Chapter 73: Death of Fu Dong

Phase through attacks? as Fang Tien dodged around the room avoiding the onslaught of attacks his body felt as if it was becoming rapidly tired, his thoughts quickly trying to find a way out.

I can’t keep this up… Looking at Fu Dong reaction this seems to be his final trump card, if this doesn’t work I’ll be forced to use Time-Mark.

“Clank!” sound cries resonated as Fang Tien long sword stabbed forwards with multiple quick slashes, with the power of his deity eyes all the openings of the shadowy figure became more open, his enemy counterattack all turned into misses as they became predictable due to his eyes.


Fang Tien had finally managed to inflict damage as the shadow figure began to slow down, either from exhaustion or overuse of his taboo skill, Fang Tien used this opening to slash his left leg as he tried to disable him.

As the shadowy figure fell back Fang Tien stood proudly his sword dripping with the blood of his enemies his vision focused on the shadowy figure, even though Fang Tien pretended to pay no attention to Fu Dong his attention was also focused on him to prevent him from escaping, as he’d come here for the sole purpose of killing him, if he escaped what would have been the point of fighting this shadowy figure?

Fang Tien’s eyes shone with a deep purple light as he started towards the shadowy figure his expression calm as if he wasn’t currently fighting but taking a stroll, his Snow white clothing was somehow still spotless, he seemed more like an observer rather than a participant of any fight.

“This is your end…you’re the strongest and most unique warrior I’ve fought so far, I’ll allow you a dignified death if you kneel in forgiveness for attacking me.” Fang Tien’s gentle voice could be heard, as his words and expression would make one believe the shadowy figure was his dear friend.

Fang Tien’s words caused Fu Dong to recover from his shock as feelings of more panic set in.

“Don’t listen to his words!! my family paid good money for you, kill him!” Fu Dong’s panic-stricken voice rang out as he stood up from the bed, his eyes looking towards the door, his best chance of escaping was to make a run for it when the fight had started again.

“Kid you’re too tender to make me kneel.” An inhuman voice could be heard as the shadowy figure seemed to multiply into 5 different figures as he surrounded Fang Tien.

What is this? they all seem to be real with their own flow of spiritual energy, slight surprise ran through Fang Tien’s Mind as the clones created seemed to be real projections of the shadowy figure than fake clones.

“This is my secret technique Myriad Shadow Twin!” As the shadowy figure said that he attacked with immense force, the multiple clones attacking in a joint collab as they multiple blade slashes rained down on Fang Tien.

“Master, Sha Sha feels something is off, be careful.” The black veil said.

“Don’t worry I won’t lose.” As Fang Tien spoke these words his eyes radiated intense purple light, as time seemed to slow down, his mind working in overdrive as the trajectory of each strike clearly appeared to him.

It looked as if Fang Tien was performing an exquisite dance as he dodged each strike masterfully, his hands held his longsword tightly as he looked for an opportunity to kill each clone.

I’ll need to get into the optimal position to strike all the shadowy figures in one move…I just need to simply bait them all in.

As Fang Tien dodged the onslaught of continuous attacks his sword could be seen held downwards as its tip dragged on the hard floor creating sparks, suddenly an immense amount of spiritual energy gathered around the blade’s tip as Fang Tien continuously dodged without changing the position of the sword.

“Fierce Breaking Slash!”

“BOOM!” Sounds of a loud explosion rang out as Fang Tien sword slashed upwards, its tip creating sparks as it dragged across the floor and into the air creating an intense shockwave of energy that wreaked havoc upon each clone.

“Puff!” Sounds of sealed air being released could be heard as the shadowy figures one by one vanished in a burst of misty shadows.

“Ahh” An inhuman cry rang out as the shadowy figure real body fell facedown onto the ground, his left arm missing as blood spurted forth from the wound dyeing the ground red.

“Damn!” the shadowy figure cursed as the wound on his arm slowly sotpped bleeding, sealed by a dark shadow.

“Clank!” Sounds of metal clashing rang out as the two swords clashed, Fang Tien had managed to stand steadly due to the weakened state his opponent was in, the loss of his none dominant arm caused his body to feel unbalanced, he hadn’t had enough time to adapt ot the changes causing him to perform worse.

“Damn, You’ve forced me.” The shadowy figure voice rang out as his body seemed to shine brightly as he burned fiercely, his aura rising by the second as his cultivation jumped to the 5th rank forcibly.

“This is…you’re burning his bloodline vitality? won’t this cause you to be disabled after?” Fang Tien asked.

“What’s the downside of being crippled when my other future is death? naive child.” The inhuman sound replied, his figure growing in size.

“As If I’ll stand by as your rank increases, Kill!” as Fang Tien dashed forward his eyes bloomed with a silver light, as illusionary fragments of times danced within the air, Time-Mark had been activated as the shadowy figure stood in a dazed state.

“SLASH!” Fang Tien sword had managed to cut right through the shadow figure, his heart pierced as the edge of the blade ripped through his body.

“Thump!” a loud sound could be heard as his lifeless body fell to the floor, his figure becoming clear as the shadowy mist went away, revealing a plain human form.

As the shadowy figure died Fang Tien turned towards Fu Dong his silvery shaded eyes seeming to pierce his souls as they looked towards him, without a word Fang Tien’s blade had pierced through the throat of Fu Dong, his terrified expression eternally frozen.

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