Chapter 68: Natural gap

“That amulet…” as Fang Tien’s divine senses reached into the room across he could see clearly the faces of Fu Dong and an unknown woman.

“Master, Sha Sha thinks you should have tried to bet harder for that amulet! as it would prove to be useful in lowering the consumption caused by your Eyes.”

“My spirit stones is limited, as I have you to feed, besides what can I do now, steal it? it’s pointless to dwell on it.” Fang Tien said.

“Sha Sha old master would have definitely forcefully taken it, hmmph!”

Thinking back to the bandit fight Fang Tien could only agree with his black veil if he had possed a magical item such as that amulet he wouldn’t have been forced to faint at the end of the fight, but it seems he was not fated to have that amulet.

Scenes of his fight with the rank 4 magus replayed themselves within his mind, as his lack of ability to damage an unguarded opponent began to cause great worry inside his mind.

If I had ran into him without the old driver present, I would be forced to use my masters token to live… having to be saved so early after just beginning my journey, such a scenario would bring shame upon my title in the clan.

Thinking of it, Fang Tien realized he had no way to actually defend himself against someone of a higher realm such as a rank 4 magus or even a rank 5 warrior, while he could render them useless he couldn’t actually kill them due to the natural gap between realms.

Rank 4 magus while they develop it earlier form a natural coating of elemental spiritual energy that serves as an absolute guard vs those at a lower realm, this coat helps to protect them from any damage vs same realm cultivators and above, while it isn’t as useful vs someone of the same realm to lower realm cultivators its an unbreakable wall.

Warriors get the same effect but only at a higher rank, it is believed that most humans are descendants of an ancient spiritual beast, starting at rank 5 a warriors inner bloodline spiritual beast is unlocked, causing them to have a natural bloodline coat, this red misty coating serves the same purpose as a magus elemental coating.

I’m close to the next realm but who knows how long advancing 3 steps will take? even the difference between a rank 3 step7 and a rank 3 step 9 seemed huge.

“Master, Sha Sha does have a way for you to hurt them..”

“Oh? Sha Sha you’re actually useful?” Fang Tien teased.

“Master is bullying Sha Sha, hmmph!”

Looking at his companions seeming bored with the auction Fang Tien made the decision to leave, as not being able to afford the amulet had dampened his mood.

“We’re leaving for the inn now, this auction has lost my interest.” Fang Tien said

“What about the hyped Final item?” Du Lei asked, but Fang Tien had already left through the door.

“Who is that?”

“Its the mysterious guest from room 2”

Inside the Zi family private room, Zi Yijun could be seen deep in thought, ” an Eye cultivator? aren’t those extinct, to be able to affect even me..are they from that family…”

As Fang Tien left the auction, Du Lei, Du Yan and Du Min quickly followed behind, their appearance and strange eyes causing a commotion among the audience.

“room 2?” Looking through his windows Fu Dong could see as Fang Tien and his team had left, as the private rooms had windows made from a speical glass it could block the vision of anyone from the outside looking in, but viewing from the inside out was crystal clear.

” Find out which one is Fang Tien and deal with them, daring to offend this young Master? kill!” Fu Dong talked aloud, a hidden figure could be seen leaving the shadows of the room, it was as if they were one with the shadows as they seemingly appeared from nowhere.

With a bow, the mysteirous figure replied: ” Yes master.”

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