Chapter 75: The Test

“Stay here, you will be called upon when it’s your turn, your attribute and aptitude will be judged with the same scale, Low, Medium, High and Superior, good luck kid.” The teacher said as he left.

So this is the testing area…Fang Tien though as his eyes looked all around, his vision particularly attracted by the Large platform centered in the middle, as students went upwards one by one, their palms placed on a large orb, this orb was embedded inside of a large pillar of stone, 2 more pillars stood beside it.

As soon as the student’s hands touched the first orb a bright light shone, this light radiated with a brown brilliance.

“Medium Earth attribute, very good, proceed to the next test.” The Teachers voice resonated.

As the student placed his hand on the second orb its light shone weakly, he then proceeded to the third orb as it shone brightly.

“Magic aptitude unfit, Warrior aptitude medium, very good.” the Teacher said.

“How can his talent be so bad? why is the teacher praising him.” a young boy asked.

“Ignorant, don’t you know that the school’s test is harsher than your families one, a genius level talent for a family will just be a medium level talent for the school.” A young girl replied.

“Incredible… I’ll definitely be of a great aptitude, maybe my talent will rank as high!” The young boy said confidently.

“Why become a mage or warrior? your aptitude is obviously highest as a clown.” The young girl replied while laughing.

Even though they had been praised by the teacher the student’s mood was downcasted, as his attributes were definitely not high enough to be admitted, even though he was praised as a genius within his clan he felt useless when placed here, surrounded by the peerless juniors of the top clans.

As the student left the stage his head was held down.

“Next.” the teacher’s voice rang out.

As his words were said a female student walked onto the stage, her fiery red hair and wild aura made her seem as if she was an untamed beast, even though she gave this feeling one would find it hard to deny her beautiful features as her piercing white eyes gave one the impression that she was blind, but if any educated cultivator saw them fear would strike inside their hearts.

“That eye…a member of the War-God clan!” The young boy shouted in excitement.

“Ugh, are you excited for everything? if so this will probably kill you, she’s actually the younger sister of the War-God clan Godchild.” a young female replied.

“What!” after hearing this shocking revelation the young man fainted directly, Fang Tien saw this and wondered if most people were this easily startled by everything.

As she walked along the stage, her palms placed softly on the orb.

As soon as her hands touched the first orb a bright light shone, this light radiated with a brilliant red brilliance that seemed to shine forever.

“As expected of the sister of Huan Meng, High fire attribute, you may proceed to the next test.” The teacher said.

“High attribute?! as expected of my Goddess, can she do no wrong.” a young boy said.

As Huan Qin placed her hands on the second orb its light shone brightly, she then proceeded to the third orb as it shone as blindingly bright as the sun.

“Magic aptitude medium talent, Warrior aptitude High, excellent, you’re the highest warrior attribute we’ve had since your brother joined, his superior attribute shocked the continent as someone with an attribute that high hasn’t appeared for thousands of years. .” the Teacher said excitedly.


A huge figure had appeared close to Huan Qin, this large male gave one the impression of a ferocious bear as he stood there proudly.

“No one will snatch her from me! Child, would you like to become my direct disciple?” This teacher’s loud voice thundered through the square.

“It’s the Crazed-bear warrior, they say before he became a teacher and became tamer he would regularly extinguish entire clans to satisfy his thirst for battles.” a young female said.

“Entire clans? sounds like the perfect match for a war-god clan member.” a male voice said.

“Not only that but I heard he was actually forced to become a teacher, as his continuous slaughtering had annoyed a large clan, this clan chased him to the ends of the continent until he sought refuge in the academy as a teacher..” the Young female added.

“Xun Guanting! continue this offstage as you’re delaying the test with your commotion.” A stern voice resonated, but no sign of where it came from could be detected.

Like a scared rat, Xun Guanting smiled meekly as he quickly left the stage, Huan Qin following closely behind him.

“Will the next student board the stage.” Noticing that it was finally his turn Fang Tien calmly boarded the stage.

” Facemask aren’t allowed, please remove all such accessories so the test can begin.” the teacher said.

“Oh..” Fang Tien had gotten so used to the veil he had forgotten to remove it, as he did loud gasp could be heard within the crowd of guest and students and even teachers!

“an Elf..? I thought elves didn’t leave the southern forest.”Xun Guanting loud voice could be heard as he talked with Huan Qin.

“I’ve seen some elves before visiting my clan, the royal bloodlines have shorter ears than a normal elf, closer to humans, he’s either a pureblood or a mixed race.” Huan Qin said.

As Fang Tien boarded the platform his deep purple colored eyes reflected within the orbs, his long flowing silky black hair that seems to create a contrast with his snow-white clothing left a strong impression on most spectators, but most noticeable were his eyes, as the star-shaped pupils he possessed seem to contain another world as one could easily get lost while looking into them, a feeling of being transported to a dreamland would arise.

As Fang Tien placed his palms on the first orb no light appeared as a few seconds later cracks could be seen forming on the orb…

“This is..” Startled sounds of shock and surprise rang out among teachers and guest alike.

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