Chapter 7: A Night of Murder

“Boss Zhao! This Wu Yu was clearly a cripple a few days ago, yet now he can break a tree into shards with his bare hands, with raw power. He must have obtained an unbelievable piece of good fortune on our Yan Li Mountain to enact such a miracle!” A creepy servant with a large mole at the edge of his mouth said to Zhao Chuan.

“Yes, I think so too!” replied Zhao, glints of happiness and excitement visible in his pair of eyes. With that, the group of servants moved towards Wu Yu and surrounded him.

“What do you want.” Wu Yu squinted his eyes, looking at them, especially Zhao Chuan. He had not forgotten what the events that had happened tens of days ago. It was Zhao Chuan who had made him a scapegoat, leading him to nearly lose his life!

“We’re just very curious. Weren’t you crippled? Why do you have such strength and power now? Did you sneak into our living area and steal some of our Cultivation Techniques?”

Zhao Chuan sure was a petty little man, blatantly lying like that. Wu Yu knew they’d noticed the significant change within him, and were very curious to what had changed him so. And if it was something that could benefit them, they wouldn’t hesitate to snatch it from him.

“Wu Yu, you shameless thief! If you know better, then return what you’ve stolen back to us. I won’t dispute with you over what you’ve done.” Zhao Chuan’s eyes seared with greed. He had been in the Celestial Sect for a long time, but had no hope of becoming a Celestial. If there was an opportunity for him to become stronger, he wouldn’t hesitate, and wouldn’t mind dying to obtain it.

“First, I didn’t steal anything from you. Second, I do not have anything to give you.” Wu Yu knew that Zhao Chuan was a 4th Heavenly Stage expert, above himself by two stages. This meant Zhao Chuan’s strength was two times that of his, rivaling the power of 20 battlehorses.

“Boss Zhao, just kill him once and for all!” A servant by the side said.

“Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll give you a chance to render meritorious service; go and kill him!” Zhao Chuan whacked the servant on the head. To tell the truth, he didn’t have much patience, because only when the piece of good fortune that Wu Yu had obtained fell into his hands would he feel reassured.

“Thank you Boss Zhao!” The burly servant charged at Wu Yu swiftly and fiercely, bursting with roiling power. It was evident that he had the strength of a few battlehorses, which was enough to beat a tree into shards!


Even though the servant had power, his attack was full of flaws that could be exploited. Without wasting anytime, Wu Yu rushed forward, muscles bursting with immeasurable strength, and gave the servant a flying kick to the chest. The impact was so powerful that with a crack, the servant’s ribs caved in, and was sent flying away with a painful shriek, half dead.

“Strong!” Zhao Chuan hurried over to inspect the servant’s injuries.

“Just what did he acquire to become so powerful?”

As he pondered, the remaining four lackeys grouped up to attack Wu Yu. Even though they were at different stages, Wu Yu had cultivated <>, so enduring their punches were no problem. However, if the servants were hit by him, they would all be forced backwards, spitting blood along the way, arms or legs broken, to never stand up again without half a year’s rest.

“Your turn!”

A few blinks of the eye later, there was only Zhao Chuan left within the vision of Wu Yu’s searing eyes. His lackeys were now all on the floor, writhing and screaming in pain.

Taking revenge…. Ahhhhhh! What a great feeling!

Since the Heavens have given him a chance at rebirth, why shouldn’t he take revenge against those who had wronged him in the past? This Zhao Chuan not only nearly got him killed, but was also trying to steal the legacy he’d acquired, so why should he give in and back down?

Cold sweat trickled down Zhao Chuan’s face. He was not afraid that he wasn’t Wu Yu’s opponent; it was just that Wu Yu’s way of fighting was too violent and brutal.


Wu Yu punched out and rushed forward three steps, each step drawing strength from the ground. And on the third step, he gave off the impression of a mighty tiger, bursting with strength, releasing a ferocious howl that shook Zhao Chuan’s earbuds.

With a blink of an eye, the punch had reached Zhao Chuan’s face. But, Zhao Chuan was not a lamp nearly out of oil*, magicking a sword out of nowhere and thrusting it out towards Wu Yu.

“You think that I, the main keeper of the Celestial Beast Gardens, am weak?”

Zhao Chuan already had multiple ways of killing Wu Yu in his heart.

“Slay him!” The congregation of servants shouted with hatred in their hearts.

“Wu Yu, you have wounded your own colleagues with violent measures, and for that , you are punishable with death! Today, I will substitute Su Shangxian to take your life.” Zhao Chuan said coldly, the metal sword in his hand shining cruelly in the night, making Wu Yu feel chilled to the bone.

