Chapter 78: Fang Ruo!

Inside the Du clan dimension, a great sacred forest occupied most of the world, inside this forest, a tree stood tall as its branches easily surpassed the clouds, this enormous tree was the guardian spirit of the Du Clan as it had protected the clan for thousands of years.

Inside this boundless forest in the deepest sections, a small branch from this great tree could be seen hanging down as it hovered close to a figure, this Tall middle-aged male figure while not exceptionally handsome carried an air of authority around him. his nonchalant expression and crystal clear purple eyes that seem to reflect ones inner soul, even though his expression seemed carefree one could sense a deep sadness hidden within him, which to some gave him his own special charm.

“Du Tian, are you still thinking of past events?” an otherworldly voice resonated within his soul, this sound was neither male nor female as it seemed to be both yet neither.

“I came here to give you some good news but this location always brings back painful memories.” Du Tian said with a sigh.

“Oh…it’s been years since Fang Tien’s father and mother died, are you still not over it…this is why you’ve been stuck at God pupil realm for so long.” The immortal tree sighed.

“I…curse my talent and the heavens…” Du Tian said sadly, past events flashed through his mind.

He was known as the heaven pets pair as he was betrothed to the rumored elf clan princess, she came from the Royal Fang elven family and was said to be a peerless talent that only appeared once in an era, although she was an exceptional genius he was also renowned in his clan, as he had unlocked a 2pattern star-shaped pupil and due to using a drop of their first ancestor blood his bloodline was purified enough to awaken a one star pupil, even though he had a one star pupil it still wasn’t considered to be a deity eye as he wasn’t born with it.

Due to the Du Clan special circumstances, they’ve been sealed for eras and thousands of years due to a special order handed down by the first ancestor, they haven’t been allowed to reappear in the world until another deity eye had been born, thousands of years one has finally been born but his birth only brought pain to Du Tian.

While DU Tian was the renowned genius of the clan he had a younger brother named Du Tien who’s cultivation was modest at best, he had only awakened a 3star shaped pupil eyes and was incredibly lazy, but he wasn’t lazy in one thing and that was with causing trouble, while the Du Clan and the elf clan was very close Du Tien abused this causing the relationship between the two clans to worsen.

Du Tien was notorious for flirting around and had gotten in trouble with multiple princesses and noble daughters of the elves, the elven race, being an ancient and large clan, has multiple royal families that rule over their own area, while they all live in harmony competition is still held between them for the top royal family spot.

This is where Du Tien caused chaos among the elven families as his flirtatious nature caused numerous elven females to fall for him, one, in particular, was Fang Ruo, the princess that was betrothed to his brother Du Tian, their relationship and her pregnancy had caused a disturbance in the relationship between the two clans.

Du Tian had never been the same after that as his once energetic and confident personality was gone, as he enjoyed spending more time alone waiting for his death, he had even stopped cultivating as hard but as if heaven was playing a twisted joke his cultivation rose even faster, his pain and suffering had only served to tamper his Dao.

“As a cultivator and the patriarch of the clan you have your duties to fulfill, I won’t be here to protect the clan for much longer as my day of freedom will be close.” the immortal ancient tree said.

“Oh, do you have any clues as to where our first ancestor is?” Du Tian said calmly.

“Fang Tien is my biggest hope, but he will need time to grow.” The immortal ancient tree said.

“Fang Tien..right the important news I have, I’ve received word that he’s arrived at the academy.”

Du Tian said.

“I’m not worried about his test as I already know the results, I just hope he accepts a teacher…and if he does it’s her’.” The immortal ancient tree sighed.

“BOOM!” sounds of a loud explosion rang as the orb exploded beneath Fang Tien’s palms.

The other had slowly increased until it shone dazzlingly but showed no signs of cracks.

“Phew” A resounding sigh of relief could be heard among the teachers as they saw that one of the orbs stayed intact, they were beginning to wonder if the orbs were made of nothing…

“Magus Aptitude superior talent, Warrior Medium Talent.” The teacher said.

Loud cries and cheers resonated from a section of the crowd as groups of boys and girls rejoiced as if the results were their own.

“Our Goddess is fit to be among the top10 eternal talents, Superior element, and magus talent? who can compare.” A boy said.

“Immortal Physique Fairy maiden? how can they compare to our Goddess.” another boy said.

“It’s the rise of our prince! he will definitely surpass the WarGod Diety child quickly!” a female said.

As Fang Tien heard the results of his test his mind sank into deep thought as his next few decision would decide his future path, while his magic affinity was great he was more interested in learning to be a warrior as it would compliment his eye prowess better.

As Fang Tien contemplated this a sweet scent drifted into his nose distracting his thoughts.

Awoken from his deep state of deep thinking Fang Tien looked up, a warm feeling engulfed him as a strange aura covered the area, as he looked up he wasn’t sure what he saw was real!

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