Chapter 71: Fang Tien’s Anger

“This is marvelous before I was copying the movements as if I was a mirror, but what I lacked in feel I can now sense…even though I’ve only explored 1% it truly feels like an endless amount of knowledge and teachings packed into simple sword strokes, as my understanding grows deeper how I view each sword stroke changes its ever evolving.”

As Fang Tien studied the sword strokes inside this blood colored world it was as if this special environment made it easier to understand and study the sword movements, he felt that just spending a month in here would be the same as practicing for a year in normal time.

“Master! danger its an assassin.”

Suddenly Sha Sha’s anxious voice resonated inside Fang Tien’s mind as he was forcefully pulled from the blood-colored world.

“Assasin?” Fang Tien confused, his eyes quickly opening.

As a feeling of death covered Fang Tien he only had time to react in a split second, as a dagger coated with poison was an inch away from his heart. “Reversal!”


An explosive sound rang out as Fang Tien 3rd divine ability activated, the dagger that was close to his heart seemed to be rewinding as despite the resistance of its holder it could be seen flying backward in the path of which it came a loud sound of metal hitting the ground could be heard as it fell.

“What? impossible, what type of spell is this.” The cloaked figure was only confused for a split second before jumping backward and swiftly picking up the dagger once again all in one smooth movement, this showed Fang Tien that this was indeed an experienced and trained assassin.

Even more surprised than the assassin was Fang Tien, as he had instinctively used his 3rd divine ability but what was more amazing, he had reversed the time of the dagger by 10 seconds forcing it back to the position it had 10 seconds before.

This consumption was considerably less than the first time he used it to forcefully reverse a casted spell, his body was still full of energy as if using it like that a few more times would be a simple task.

Seeing that the assassin had opened the distance between them, Fang Tien using the opportunity to bring forth his long sword from his spatial ring.

“CLANK!” sword cries resonated as Fang Tien dashed forward slashing sideways with his long sword, the sound of metals clashing could be heard as the assassin using his dagger parried the long sword, the force caused by such an action pushing him back even more.

“Trying to flee?” Fang Tien’s cold voice rang out as he immediately followed up towards the assassin, his movement swift and fierce as multiple sword slashes could be seen, these quick slashes gave the illusion that 10 blades were attacking at the same time.


Sounds of flesh being penetrated could be heard as multiple holes appeared through the assassin cloaks, his once black cloak was now full of holes and dyed red by his own blood.

Fang Tien quickly took a moment to calm his breathing down, the rush of waking up to a dagger had sent his sense of awareness through the roof, his body felt as if it was working in overdrive mode.

“Master, Sha Sha can feel more assassin in your companions room.”

“Damn, I should have known.” Fang Tien said, as he quickly dashed towards the room where they slept, luckily for him their room was directly next to his as they had to ensure they could quickly reach Fang Tien if summoned.

As Fang Tien reached the entrance of the room the doors were already open, 3 cloaked figures could be seen moving in the darkness as they crept towards the sleeping Du clan members.

“Huh?” one of them noticing a sound quickly looked around, only to be greeted by the sight of a long sword before his vision faded to darkness.


Sounds of a head tumbling on the floor as the body of one of the cloaked figures fell down abruptly could be heard, the other two cloaked figures had sneaked behind Fang Tien attacking in the time it took for him to kill one of the cloaked figures, their daggers heading straight towards the position of his lungs and heart.

“Young Master!” Du Yan, Du Lei, and Du Min had woken up due to the commotion but their reactions being delayed due to the dizziness caused from being suddenly woken up made it so that they could only shout in warning.


Silver light flowed from Fang Tien’s eyes as the light illuminated the room in silver brilliance, his vision locked onto one of the cloaked figures he had quickly managed to turn around.

Using the short delay caused by the blinding silver light suddenly illuminating the room, the cloaked figures strikes had been suddenly delayed as their eyes readjusted to the new light source.

“Time-Mark!” Fang Tien eyes shone brightly as if they became the incarnation of two miniature moons!

“Slash!” his longsword became dyed by even more blood as it penetrated the cloaked figure, the short delay had guaranteed his loss as Fang Tien had managed to create an opening in their defense using the bright light generated from his eyes.

As the second figure fell down the last stood entirely sitll in a daze, under the effects of Time-mark rendered him defenseless, but instead of killing him immediately Fang Tien had decided to look who hired them.

“Heaven’s sight!” Bright golden light radiated from Fang Tien’s eyes as his first divine ability activated, as he viewed the past of the cloaked figure for the last 24hours he pinpointed on a particular scene, the 4 cloaked figures could be seen talking to a young Man with a woman standing next to him, this woman wore an amulet, the very same one that was sold in the auction earlier.

“Puff!” The bright light that illuminated the room vanished as Fang Tien eyes returned to normal, the final cloaked figure fell as blood poured from his body.

“Fu Dong, Since when am I good to be bullied?” a sharp Murderous intent could be felt from Fang Tien.

“We’re going on a quick trip tonight.” Fang Tien’s serene voice resonated within the room as he walked through the door, his destination the mansion he had seen in the past of the cloaked figure.

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