Chapter 7: Mistake

Twenty steps, turn left, run straight, avoid obstacles……

Under faint dark starlight, Mo Lin’s movements seemed extremely smooth. He could clearly see everything, and moreover also seemed deeply familiar with this route. However, the sound of the footsteps behind his body seemed like as if the legs were heavily pounding on the ground. Both feet and both legs of the individual behind were roughly brushing against plants and flowers. It caused Mo Lin to feel sorry for Mo Sen.

Although it was this way, the distance between both sides was constantly being pulled together. Although Mo Lin’s vision was extremely clear and running very stable, his speed was not too quick. The movements of the individual behind were although staggering, but his momentum was sufficient to catch up.

But, all of this was within the calculations of Mo Lin. His selected plan was precisely in the light of such unusual circumstances.

While hearing the footsteps behind his body, Mo Lin began to silently count.


Right here!


The figure chasing behind his body suddenly sank down into the ground in an awe-inspiring way. Mo Lin had prepared a trap here beforehand. This was the plan he opted for. Offense Through Defense.

“Ha Ha” Mo Lin delightedly laughed and turned his direction. He carefully verified that individual in front of him is the same Lu Ping whom Mo Sen talked about. This trap was not as simple as just being a hole, or it could be even said that it was absolutely not a hole, rather it was like a swamp. It was a region of loosely scattered drifting sand. As soon as Lu Ping ran through here, he immediately went deep into the ground. At the moment, only his head was above the ground. He was incapable of making of any movement.

“Wonderful. huh?” Mo Lin walked closer and crouched in front of Lu Ping’s head. Pointing towards a grass beside Lu Ping’s face, he said “ This is called earthworm grass. During the period of growth, its roots will cause the soil to become exceptionally soft. However, what you are seeing now is a special breed grown by me. It grows very quick and also possess very strong propagation power. This was planted by me in the afternoon. Take a look, it has already covered so much area. It is wide, deep and in a few moments, your head will also sink down. If you still have something to say, then speak. This is your chance.”

“ You truly think that this is enough to bind me?” Lu Ping said.

“ Nice joke. Is it not? Who do you think you are?” Mo Lin said.

“ What do you think, who am I?” Lu Ping asked.

“ Rest assured. I haven’t mistakenly took you. Lu Ping, a Zhai Feng institutes’s student who had failed two times in Annual Assessment. It’s still fine that he doesn’t aspire to forge ahead, but he is actually living as a parasite on some other individual’s body. I think that would be you?” Mo Lin said.

Lu Ping was silent for a short while, then looking at Mo Lin, he said: “ You are not from our courtyard.”

“That’s right, I am not. So, what about it?” Mo Lin said

“ Who asked you to come here?” Lu Ping asked.

“ You don’t need to know this.” Mo Lin said

“ That will do.” Lu Ping nodded. It seemed like the only movement he was able to make in his condition.

“ What?” Mo Lin was unable to understand the meaning behind Lu Ping’s action.

“ There was a bit of misunderstanding just now.” Lu Ping said.

“ Heh, are you planning to beg for forgiveness?” Mo Lin laughed.

“No, I am saying that I had a bit of misunderstanding towards you.” Lu Ping said.

“ That so, what did you misunderstand?” Mo Lin was still laughing.

“ You don’t need to know this.” The words which were spoken by Mo Lin just a moment ago, Lu Ping returned them back untouched.

“Oh, then what after this?” Mo Lin said.

“ After this, I will just go back to sleep.” The sound of Lu Ping’s words had barely travelled upwards, but both of his hands had surprisingly made their way out of the ground already. Before Mo Lin could even react, he placed both of his hands on either side to support his body and raised his entire body from inside the ground just like that. Then as if stepping on stairs, he took out one of his legs from inside and set it on the hard ground nearby and walked out of the swamp just like that. Throughout the entire process, he didn’t apply a single trace of strength to struggle out. All of the movements he performed in succession seemed completely natural.

“ I am going back to sleep.” Lu Ping was seriously cleaning the mud on his body, he didn’t spare a single glance towards Mo Lin.

“ You should quickly clean this up. It’s too dangerous.” After saying these words, Lu Ping turned around and left, leaving behind an all alone Mo Lin who was blankly staring the huge hole left behind by Lu Ping.

“ This….what is this?” Without waiting for Mo Lin to speak, Lu Ping had already disappeared into the darkness of night. Mo Lin was staring at the huge hole in front of his eyes with his entire face covered with an expression as if all of this was inconceivable. This was his backup plan. Offense Through Defense. As the name implies, this was his method of surviving under unfavourable conditions.

Since it was serving such an important role, there is not much need to say about its reliability. The modified earthworm has always been Mo Lin’s secret weapon. He is extremely clear about the effects of Earthworm grass on a piece of land after it is grown under it. It greatly increases the suction power of the earth. Preceptors at third Heavenly Layer of Strength’s soul or below can’t even imagine about escaping, let alone ordinary people.

“ What is happening?” Mo Lin was still mumbling to himself.

“ Don’t tell me the properties of this ground are unusually different.” Mo Lin rubbed the soil loosened by an Earthworm grass between his fingers. He even tasted it.

“ There are no problems….” Mo Lin already did this kind of examination after he planted the grass in the afternoon. At this moment, he was only trying to double check it.

