Chapter 68: Institute’s Tyrant

A group of people emerged out of the woods. Among these, some had ugly complexions, some were limping, and some were rubbing medicines on their arms. Surprisingly, most of the group- a group of no less than twenty-three -seemed injured.

Wen Yan was looking at them. Although she couldn’t know every single student of the Tian Zhao institute, the leader of the group, which seemed in high spirits, was an individual she could tell at a glance.

Ran Dao, a fourth-grade student like her and a Linked one of Strength’s soul. Most proficient in consolidation type Strength’s soul’s ability, ‘Power Up’. Power Up, according to the name, consolidated a cultivator’s strength. Infusion’s soul’s ability grasped by Wen Yan, ‘Distant Vision’, was also a type of consolidation ability which consolidated one’s vision range.

One troublesome point about consolidation abilities compared to other kinds of abilities was that they couldn’t be graded.

For example, consolidating strength. It might increase a cultivator’s strength two times, ten times, and even more, hundred times!

Such disparities in consolidation type techniques could easily appear. Intensifying twice and intensifying hundred, lumping these two consolidations in the same group was not suitable. Therefore, all the intensifying abilities had always been graded as sixth-level abilities. This signified their boundless potential for growth.

This lasted until three hundred years ago when one of the four major institutes, Northern Battle institute’s reputed cultivator, Lin Yuyuan, concluded his lifetime of study on consolidation techniques. After issuing publications on all sorts of intensifying abilities, he ultimately published . In the field of institutes and research, this produced a sensational effect. The detailed classification and evaluation of consolidating techniques provided in the book had been used as the basis to this day.

Consolidating techniques were no longer akin to just a barrel of sixth level techniques.

For example, strength consolidating techniques.

If two times strength intensification, the ability would be evaluated as first-level and called ‘Twice Power’

From three to ten, second-level, called as ‘Power Up’

From eleven to fifty, third-level, called as ‘Strong Power’

From fifty to hundred, fourth-level, called ‘Ferocious Power’

Above hundred, fifth level, called as ‘Spirit Power’

As for sixth-level strength consolidating abilities, Lin Yuyuan didn’t issue any criteria. This was because among all the strength consolidating abilities he could find, the strongest only amounted to one-hundred-eight times. Was this the limit of strength consolidation? He didn’t have the answer. However, after his death, to this day, the world had yet to see a cultivator with a strength consolidation ability that could intensify strength by more than one hundred eight times.

However, in , he mentioned a name for such potential strength consolidation techniques, ‘Boundless Power.’ Boundless strength was not the criteria for sixth-level, but sort of represented his boundless expectations from consolidating type techniques. In , there were many such abilities that only had names but no criteria for evaluation.

Consolidation type techniques could be upgraded. Compared to ordinary techniques, this was their most important feature.

Consolidation techniques’ potential was boundless. Many cultivators who selected consolidation techniques believed this fact written in the . Among these, many believed that they would be able to cross the limit and become the person who would attain the sixth level, ‘boundless’.

Daoran was precisely one such person.

His strength consolidation technique’s name was ‘Power Up’. Thus, it naturally belonged to level two already. Furthermore, Wen Yan also knew that this guy’s ‘Power Up’ had already attained the multiplier of nine, not far away from the third level.

Nine times intensification.

Being a Linked One of Strength soul, his Strength’s soul had naturally attained the sixth Heavenly layer. The basic strength of his body was already beyond average people and other perceivers of Strength soul. Nine times intensification on top of that, would his single fist measure thousand jins? This was already a modest estimation.

Daoran was quite strong, but Wen Yan went ahead to meet him without the slightest hesitation.

“Daoran, how come you are here?” Wen Yan obstructed Daoran’s way and asked. In the daily life of Tian Zhao and Bi Polar institutes, not to mention students, even teachers giving lectures with injuries due to the fights was not strange. However, this moment,all twenty- three injured individuals deciding to gather here, this caused Wen Yan to think of another possibility.

“What are you doing here?” Daoran’s figure was quite tall and sturdy. From two meters above the ground, he was looking down on Wen Yan, refusing to give a straightforward answer to her question.

“You answer me first.” Wen Yan was also not willing to be outdone.

“In short, something that has nothing to do with you.” He stepped forward and was about to circumvent Wen Yan, and the students behind him were following him.

“Wait Wait!” Wen took one step and again blocked him. She had already guessed this group’s target. Those who had their arms and legs broken were probably injured by Su Tang that day, and those who had pale complexions, seeming as if they could vomit anytime, were probably poisoned by Mo Lin that day.

