that the nearly two years of endless toil was for this very moment.

After suddenly fulfilling his long-cherished wish, as Wu Yu looked at Hao Tian Shangxian’s still corpse and the Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao who were still wavering from the city wall, he had a hollow feeling in his heart.

As for glee, that wasn’t possible. Vengeance was not a joyous thing to begin with.

The most he felt was a sense of relief.

Father, I have avenged myself. I suppose this counts as avenging you too.

Wu Yu gazed towards the imperial palace — the country that his ancestors had built up had finally returned to his Wu clan.

This is just a small event in the extensive life of a cultivator. I don’t need to be overly emotional or affected by it.

Today’s conclusion was a new beginning.

Wu Yu glanced at Hao Tian Shangxian’s Fire Cloud Horsetail Duster and Sumeru pouch, hesitating for a moment, but ultimately didn’t pick them up.

Hao Tian hails from the Zhong Yuan Daoist sect and is considered a righteous personage. I killed him only for revenge, not to snatch any treasures. “An Introduction to Sword Cultivation” state that cultivation requires a Dao heart. I cannot covet petty riches or do anything that violates my inherent nature.

Wu Yu had to hurry and leave as he didn’t know when Jiang Junlin would return.

He couldn’t run into Jiang Junlin at this moment with his exhausted state.

“Prince Yu!”

Wu Yu had slayed Hao Tian in front of the entire Eastern Wu.

Wu Du’s citizens kneeled on the ground in succession. What they had felt for Wu Yu before was admiration, but now it leaned more towards the devoutness felt for celestials.

“You can get up now.”

Wu Yu’s gaze was gentle as he looked at them. Everyone had calmed down by this time. After successfully taking revenge, the so-called Dao heart seemed to become more clear than ever before.

“May Prince Yu become the Emperor of Eastern Wu once again and bring our Eastern Wu to dominate the world!”

With the death of Hao Tian’s circle, those nobles and ministers knew escape was of no use. They all kneeled down with Commander Wu as the leader. This was what the common people were hoping for. It was as if all the world’s people wanted Wu Yu to ascend the throne again.

“Everyone, I have already stepped on the road of cultivation. Henceforth, I will no longer take part in the matters of mortals. I have killed Yuan Hao, but may everyone rest assured. With regards to the new emperor, I will make arrangements soon. May everyone stay within their bounds during that time, or else don’t blame me for being ‘impolite’.”

This was said for a select group of nobles and ministers to hear.

“I have to leave now for a period of time. Please wait for my return to Wu Du.”

He needed to leave.

The common people looked at one another in dismay.

“As expected, Prince Yu doesn’t want to be the Emperor of mortals anymore…”

“Yeah, he’s already a celestial…”

When they thought of this point, they only faintly felt a sense of loss. They believed that as long as Prince Yu still lived, the country of Eastern Wu would definitely have a better future.

Saying up to here was good enough.

Wu Yu picked up the blood stained Demon Suppressing Staff and transformed into a ray of golden light, disappearing into the night.

The entire Wu Du was still dead silent.

Everyone blankly stared at the three corpses.

The common masses and even the high-ranking officials didn’t know of Jiang Junlin’s existence. They only knew of Prince Yuan Chen, but he was far from Wu Yu’s opponent. Hence, they didn’t know the reason behind Wu Yu’s anxious departure.

Older sister, tonight should be the best surprise for you, right?

Wu Yu stepped out of the capital. It was like the land to the horizons was free for him to gallop straight across!

He was weighed down by a huge debt of blood before, and all he could see was hatred. But now that the hatred had been settled, what he saw was a boundless, vast universe!

Three thousand celestial kingdoms, Dong Sheng God Continuent, and the Four Seas! Just how tremendously large is this boundless world!

Wu Yu’s mind gradually opened up as he ran!

He used to be shrouded by hatred.

But now, with the obstruction gone, the road of cultivation was wide beyond compare!

Endless mountains, vast rivers, boundless seas! And within them, how many living beings? How many sects? And how many cultivators?

There was simply no end to this universe. The “Records of Dongsheng God Continent” only had information and descriptions on the surrounding few areas, some tens of countries.

The vast universe made Wu Yu gradually infatuated with it.

If I can become a Jindan celestial like my master and defend the world with my sword, how unbridled and happy would I be!

Wu Yu unconsciously understood the lofty sentiments of slaying demons and protecting the world with his sword.

The greatest pleasure in life should be to explore this boundless world.

Every time he recalled the mystical things described in “The Records of Dongsheng God Continent,” Wu Yu would gripped with the urge to immediately depart and make his way in the world.

However, he was quite clear that with his current First Stage Condensed Qi cultivation, he was merely the lowest level cultivator. This amount of strength wouldn’t get him far.

Demons run rampant within those high mountains, forbidden grounds, and river depths. They confuse the soul and especially like to go after the treasures of cultivators. I’ll return to the Blue Surge Mountains after I finish up with the capital’s matters. I should concentrate on cultivating.

One could not do without being earnest and down-to-earth in cultivating.

He knew that the news of Hao Tian Shangxian’s execution was currently spreading throughout Eastern Wu at a frightening speed. Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen were bound to find out.