Zhao Chuan was at the 4th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase “Neizhuang”, so his inner organs had already been toughened, muscles already been refined. Each breath of his was long, relaxed, and released a sound like the roaring of tigers and leopards. He was the king of the forest, a mighty tiger, his pair of cold eyes fixed on his prey, his metal sword his sharp teeth.

“Powerful.” If he had his previous Martial Ability, then defeating Zhao Chuan wouldn’t be hard, but right now, Zhao Chuan had twice his strength, at 20 battlehorses!

“The idiot is Sun Wudao’s lackey, so it is possible that Sun Wudao knows what he has obtained. Boss Zhao, once you’ve killed him today, let’s throw Sun Wudao off the Black Intestinal Cliff tomorrow to shatter his bones and feed the crows!”

“I definitely did not expect that the cripple would have a chance at a comeback, but encountering Boss Zhao is his greatest misfortune! Boss Zhao, don’t kill him too quickly, because we want to make wish he were dead for this humiliation!”

Wu Yu silently remembered those words. He realised that he couldn’t just punish these people for their foolish actions; he had to kill them!

Ding Ding!

Zhao Chuan’s metal longsword quaked in the darkness, eager for fresh blood!

“Zhao Chaun’s ultimate technique should be the Middle Class Technique <> which can only be cultivated by Apex Servant Disciples. Middle Class Techniques in my East Yue Wu can be a national treasure, but in the Sword to Heaven Sect, it is only trash that they give to servants to cultivate.

“Zhao Chuan’s strength is two times mine, and he also has a Middle Class Technique!”

Wu Yu had not expected to encounter him, so the battle that was going to take place was going to incredibly dangerous. Maybe only fighting with the intention to die would give him a chance to leave this alive.


At that instant, Zhao Chuan flashed over, swinging his sword without another word. Sword Shadows filled the air, emitting pure killing intent.

“Very ruthless!”

Zhao Chuan’s sword was aimed at Wu Yu’s forehead.


Wu Yu had nothing in his hands to counter the sword, so the only option available for him was to dodge. Executing <>, he swiftly retreated. In the forest, <>, surprisingly, had a greater effect, allowing Wu Yu to dodge Zhao Chuan’s sword by a hair in numerous occasions.

“Sure enough, this cripple does not have much ability or skill. He only knows how to dodge!” Zhao Chuan swore under his breath. “When one acts like a yes-toadie for too long, all his courage just deserts him.”

Shua Shua!

The branches of the trees surrounding them were cut down by Zhao Chuan’s sharp blade, flying around in the breeze, leaves scattering all over the ground. The incisions on the branches were all flat and smooth, evidence of his skill with the sword.


Zhao Chuan chased Wu Yu relentlessly, sword shadows turning into pear flowers, striking at him wave after wave. With sword shadows filling his vision, Wu Yu utilised <> to the maximum, but still many of the swords nearly found its point, so there was nothing he could do but dodge and let Zhao Chuan chase and attack him. Counterattack was close to impossible, otherwise his arm would get chopped off by Zhao Chuan!


Zhao Chuan, who was not hurried at all, suddenly lunged forward to slash at Wu Yu’s legs, so deep that bones could be seen.

If one noticed closely, one would see that Wu Yu’s bones had golden light flowing around, close to actually becoming real gold; what he still needed was his bones to form golden flames, and then <> would be complete!

“Good, this Wu Yu is good as dead now! HAHAHAHA!” Zhao Chuan smiled within his heart.


Zhao Chuan pressed forward with his sword, utilising <> to the maximum such that his sword was like rain falling from the sky, enveloping Wu Yu’s head, giving him no time for a reprieve. After 30 minutes of battle, Wu Yu’s body featured several more wounds, blood leaking out from them to dye his black clothing red, inciting Zhao Chuan to laugh savagely.

But from start to now, Wu Yu had not given any indication he was in pain, as if the person who was wounded wasn’t himself.

To be honest, Zhao Chuan had not expected his battle with Wu Yu would last over 30 minutes, so he was quite surprised by Wu Yu’s tenacity.

“I must finish him off now.” With that, Zhao Chuan increased his pressure on Wu Yu, his sword strokes increasing in speed and power, nearly taking Wu Yu’s life again in between their exchanges.

What he didn’t notice, however, was that Wu Yu’s eyes flashed with golden light.


Zhao Chuan burst forward, sword steady in his hand, lunging like a snake to find for chinks in Wu Yu’s armour. Finding one, he suddenly struck at Wu Yu’s chest with perfect control.

But at that moment, Wu Yu’s eyes flashed with a golden light, so bright that Zhao Chuan had to squint his eyes, and in the nick of time, he gave an angry roar and did something very unexpected.

With his left hand, he grabbed hold of Zhao Chuan’s sword, blocking his thrust.

