Chapter 67: Ancient Amulet ( Part 2 )

“6,000 spirit stones! I too am curious about our guest in number 2” the strange voice inside room 5 could be heard.

As Fang Tien listened to the chatter of his companions the voice of Fu Dong rang out again, ” Don’t you dare to really say your name? haha, 6,300 spirit stones!”

Fang Tien could be seen seated with his eyes closed, his attention mostly focused on the ancient amulet, as he began to speak his voice carried across the entire great hall “My name..?”


As Fang Tien’s eyes opened bright purple light overflowed from the creases in his room, his vision seemed to penetrate the walls as he looked towards Fu Dong.

“My name is Fang Tien of the Du clan.” Fang Tien said calmly, his voice reverberating within the hearts of everyone.

Suddenly every magus and warrior cultivator within these main halls felt as if their souls shook, a feeling as if they were watched quickly arose before vanishing, even some Great Magus and Bloodline Warriors within these halls were affected.

As Fang Tien closed his eyes once again the strange feeling had completely vanished, many wondered if what they had felt was even real, “10,000 spirit stones.” Fang Tien said.

“What was that? I could feel my soul being affected by his voice?”

“He must be a great magus! only great magus and above can study such a profound soul affecting art.”

A great commotion caused by Fang Tien’s voice could be heard coming from the audience inside the great halls of the auction house.

Inside the 5th private room 3 robed figures could be seen, they were magi’s of the Zi family, donned in their black robes, badges for Apprentice Magus could be seen on two of the figures while one even had a Great Magus badge, this was incredible as for low tier families such as these Great Magus were either the family ancestors or the clan leader.

“Zi Yijun you’re saying, even you were affected by this voice?” one of the apprentice magus asked.

“Their voice carried a rhythm filled with the principles of a dao, but I’ve only felt such a feeling when our great True Magus ancestor talks, but its impossible for someone of that level to be in an auction.” The great magus Zi Yijun said.

Two aged eyes could be seen from within the great magus robe, as they stared at the apprentice magus.”That brat from the Fu Dong family will definitely offend the mysterious expert inside room number 2 as such, we should refrain from competing and allow Fu Dong to test the waters.” Zi Yijun said.

Looking at the two apprentice magus Zi Yijun sighed, ” I just hope you two aren’t as arrogant as Fu Dong as he’ll eventually court the destruction of his family.”

With a bow, the two robed figures answered in unison, a male and female voice could be heard. ” Yes father”

“10,000 spirit stones? damn them!” Fu Dong could be seen red-faced inside his room, while his family was rich 10,000 spirit stones was above his spending limit, he would be punished with confinement if he spent more on something that wouldn’t even benefit his family.

Fu Dong looked down as a tug could be felt on his sleeves, it was Xie Jingyi,” this amulet is important to me…Fu Dong” Her soft voice entered his ears.

With a confident smile, Fu Dong replied” When have I ever lacked money? anything for you.”

“16,000 Spirit stones!” Fu Dong shouted.

“What! 16,000 spirit stones? is he mad.”

“Filthy f*cking rich, as expected of the richest family in our city.”

“It’s over for number 2, how can he compete with our cities richest family.”

“It appears even the Zi family has stopped competing, this belongs to the Fu family it seems.”

“16,000 spirit stones, going once…twice…sold to the honored guest in room number 3.” The hostess’ voice rang out inside the halls.

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