Chapter 72: Mid-Night Slaughter

In the dark hours of the night, four figures could be seen moving stealthily around the Xie Private mansion, while the Xie family wasn’t one of any famous or high-rank cultivators, they were blessed with a daughter talented in magic, with support and help from the Fu family they had eventually managed to grow into a wealthy family.

This mansion was the private home of their oldest daughter Xie Jingyi and also a rendezvous spot for her and Fu Dong the eldest son of the Fu Family.

Although Xie Jingyi had yet to marry she had always considered Fu Dong to be her feature husband, her great beauty and status as a magus had earned her a small fame in the town of Eriteia.

“Puff!” A guard fell as his head was pierced by a small high-speed pebble, Du Yan using the ability of her eyes had created a high-speed pebble to silently kill the guard.

As the group entered through a back door a smell of raw meat and blood attacked their noses, they had entered the meat room where the servants would prepare the meat for their masters daily meals.

Using his Divine sense Fang Tien scanned the building, finding the location of Fu Dong, “Make sure that no one leaves this mansion alive, I shall handle Fu Dong.”

After saying those words Fang Tien could be seen walking in the opposite direction as he chose to separate from the group, his sight locked onto the private quarters of the Xie mansion.

As he dashed through the dark corridors of the mansion Fang Tien had quietly disposed of any guards who came within sight, making sure that no sound or warning could be given before death.

“Ahhh” Sounds of loud Moaning could be heard coming from a room, it was the very room Fang Tien divine senses had spotted Fu Dong.

Seeing as he couldn’t just quietly sneak in Fang Tien had decided to barge through the front door.


With swift multiple slashes, the stylized wooden door of the room was reduced to piles of wood as Fang Tien made his way through them.


A frightened shout could be heard from Fu Dong has he laid naked on the bed, the two connected as Xie Jingyi laid above him, her back exposed to Fang Tien.

Fang Tien unphased by the scene only had one thought in mind, and that was to kill! His Long sword drawn, a swift stabbing movement was made, in panic Fu Dong accidentally kicked Xie off as he tried to avoid the blade, sending her tumbling backward.


“Nooo! you killed her! Fu Dong’s grieve stricken cries could be heard as Xie Jingyi had fallen backward into Fang Tien blade, piercing her body and killing her instantly.


With a swing of his sword, Fang Tien had thrown Xie Jingyi lifeless body aside as he freed his blade of her weight.

As Fang Tien walked slowly towards Fu Dong his deep purple eyes stared right at him, his black veil was currently worn like a scarf around his neck as his expressionless face looked forward, it was as if he was looking at someone already deceased.

Once Fang Tien has decided to set his mind up to any goal, he relentlessly tries to carry it out almost obsessively, the second he had decided to kill Fu Dong he was already deceased inside his mind.

Seeing the veil around his neck Fu Dong realized this person was the veiled person he saw at the auction, he had ordered for them to be dealt with but how were they here?

“Shadow help me!” As Fu Dong Cried out for help a shadowy figure could be seen leaving the darkness of the walls.

A rank 4 Great warrior? Fang Tien thought as his vision focused on the mysterious figure, this person seemed to be darkness itself as one couldn’t even tell what type of clothing they wore, it was as if a shadow got up and decided to exist in our 3-dimensional world.

“Yes, Master.” An almost inhuman sound came from the figure, his right hand extended as he grasped at air, suddenly a shadowy sword appeared within his hands.

He’s coming, Fang Tien readied himself as he felt that a mighty force would come upon him.


The hard floor beneath the shadowy figure cracked as a mini crater was created where it once stood, it flew to Fang Tien with such force that in a split second its strike was already upon Fang Tien.


As the two collided Fang Tien was pushed backward, his strength was considerably less than a trained warrior as his physique stayed untrained.

I can’t win head-on, his superiority is too large, as the figure charged forward again Fang Tien eyes shone forth with intense purple brilliance, as his vision focused on the figure he seemed to have slowed down, projections of his possible moves appeared within Fang Tien as he thought of ways to counter them all.


The two collided once again but this time Fang Tien had only collided with the edge of his blade, using the force created he swung himself around in a twirl as his sword slashed with a mighty force towards the shadow figure.

The Shadow figure seeing this reacted calmly as his hand lifted towards the heavens descended, his sword brought down with a mighty force as it swung downwards towards Fang Tien.


As the shadowy figure slashed down, his sword missing Fang Tien by a hairs length Fang Tien slash connected his sword seeming to pass through the air as the shadowy figure stood unaffected.

What? how. Fang Tien stood confused as he was sure his sword connected.

“Master, this guy is using some taboo technique, he’s able to phase through attacks as if he were a shadow but Sha Sha believes it can’t be done all night, so long as you continue to pressure him he will die.”

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