Chapter 77: Talent

As Fang Tien stood atop the stage a large commotion happened below because of his testing.

Inside the crowds of guest and students and teachers, three people with special eyes could be seen, it was Du Yan, Du Min, and Du Lei.

“Young Master will definitely unlock a high mage or warrior talent!” Du Yan said excitedly, her eyes fixated on Fang Tien’s every movement.

“Young Master will definitely amaze the world in a single day with these test, our Du clan past glory will reappear once more!” Even Du min who was normally quiet added.

The only one not overly excited was Du Lei as his cautious nature took over, he was still worrying as there was a chance Fang Tien would rank low on the final test.

Within another corner a beautiful blond haired girl walked with a large warrior, a great ax hanged on his back, his every step heavy and resolute.

This girl while beautiful had a dark aura surrounding her, a badge of exception could be seen worn on her chest proudly as she was one of the lucky few to be accepted already it was Shao Jian of the elemental clan, her long purple silky hair hanged loosely behind her, as her big bright green eyes shone beautifully as if they were two emerald pearls attracting the attention of all whom she spoke to. Her two twin peaks stood erect as she wore a tight fitting black battle suit with red stripes, her short black skirt revealing two snow-white thighs.

As she walked her steps slowed as she talked to the warrior beside her.”Jeffery whats all the commotion about?” Shao Jian asked.

“Young miss apparently some new prodigy is taking a test, though I hear more discussion about how good of a wife/husband they would make than their actual test results,” Jeffery said his head shaking in disappointment, for a school of elites to be gossiping on such a trivial topic, could they compare to his young miss in looks? never!

“Really? sounds like fun lets watch.” Shao Jian said as she walked hurriedly to the testing arena.

As she got closer the sounds of discussion became more clear as female and male voices competing in arguments resonated inside, what greeted her was two camps of the crowd as they separated by gender, boys and girls arguing.

“It’s obviously a new fairy maiden! while we were too late for the birth of the immortal physique fairy maiden we can witness the birth of a new goddess.” The boy’s side argued.

A girl could be seen looking at them in disgust, ” A fairy maiden? stop perverting our Prince, it’s obviously a boy you guys are so stupidly blinded that you dare to even pervert our prince!”

“A boy? to call our Goddess a boy, you dare!?” A boy shouted.

“Just because you’re shaped like a wooden plank and have as much feminine appeal as a drunken beggar doesn’t mean you have to try to bring down our goddess.” A boy snorted.

“You idiots need to stop arguing if you practiced half as hard as you waste time on unimportant things you would all be able to compare with me, even though we’re all the same age your cultivation ranks are so low!” A cold female voice could be heard.

Almost instantly silence was restored among the crowd, no one dared to reply back as the voice was from none other than Huan Qin, she had grown annoyed at the constant bickering between the two groups…

Even though her brother reputation was already known throughout the continent and she had adored him since a young age she had never once thought of herself as worse, she believed that with enough hardwork she could surpass him and thus most of her time was spent training, she hated people who treated others as idols the most as they were just projecting their wishes onto that person.

That’s why she prefers to train so hard so that she will someday surpass her brother otherwise why cultivate? aren’t cultivators suppose to believe in themselves the most? these people behaved the opposite of what her idea of a cultivator was which annoyed her even more.

Shao Jian could be seen nodding in agreement as she too thought they were being ridiculous.

“Young Miss isn’t that..” Jeffery could be seen looking towards the stage in shock, as they were too away before to see who was currently taking the test but now that he could see his face was covered in a shocked expression.

As her eyes followed his vision Shao Jian mouth opened in surprise as the person on stage was none other than Fang Tien! thousands of questions ran through her mind as she thought about their conversation inside the carriage and wondered how he had ended up here much less on stage.

“This is impossible.” Shao Jian had always thought of Fang Tien as just some exceptionally handsome genius of a small newly formed clan, as she had never heard his clan name before, and his strange eyes cultivation techniques were definitely not known as she had read plenty of her clans ancient records on clans, as someone from a large family as hers, she had to be aware of all the top and medium clans so as to avoid offending the wrong person in ignorance.

After seeing many clans being destroyed because their clan members offended some hidden clan genius in their ignorance the history of the Sky world and books about clans were mandatory for every young miss and master.

Although Shao Jian had to admit she wasn’t very attentive to these teachings, as who did her elemental clan even have to fear?

As she looked at Fang Tien’s his two palms covered the two orbs as those began to shine brightly.

“BOOM!” sounds of a loud explosion rang out as one of the orbs instantly exploded, cracks appearing on the pillar that held it, the other orb could be seen shining weakly as the light slowly increased until…

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