Chapter 76: A waste?

As small cracks formed on the orb beneath Fang Tien’s hand, these tiny cracks made the orb look as if it was a spider web.

“Boom!” Sounds of a loud explosion rang out as a golden light radiated from the cracking orb, this light spewed forth from the cracks until the orb itself exploded into hundreds of tiny pieces.

“This is….” As the teacher who dealt with the inspection saw this he started to sweat profusely, he had never run into this situation before.

As the teacher became confused as to how to advance a deeply calming voice resonated inside his soul,” It’s fine just proceed normally, his element is of the Superior rank, of the light attribute.”

Superior rank? it’s been just a few months since we’ve seen two and now a third has appeared?… Since when were superior aptitude so common. The teacher sighed inwardly as he thought of the ridiculousness of so many superior talents popping up.

“That? what happened to the orb.” an onlooker questioned.

” Elemental attribute light, superior talent.” The teachers reverberated through the surroundings gasp of shock instantly exploded through the audience.

“This is fake right? the orb malfunctioned otherwise it wouldn’t explode.” A dissatisfied guest said.

“Right? even when the immortal physique superior talent was detected the orb was fine afterward, what type of cheating is this?”

“The teacher must have been paid off!”


Chants of ‘re-test’ like a spark created in dry leaves, quickly turned into a blaze as the onlookers and potential students alike joined in.

Hearing the chants the teacher knew he had to quickly pacify them, even though the one who had given the final verdict was the deen himself, an angry crowd would quickly become ignorant ignoring all rational reasoning.

“Swoosh” With a wave of his hand another orb had appeared embedded within the pillar.

As Fang Tien placed his other palm on the orb once again it radiated with a bright light, but this time without breaking, this bright white light had a tint of blue that glowed from the edges, this light shone blindly bright.

“Crack” Suddenly cracks began appearing on the orb as a golden light began to rise up, overpowering the previous light, this golden light seemed overbearing as it suppressed the other light taking up all the space within the orb.

This light shone brighter as the seconds passed by until it was as if the sun had arrived inside the facility as the bright light temporary blinded most except the teachers.

“BOOM!” a loud explosion rang out as the orb exploded into thousands of small pieces, shattering the pillar along with it.

“This…, dual element?” a teacher said his mouth agape as the scene replayed within his mind.

“Duel element? aren’t dual elemental users Medium talent at most?” a young man said

“Is this the first high and superior dual elemental talent in history?” a young girl said.

Various discussions and excitement ran through the crowd of onlookers as something as unlikely and as rare as this hasn’t been seen in thousands of years.

“Attribute, Lightning element, affinity High, Attribute Light element, Affinity Superior talent.” The teacher’s voice resounded again bringing silence to the area.

“Why are the heavens not fair? how can one person be so lucky.”

“F*ck if I was born with even just one of their aptitude and beauty I’d be my owns clan patriarch.”

All these discussions and commotions had seemed to not even reach Fang Tien as he felt as if he had entered a mysterious state, it was as if he was in a world of his own as the world seemed covered by a golden light, thunderous sounds echoed throughout his mind, inside this strange state thunderous sounds boomed as lighting ran through the clouds as if they were serpents hunting.

Inside this bright world, a Goddess of light appeared before Fang Tien, large pure wings of light stood erect on her back, while the sight of her was magical to behold Fang Tien eyes were attracted to a figure behind her, as a beast made of lightning hovered in the skies, this colossal beast had eyes with a star-shaped pupil.

A weird feeling arose in Fang Tien’s heart as his blood felt as if it was being heated, his bloodline reacted to the strange beast made of lightning, its body that of a bird but its head the shape of a lizard, a 3rd eye was embedded inside its forehead as its stared at Fang Tien with its three eyes.

As Fang Tien’s eyes connected with this colossal a feeling as if he was he was forcefully pulled through thousands of dimensions arose within him, as his eyes blinked his vision had changed, he could see himself through this form but his body seemed so feeble and weak, it only took Fang Tien a second to realize that this was the perspective of the colossal beast above the skies.

“Huh..” A split second later Fang Tien surroundings had changed back to normal, he once again stood on the platform, two pillars with orbs standing erect in front of him.

A hallucination?…but it felt so real what was that…Fang Tien stood dazed as he stood there lost in thought about the scenes he had just seen.

“What’s wrong why are they just standing there?” a young girl asked

“Maybe they’re too scared to take the last test?… I would be too, what if you scored low on those test with a high magical aptitude.” an older girl replied.

“F*ck I’d kill myself, I would forever be branded as the waste with high elemental affinity.” A boy shouted.

“Someone comparable to my brother..impossible.” As Huan Qin watched Fang Tien disbelief covered her thoughts as she saw the results of the test and Fang Tien’s dual elements.

As Fang Tien senses returned, his dazed feeling slowly vanishing, his hands outstretched as his palms touched the two orbs embedded inside two pillars in his front…

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