This left a deep cut on his palm, nearly cutting his hand off, but sadly it was unable to cut through his bones, even though it had cut through his flesh and a portion of his tendons.

After a night of battle, a golden flame formed on his bones deep within his flesh.


The moment he held onto Zhao Chuan’s sword, he knew that he only had one more chance to attack him. If Zhao Chuan did not die this time, then he would!

Wu Yu emitted a thundering roar like the roar of dragons, shaking the endless oceans!


Grasping hold of this opportunity, Wu Yu clenched his right hand into a fist, and executed the 2nd Move of <>, condensing his whole body’s energy onto one point. The accumulation of energy over the last 30 minutes erupted, his right hand turning into an angry Azure Dragon, smashing hard into Zhao Chuan’s face. With a crack, Zhao Chuan widened his eyes, loosened his grip on his sword, and collapsed onto the floor.

One hit K.O.!

“He He……” Wu Yu panted.

He was not a pretty sight after the battle. His left hand had nearly been cut off, wounds covered his body, and Zhao Chuan’s sword was still in his hands, blood dripping off the blade.

“Very soon, golden flames will form on my bones, and I’ll reach the 3rd Heavenly Stage!”

Today’s thrilling battle had given him much honing, and coupled with his previous experience as well as Zhao Chuan’s “assistance”, reaching the 3rd Heavenly Stage wasn’t all that hard. This was also the reason why he was able to slay Zhao Chuan in the end.

He didn’t want to kill anybody today, but Zhao Chuan did not give him any other choice. In the Sword to Heaven Sect, servants were not allowed to kill each other, otherwise they’d suffer severe punishments.

Everything had happened in a moment’s time. Before, Zhao Chuan was the one who had the upper hand, but suddenly, Wu Yu risked his hand to block his sword and counterattack, slaying him with a punch to the head.

“Boss Zhao…”

All the servants were shocked by the end result, faces pale and colourless, staring at Wu Yu with looks of disbelief. Zhao Chuan, their idol and respected big boss, had died at the hands of Wu Yu the cripple!

“Wu… Wu Yu! You’re finished! You killed Boss Zhao which is against Sect Rules, and that is punishable by death!” A servant stuttered. What he didn’t know, however, was that his word had given him a death sentence.

“Were you the one who said that after killing me today, you’ll throw Uncle Sun off the Black Intestinal Cliff to feed the crows?” Wu Yu grasped hold off the sword, walking towards him.

“I… I…” The servant, upon seeing the hatred and anger within Wu Yu’s eyes, shuddered and trembled. “No… I didn’t say that!”


Wu Yu struck the servants down one by one with the sword.

As long as there were humans on the Earth, killing and murder would always occur.

However, Wu Yu would not kill just for fun. He would only kill 2 types of people.

The first type was evil people, like the Snake Daemon from before.

The second type was his enemies, like Hao Tian Shangxian.

If you were kind to your enemies, then you’d only bring upon yourself greater danger and trouble. The servants from just now were testaments to that.

After finishing them all off, Wu Yu looked at the blood carpeted ground.

“The world is savage and cruel, so one needs the strength to protect himself to live with dignity. The truth “the strong devours the weak” has been present the beginning of time and is still in force, applicable whether you are human or beast.

If he left, nobody would know that it was him who killed all the people here.

“Qitian Big Saint, Battle Victory Buddha, thankyou giving me the opportunity of rebirth!”

In the darkness, Wu Yu buried the metal sword into the ground. Once he became stronger, he would come back and get it so he could execute the domineering <>.

After reaching the 3rd Heavenly Stage, he noticed his regenerative abilities have increased once again. Even without the aid of medical plants, the wounds that covered his body would heal within a few days.

“Today was a blessing in disguise, because I have reached the 3rd Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, although I still have to consolidate once I get back!”

Because there were too many bloodstains on his body, Wu Yu spent half a day patching and cleaning himself up before returning home. It was already deep night, and the sounds of insects chirping echoed around his surroundings. Wu Yu was standing in front of Sun Wudao’s room’s window, and through the thin satin curtains, he could see that Sun was sleeping like a log.

“I hope that from now on, he can enjoy his last years.”

“If I could get into the Celestial Sect, I’m sure that’d be the most joyous thing to happen in his life! This time, I cannot betray his expectations.” Wu Yu clenched his fist tightly.

It was very late, so the exhausted Wu Yu returned to his room to sleep.

What he didn’t notice was that a girl in a white dress had followed him for half a day, present during his fight with Zhao Chuan and the servants.

But, she was a Shangxian, Su Yanli the master of the mountain, so how was he supposed to know she was there?


lamp nearly out of oil* – A Chinese saying that means someone is not weak.

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