Chapter 70: Sword Intent ( Part 2 )

“An easy way to learn sword intent?” Fang Tien asked.

Inside his Dantian the divine consciousness of the black veil could be seen floating, this divine consciousness appeared like a projection inside his upper Dantian.

“Master, what is a sword?”

“A tool used to kill.” Fang Tien said.

“Sha Sha believes if that’s true then anything can become a sword! a sword to a master swordsman is just a preferred tool for expressing their actions, even a twig or a finger can be considered a sword to a master with a sword intent, the tool itself becomes less important and the idea behind it becomes more important.”

“Master, an important thing to remember is that your understanding and prowess with a weapon is what is truly eternal, but tools themselves are fleeting, a high-grade weapon might give you an incredible boost temporarily but there will always be weapons of a higher grade,the only thing that’s consistent as you change and upgrade weapons is you.”

“I understand, so my understanding of the way of the sword is more important than the rarity of the sword I’m using for now.” Fang Tien Said.

“Master, Now that you understand you should know what to focus on to learn it, you’ve actually had all the resources at your fingertip, do you know what the willow tree that I planted here represents?”

“I didn’t realize at first but after my 3rd divine ability fully manifested itself I’ve had a growing suspicion, it’s the dao of slaughtering isn’t it?” Fang Tien asked.

“Sha Sha can’t believe master has noticed already, once a Dao is fully developed it matures from a seed to a great tree, this is why clans with immortals in the higher realms are untouchable, their genius have the ability to study their Ancestors dao directly if that ancestor manages to imprint his Dao into a heavenly grade or above item before death.”

“The willow tree…” Fang Tien once again focused his senses on the willow tree, the same scenes once again replaying before his vision as the mirage-like figure performed Fierce Breaking Slash.

“This is…?”As Fang Tien focused his vision on the movements, the slight difference between each became more obvious, the once simple movements now seemed more complicated as if a simple swing contained dozens of profound counters.

“What’s that?” as Fang Tien watched the repeated movements a slight glow could be seen on the sword, this small glow grew until it became misty red.


Fang Tien felt as if the world around him shattered as his consciousness appeared within a strange space, inside this space the world seemed to be painted in blood as a sword could be seen atop a hill of corpses.

“Sha Sha? where am I” Fang Tien asked but no replied was heard, as he wandered around the blood-colored world, the more he walked to the hill of corpse the further it seemed to be, it was as if it was separated by countless space in another dimension.

Suddenly images of the female figure appeared again in front of him, her graceful forming a myriad of sword slashes, a bloody mist color light surrounded the sword and her body, each slash seemed to be even more profound as a simple slash now created a wave of destructive energy that destroyed all within its path.

As Fang Tien became enthralled by the movements his body began subconsciously mimicking the movements within his sight, as he did his hand acting as a proxy for the sword a light silver mist could be seen surrounding his body.

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