“What are you doing?” Daoran frowned. Seeing Wen Yan here was a bit out of his expectations, but he was not interested. However, this moment, she seemed to have thoughts of defending those guys. This truly puzzled him. All of them heard that Lu Ping’s group had come from mountains in order to cultivate. This didn’t make them enemies, but also not friends. However, the crux lied in the fact that they had suffered. Thus, they were about to repay it. This was the basic principle of Tian Zhao. Otherwise, what did the average of three point two fights every day with Bipolar meant?

In Daoran’s understanding of Wen Yan, if such a matter happened, she would be sitting somewhere nearby and enjoying the show. This was not like her.

“What are you doing?” A moment ago, Daoran refused to directly answer Wen Yan. Now, it was her turn.

“You want to meddle in other’s business?” Daoran frowned. Although his words were not polite, they contained no malice towards Wen Yan. For these troublemakers, this beautiful girl had always been a faithful spectator that cheered for them from the sidelines. Had she not been so immoral, not having any side of her own, that would have been even better. However, today, what happened to her? She suddenly had a standpoint?

“I am just asking, so what?” Wen Yan’s face seemed determined. Two days ago, Daoran’s thinking indeed would not have been wrong. If Wen Yan had met with such an incident two days ago, she would have prepared some snacks to watch the show from sidelines. However, this moment, she was moved by these four mountain bumpkins. Although their realms were nothing special, she had never seen such a perseverance, courage, and confidence in the students of Tian Zhao institute during her four years here. She would hate to see their hard work being destroyed by somebody just like this.

“Move aside!” Daoran’s hand abruptly rose. His palm, which was even bigger than Wen Yan’s entire head arced towards Wen Yan’s head. Seeing that Wen Yan’s standpoint was indeed as such, Daoran acted without the slightest hesitation.

Wen Yan had seen many such scenes. She knew Daoran’s innate character. A cultivator of Strength’s soul held a natural advantage over the cultivators of other soul’s as far as fighting was concerned. From the day he entered the institute, he had been a tyrant and bullied students who had inferior realms compared to his. However, back in the day, there were a lot of stronger students. Thus, this guy was somewhat cautious. However, in the fourth grade, there were no senior students to keep him in control. His Strength’s soul had already undergone Linking. The advantage of consolidation abilities was that they could be upgraded. Therefore, a cultivator of consolidation abilities would not slowly control a high-level ability. Instead, grasping a first level ability at a lightning fast speed was sufficient. He could then slowly advance!

Due to this point, cultivators that possessed a consolidation ability, especially the cultivators of Strength’s soul, held a clear advantage in the beginning of the realm of Linking.

Thereupon, this Daoran had turned from a grade-tyrant into the tyrant of the institute. Of course, he would naturally not provoke those who possessed the strength to contend against him. As for others, who in short couldn’t hold against ‘Power Up’, in these four years, the number of Tian Zhao institute’s students he’d injured were no less than that of the Bi Polar.

Wen Yan was not afraid of him. It was not that she was stronger than him, she only wished for Chu Min to quickly return. This superiority of Daoran during the early phase of Linking, would it be any different than an insect in front of a Linked One of three souls, Chu Min?

Delay. She only wanted to delay.

Wen Yan had a clear objective. She sidestepped Daoran’s palm, and she did not strike back. Instead, she assumed a defensive stance.

“Dodging? I will like to see where you dodge now!” Daoran stepped forward and swung his fist. Wen Yan was already prepared. She arranged her hands next to each other and was ready to discharge the momentum via her feet. However, only after the fist connected did she realized that she was in a terrible spot. The strength behind Daoran’s fist stepped beyond her imagination.

Multiplier of nine. This was the realm Dao Ran’s ‘Power Up’ had attained in her knowledge. However, the strength behind this fist was above nine times intensification. She was sure. Perhaps ten times, or eleven, or even twelve?

“Go die!” Daoran coldly smiled. Regarding this mistake from Wen Yan, he was quite pleased.

Power Up?

No, not anymore. His strength intensifier, at this moment, had already attained the third level, the multiplier of 15!


Wen Yan had no way of neutralizing this fist’s strength. The fist energy exploded against the Soul’s Power she had been exerting against it. Her entire body blew backward and directly collided with a tree before she spurted a mouthful of blood. She was defeated. Thoroughly defeated in a single fist. She underestimated her opponent, and this was not the first time she did it. Just a few days ago….

“Hey….” One of the individuals she underestimated a few days ago was motionlessly lying on the ground, while the other had already arrived beside her.

“Why are you fighting?” Lu Ping said.

“Uh…I came to help you. That Sound Preserving Instrument of yours…..I will not compensate for it, is that fine?”

“Do you even know what’s going on?!” Wen Yan spurted another mouthful of blood due to anger.

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