But regardless of whether it was Earthworm grass or earth, there were no problems whatsoever. So the only possible issue lies in Lu Ping’s body. An ordinary individual’s body has the strength of Strength’s soul third Heavenly layer or higher?

This is not possible.

Or, there are some people who possess innate Spiritual Power. However, if this kind of people examines this power through their perception, they might discover that this so-called spiritual power in fact also originates from Strength’s soul. They are Innate Perceivers, individuals who can naturally perceive Strength’s soul. There are even some individuals who are naturally in the realm of first Heavenly Layer.

Such individuals who can naturally perceive the Soul’s power are known as Awakeners. Their innate perception towards the power of souls is much sharper and stronger in comparison with ordinary people. They can improve their realm of soul’s power much quickly, and after attaining sixth Heavenly Layer, their linking up with Excellence’s soul also goes much more smoothly and stably, thus producing much stronger abilities afterwards. These abilities usually will be of fifth level or higher. Consider Mo Sen’s Inspection and Luo Wei’s Penetrating Vision, although both of these abilities are useful, they don’t serve any real fighting purposes. Finally, both of these abilities are evaluated as second level abilities.

However regardless of talks, Awakeners who naturally possess the realm of third Heavenly Layer are extremely rare. What’s more is, even Awakeners are unable to conceal Soul’s power. And from Mo Sen’s information, furthermore through Mo Lin’s own inspection, there was no existence of soul’s power on Lu Ping’s body.

“ So, what the hell is happening?” Mo Lin once again repeated these words as he was removing Earthworm grass as per Lu Ping’s instructions due to lack of better options.

While removing the grass, Mo Lin’s brain was as busy as his body. But he still couldn’t find any explanation. However, he also didn’t try to rashly probe again one more time. He was already unable to sense Lu Ping’s depth.

Clear morning, sunshine and a new day.

Lu Ping opened the window and saw Mo Sen bustling in the flower garden outside the window.

“ Mo Sen Laoshi, so early!” Lu Ping struck a greeting.

Mo Sen nodded a little, his expression was extremely complex.

Yesterday midnight’s three o’clock past, his nephew Mo Lin entered his room. He was scared to death. But this was nothing compared to what he recounted afterwards. It even took three turns to confirm it back and forth.


Uncle-Nephew, the two individuals analyzed it till daybreak, but still couldn’t come up with anything. Mo Sen’s both eyes were boiled deep red. Being an individual who has linked his Infusion’s soul with Excellence’s soul, this can’t be caused merely by excessive fatigue.

At first light, he dashed out to take care of flower garden, however this time, his mind was still unable to calm down.

Until now, Lu Ping opening the window and then jumping out, everything was same as always.

“I haven’t stepped on anything!” Lu ping said facing Mo Sen and shook his both hands.

Mo Sen nodded his head with difficulty. As he saw Lu Ping searching something inside flower garden, he immediately pointed towards a direction and said: “ Over there.”

“ Over there.”

“ Thank You.” Lu Ping happily walked over to the side where Mo Sen pointed, picked up the pipe and washed his face.

Everything was as it used to be. The only difference was Mo Sen. Those insignificant actions of Lu Ping which used to make him fly in rage, today he seemed unexpectedly compatible with them. And towards his this kind of unusual behaviour, Lu Ping didn’t show a single trace of reaction, as if this all was already anticipated by him.

“So, who are you in the end?” The question which caused Mo Sen to be distressed for an entire night, he finally laid it out in front.

“Eh! I am Lu Ping.” Lu Ping smilingly said.

Mo Sen was unable to see through and unable to find out anything. The other person was also not willing to say anything. Mo Sen can only watch Lu Ping leaving. After Lu Ping departed, Mo Sen’s nephew Mo Lin appeared out from the densest location of the flower garden.

Uncle and nephew looked at each other in dismay. Lu Ping’s attitude was also as if nothing had happened, this made them even more at a loss. Whether it was poison or earthworm grass, the killing intent displayed by Mo Lin was obvious by just one look. Result was this guy did nothing? He doesn’t hold a single thought of vengeance?

“ This is not rational…” Mo Lin mumbled to himself. He is an assassin after all. He is more accustomed to scenarios made up of blood’s smell and massacre. Under such circumstances, he himself wasn’t subjected to any retaliation was truly miraculous.

“ I want to test him again.” Mo Lin said.

“ Don’t lose your mind!” Mo Sen said. Lu Ping gave him a feeling that he is too profound to be understood. More important is, he was already a little regretful after the incident of yesterday morning’s. Yesterday night, after he was woken up by Mo Lin and told about his loss, although he was surprised but at the same time he was also a little happy.

“ I am not losing my mind, I will be extremely careful. It’s only testing. Uncle, the truth is you also don’t wish him to die. Is it not?” Mo Lin said.

Mo Sen remained silent.

“Also.” Mo Lin turned his gaze towards the interiors of the flower garden. “ What’s the matter with your Dormant Fire Lotus? Yesterday I saw it was on the verge of blooming. So, today, why it appears like it will grow a new flower?”

“So, what is the problem?” Mo Lin didn’t understand.

“Dormant Fire Lotus’s internal heat is very heavy. When it blooms, it will definitely absorb huge amounts of moisture. Therefore, it is suitable to grow in water, if it is grown on land, it would definitely leave a small area dry. As a result of this, plants within two meters of its surroundings will be withered. Don’t tell me you place its bud without knowing this?”

“ What are you saying?” Mo Sen was hugely alarmed.

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