Chapter 74: A New Beginning

It was the day after the death of Fu Dong, as the group walked through the town lead by Fang Tien,a shiny new amulet could be seen hanging around his neck, as the group walked their destination the teleportation formation.

As they walked through the bustling streets of Eriteia sounds of discussion could be heard.

“Did you hear what happened last night?” a young man asked as he bought fruits from a pedlar.

“Yeah, To Think the Fu Family son died at the Xie family mansion.” the pedlar replied.

“I heard the Fu Family slaughtered the Xie family in anger, to think that a rising family would be exterminated overnight so suddenly.” The young man sighed, this world was brutal as one could be promoted to fame and fall overnight just as quickly.

“I heard even the Xie family treasured magus daughter died, the Fu family are still searching for the culprit.” the pedlar said.

“1,000 low-grade spirit stone reward for finding any substantial clues…I would be able to live a life of leisure off that, even my grandkids would benefit.” The young man said.

“We’ll never be that lucky stop dreaming, buy some more of my fresh apples.”

as the discussion trailed on Fang Tien realized that where ever they went discussion of the fight could be heard.

“His family seems more important in the city than we thought?” Du Lei said.

“Does it matter? he dared to offend our young master.” Du Yan replied.

After a couple of minutes went by as they walked the group arrived at the town’s square, a large teleportation formation could be found with a decently sized crowd of people.

Seeing the large crowd Fang Tien a strange idea arose in Fang Tien’s mind as the Shao family token was taken from his spatial ring, he held it up as he walked through the crowd to the front, the guards seemed as if they didn’t dare to stop him.

This token is incredibly useful, Fanfg Tien thought as the group went to the front of the line.

“Young miss and masters, the price for using the teleportation formation will be 5 low-grade spirit stones per person, where shall your destination lead?” A young man asked, he seemed to be the one operating this formation.

Hearing his question Du Lei replied, “The Elemental Sky Academy!”

“Oh? another one, very well please enter the circle and be sure not to leave the circle while the formation is activated, we won’t be responsible for any death caused by such an action.”The young man said.

As the Group left the line and stood in the circle runic marks appeared on the floor below them as the circle shone with a bright light before their figures vanished.

“That Amulet, isn’t it the Xie family young misses amulet?” A hidden figure muttered as Fang Tien vanished within the teleportation circle.

“Chirp!” Sounds of birds cries were the first thing the group heard as they left the teleportation circle when their senses and sight returned from that of pure white a heavenly academy appeared within their sights if one looked from above the sky you would notice that this academy floated within the clouds in the sky on its own piece of land, this academy almost seemed like a miniature continent as it took its place among the clouds.

“Amazing, its almost as if we’ve entered another world, is this what the realm above us looks like? the fabled heaven realm.” Du Yan said in awe, her eyes full of curiosity as she looked around.

Fang Tien too was in surprise, this place was comparable to the Du Clan’s sacred forest, its spiritual energy both dense and pure it seemed to be a practice heaven, one would find it easier to cultivate 2x faster in such an environment.

As the group left the teleportation circle it didn’t take them long to walk upon the gates of the academy, a long line of Noble daughters and sons could be seen, Fang Tien noticed that everyone’s cultivation was at least rank 3 and some even at rank 4, this truly was a gathering of the youngest geniuses of each clan and race, beautiful girls and handsome boys seemed to be the norm here as everyone was dressed in the most expensive of outfits.

Compared to them Fang Tien and his group dressed much simpler, especially Fang Tien as his snow-white clothing while simple appeared to be more exquisite when he wore it.

“Halt!” Only those with an invitation can be here. A guard had stopped the group in their tracks as they walked forward.

Taking the letter of invitation from his spatial ring Fang Tien held it up, showing it to the guard.

“That letter isn’t of this current year or even century, give me I will notify a teacher.”

“Will there be a problem?” Du Min asked.

“It’s fine, our elder said invitations have no time limit so long as they’re authentic they will always be valid for a single admittance.”

“Single admittance? wait how will we get in.” Du Yan asked in worry.

As the guard took the letter he left, shortly after returning with a middle-aged male.

“These are the ones I’ve received the letter from sir.” the guard could be seen leading the middle-aged male over.

“Who’s the owner of the letter?” The teacher asked his expression solemn.

“It is mine.” Fang Tien voice said as he walked forward, his black veil obstructing his facial features.

“Oh? what’s your name?” The teacher asked.

“Fang Tien.” Fang Tien replied plainly.

“Tien? strange name for an elf female.” As the teacher said this his eyes could be seen looking confusedly at Fang Tien.

“It’s a perfectly normal name as I’m male.” Fang Tien said.

“Another noble daughter trying to dress and pass as a male, how many more will we get this year..” the teacher sighed inwardly as he had seen this very scenario every admittance time.

“Right, you’ve been accepted but you will still need to do a test to see your magic affinity, magic and warrior aptitude to better decide your future in this academy if your talent is good a teacher might request you as their direct disciple.”

“Such a thing while rare seemed to be more common in this era as that War clan Godchild and the immortal physique had every teacher competing for them, even the deen had to step in..such a chaotic seem.” The teacher sighed as he thought of the past events.

“Such an occurrence won’t happen again as those two are true geniuses if one would look at our Sky world countless talents some teachers believe that they could rank in the top 20, even becoming one of the top10 eternal talents as they get older.”

Fang Tien thought this teacher seemed more like a fan than someone of authority as he went on about these students.

“I believe I shall hold a spot on that list also.” Fang Tien said calmly.

“Kid…to be young and not know the immensity of heaven and earth.” The teacher shook his head as he leads Fang Tien to a square surrounded by other future students.

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