Wu Yu couldn’t provoke Jiang Junlin for the time being. He had incited enough trouble as it was.

It’s a pity though. The Rebirth Fruit is a celestial root, a treasure even master might covet. It grows within Eastern Wu, so it should be mine, but Jiang Junlin snatched it…

In accordance with the rules set down by the two sects, it was supposed to be Wu Yu’s property, so there was a bit of discontent in his heart.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

As Wu Yu pondered these matters, he finally arrived at the town. It was very late in the night. Wu You had remained here for about half a day from the early morning to late night. There shouldn’t have been any problems.

Jiang Junlin shouldn’t have stumbled here.

If older sister finds out that I beheaded the enemy, who knows how happy she’ll be? At the very least, she won’t have to worry about me anymore.

Wu Yu grew excited. Truthfully speaking, he had accomplished numerous meritorious deeds and had many achievements growing up, all of which he had shared with Princess Wu You right away.

The entire town was calm during the night. Wu Yu made his way to the side of the inn and didn’t go through the main entrance, rather choosing to enter from Wu You’s Premier Room 2’s window. He jumped directly up and opened the window.

Maybe she was worried about exposing herself, so she didn’t light a lamp?

The room was dark.

Wu Yu was now a cultivator, so when he leaned into the window to check, he could very clearly see that there wasn’t anyone in the room!

“How could this be? Unless it’s not this room?” He entered and carefully looked around. It was definitely this room! He still remembered the arrangement of the room but Wu You wasn’t here!

This caused Wu Yu sudden distress.

He recalled that time he had taken first place in the entrance exam and returned to report his success to Sun Wudao, only to find out that he had been murdered…

This kind of ominous premonition was a horrible feeling. He immediately rushed out, breaking the room door. The inn had already closed for the night but the manager’s room was near the counter. Wu Yu leaped down, kicked the manager’s door open with one leg, and lifted up the frightened-awake middle-aged manager, asking angrily, “Where’s the guest from Premier Room 2?”

When Wu Yu came in the early morning, he had worn his demon monkey mask, so the manager had a deep impression of him. Although Wu Yu had put away the mask, his figure wouldn’t lie. The manager recognized him in a flash.

“You…You mean Pri– Princess Wu You? When she came in the early morning, she hid her appearance, so little…little me didn’t recognize her. During the afternoon, she suddenly opened her door, so people saw her real face, one of which was a martial artists who recognized her…”

Wu Yu was about to demolish the entire inn.

Because the Rebirth Fruit only had two days left to maturity, time was tight. Plus, his trip to Wu Du involved life and death, so he could only leave Wu You here. Wu You didn’t appear in public often, so normally speaking, not many people would recognize her. Even if others saw her face, she generally wouldn’t be recognized. They would just think she was a beauty and take a few more glances.

She only appeared for a moment yet was still recognized. He could only blame their luck for being too poor.

“And then!”

The manager saw this terrifying Wu Yu and trembled in fear as he said, “Princess Wu You didn’t want to see anyone at first. Everyone didn’t dare to go up at the start. Then…and then, news spread that an imperial guard commander named Yuan Feng brought dozens of soldiers, requesting to see Princess Wu You. She wasn’t willing to meet him but that Yuan Feng said something like Sun Wudao Shangxianabducted the Emperor and Empress Dowager, yet Princess Wu You was here. He needed to send her to Wu Du and have Sun Wudao Shangxian release the Emperor and Empress Dowager…”

The manager shook uncontrollably as he finally finished explaining the entire process of development.

Wu Yu naturally didn’t recognize this Yuan Feng, but he could tell by the name that he was from Empress Dowager Yuan Xi’s clan!

The news that he had kidnapped Yuan Xi had already spread over here by the afternoon. Princess Wu You, who had an intimate relationship with him, showed up at this place, and coincidentally, there was an imperial guard commander from Yuan Xi’s clan in the very same town. This person dared to tie Wu You up and send her to the capital — he really had some guts!

Wu Yu’s emotions calmed down slightly. At least Wu You was only sent to the capital and wasn’t harmed.

There was still a chance as there was only one public road between here and Wu Du. Wu Yu put the manager down and immediately left, going all out to give chase!

They left in the afternoon. If they went as fast as possible by horse, they shouldn’t be too far from Wu Du by now!

That Yuan Feng wanted to send Wu You to Hao Tian so they could exchange hostages. With Yuan Feng’s identity, he most likely wouldn’t lay a hand on Princess Wu You. If he were to know Hao Tian was already murdered, he would be even less daring to.

A mere mortal didn’t dare to oppose a celestial!

Wu Yu could only hope that that was the case right now!

Damn it! I was too anxious for revenge. I should’ve hidden her better from the start…No wait, who knew she would coincidentally be recognized, who knew there was a Yuan Feng here…

These collective coincidences ended up in Wu Yu’s current troubles.

According to the six day timeline, Jiang Junlin will arrive at the capital tomorrow morning at the earliest. As long as Wu You is still in Wu Du and doesn’t come into contact with them, it should be okay!

Wu Yu ramped up to his highest speed and desperately gave chase on the vast land.

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