Chapter 7: Divine ability embryonic form(part 2)

Fang Tien pondered how to use his divine ability in combat, but realized!it didn’t seem very useful in its current stage, how would he defeat any enemies with it.

While the Du clan area would give him absolute safety he wouldn’t be able to always count on his clan’s prestige in the outside world.

“rustle, rustle” a tree branch could be seen lowered beside Fang Tien

“Child, what have you learned?” The ancient immortal tree said, its vast otherworldly sound reverberated, sounding neither man nor female.

Fang Tien looked up at the tree Branch, lost in thought as he remembered the small seed that eventually grew into a great tree, the samsara of the worlds, the birth and destruction of the stars and the eventual realization of the flow of time, even if it was just an embryonic form his first divine ability was realized!

“Time!” Fang Tien said

“My Divine ability allows me to the see the past of whatever I view!” Fang Tien said excitedly

“Rustle!,rustle” The Immortal Ancient Tree branch seemed to shake in disbelief

“Dao of time? , I’ve never heard of any diety eyes containing the dao of time, not even the immortal physiques, believed to be the pets of the heavens, there has never been one born with the Dao of time” The Immortal Ancient Tree said in shock

Fang Tien looked up in surprise

” was it that amazing?” Fang Tien mumbled

“Master, the Du clan first ancestor being as strong he was, his Dao eyes contained the laws of destruction, he was unrivalled in the same realm and said to be the most peerless genius of his era, his eyes were cultivated to such a degree that even though he wasn’t at the Immortal pupil rank, his God’s eyes were unrivaled between pupil cultivators, defeating immortal pupil ranks and even killing an Immortal Rank physique user of the same realm” The Immortal Ancient Tree said

“Do you know why Immortal physiques are called the pet of the heavens? Because they’re unrivaled in the same rank and can even fight above their ranks, immortal physiques are innately guaranteed to reach God rank by just growing! starting from the Closed physique, Awakened physique, Myriad physique, King physique, Emperor physique, True Emperor physique and finally God physique,immortal physique can naturally advance without cultivating a day in there lives,whats more immortal physique are naturally in tune with the laws of the universe, which means they have an easier time of sensing their own Dao.” The Immortal Ancient Tree said

“While immortal rank of any kind can be said to basically be eternal, does not extinguish Immortal physiques are said to have the ability to regenerate from a drop of blood after achieving the Emperor physique rank, such a being is impossible to kill in the same realm, which makes Masters achievements Eternal! that was the first time any Immortal physique user has ever died in the same realm fight, after that day the name ‘Deity Eyes’ was known to all!” The Immortal Ancient Tree said excitedly

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