Chapter 69: Sword Intent

Inside an inn, Fang Tien could be seen seated cross-legged, his eyes closed as his mind was focused on the willow tree inside his upper dantian space.

Shadows of a shadowy mysterious female figure gracefully performing different sword arts could be seen, ever since learning “Fierce Breaking Slash” Fang Tien would repeatedly practice using the mental images of this person.

Even though he could perfectly replicate the movements he felt as if there was a large part of some missing linked that prevented it from feeling truly authentic.

After pondering over this issue for days and still having no solution Fang Tien had finally decided to ask for advice.

“Sha Sha, what’s the difference between our sword arts? I’ve perfectly replicated her movements.” Fang Tien asked.

“Master, your movements lack intent and soul!”

“Intent? how can a movement possess a soul?”

“Sha Sha forgets how young master is at times, master do you know why you can’t fully capture the oppressive feelings it gives?”

“It’s because master lacks experience and training, these sword movements are from the dao of slaughtering! to give your movements a soul master would need to be invested in the tyrannical ways of the dao of slaughtering to live and breath for the purpose of killing.”

“Master would need to take the bloody path filled with billions of corpses!”

“I need to become a senseless killer to learn it truly?”

“Sha Sha thinks master is misunderstanding, what’s is a dao? it is the ultimate path of one’s life, there exist countless Dao as there are infinite possibilities in our cosmos, two people could comprehend the same Dao but end with completely different results.”

“Sha Sha will give master an example if two people both learn the same basic sword techniques but train long enough to become sword masters they will each comprehend their own way of performing the same sword technique, eventually they will learn their own unique dao as every cultivator is unique while two people can comprehend the same law but how they use it will be vastly different.”

“Master if there exists another Deity eye user with the dao of time their abilities will be completely different than yours, as what you’ve learned while studying the dao of time and how you utilize it will be different than the other person.”

“Sha Sha thinks if master learns the Dao of slaughtering you won’t be like Sha Sha last master, but take a different path!”

“Is that so…then what about sword intent?”

“Master, sword intent is a special pressure and energy exclusive to sword cultivators, after becoming one with the sword, intent can be comprehended.”

“Sword intent is known as a marvelous energy once a sword user comprehends sword intent their sword arts instantly become twice as deadly, the difference between a sword user with sword intent and one without is like the difference between heaven and earth.”

“Using sword intent even the simplest sword slashes become heaven-defying as a simple sword slash with sword intent can give anyone in a close proximity the feeling as if that slash is meant for them, this is incredibly effective as the stronger one’s sword intent becomes the more different intent abilities that can be unlocked.”

“These all sound like incredibly hard cultivation knowledge that can’t immediately help me?” Fang Tien said in an annoyed voice.

“Master this is where Sha Sha comes in, what if I can show you a way to learn the most basic sword intent? even the most basic one will allow you to break through the protective coating of rank 4 magus, as for rank 5 warriors and magus it won’t be enough unless your realm increases.”

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