Chapter 79: Saint Fang Tien?

A scared aura covered the area completely, as the clouds split as if the heavens were parting, a heavenly figure slowly descended from between the clouds falling beside Fang Tien.

Seeing this scene Xun Guanting couldn’t help but shout out. “What the F*ck, Qin’er do you see this tryhard? if you want a student just forcefully take them.”

Fang Tien looked at this person in awe, but no for their beautiful facial features, in fact, she seemed to be the most common woman Fang Tien had seen so far, her thick dark eyebrows and sharp light blue eyes that seem to be a reflection of the skies created a strong impression.

Her light smile gave her a special charm as a light golden glow radiated from her, even though she seemed so simple she radiated a sacred aura that gave one the impulsion of being judged by the heavens, a strong impulsion to worship them on bended knees invaded Fang Tien’s heart but was quickly neutralized by his Diety eyes.

Most noticeable to Fang Tien were her ears, as they looked similar to his own, they weren’t as long as elf ears but longer than humans and the edges were more pointed, Her long golden hair curled around her shoulders as her body seemed covered in a strong mist.

“My name is Fang Yimu, Will you become my direct disciple? I can’t promise you much except the end goal of being able to fully utilize your light element.” her voice resonated within Fang Tien’s mind, this sound seemed…monotone and automated in nature as if it wasn’t said by a human, Fang Tien was shocked for a split second by this sound.

“Direct disciple? Can my Light element be utilized as a Warrior?” Fang Tien asked.

“A warrior? why not a Magus your talent far surpasses your ability as a warrior.” Fang Yimu said.

“Because…I have my own reasons, can it be done or not? I can always look for another teacher if not.” Fang Tien said calmly.

Fang Tien wouldn’t be pressured into a magus as he believed a warrior could better bring forth his full combat abilities when combined with his deity eyes, besides even if no teacher could help him he believed with his talent he could find his own way.

Fang Tien was confident in his own natural talent and believed there exists no problem he couldn’t solve combined with working hard and his own abilities.

Hearing his reply Fang Yimu furrowed her brows, she had never seen someone who would chose to be a warrior over a magus, it was known that magis cultivated faster than warriors and even possed better luck! as most ancient relics have been found by magis, such a choice shocked her but for different reasons, as she was exiled by her clan for making the same choice!

While she was proficient as a light magus her true specialty is that of a light warrior seeing Fang Tien’s resolute expression and his stubborn words memories of when left her elven clan to explore the outside world as a young child resurfaced, the pain and humiliation she had to endure alone had left permanent scars on her heart, with no support and only her drive to become a great warrior as her only cornerstone.

One would find it hard to believe that an elf with the royal name Fang would ever have to suffer such hardships but the discrimination she faced for choosing to be a warrior while ignoring her magus talent was universal, warriors are naturally seen as the lesser class and are more commonly looked down upon by magis, Fang Yimu had decided to accept this direct disciple.

With a smile, she nodded to Fang Tien “Warriors can indeed utilize light magic, have you heard of a saint? while sages mostly refer to light magis at the apex of their elemental cultivator’s saint is preferred name for warriors.”

“And what’s the name of my dear disciple?” Fang Yimu asked flatly.

“My Name? Fang Tien” Fang Tien said calmly, even though his volume was moderate the chatter and discussion had paused as the are became silent while they talked, this silence caused his words to resonate.

As if a volcano erupting after years of silence screams rang out through the crowd.

“Fang? it’s confirmed he’s of the elf royal family! our prince is an actual prince.” A young girl could be seen fainting as she screamed herself to exhaustion.

“Our goddess is an actual princess? a boy could be seen dazed in shock, drool flowing from his mouth as his mind went into overdrive with fantasies.

A slight surprise could be seen on Fang Yimu’s face after hearing his name using her divine sense she asked, “Not Du Tien? your eyes…”

Hearing her question Fang Tien grew ecstatic finally someone that knew of his clan,” I’m from the Du Clan but I’ve been given my mothers Surname.”

Hearing his reply Yimu’er grew curious “who’s your mother?”

Hearing her question a blank look appeared on Fang Tien’s face, “I…don’t know yet.”

Looking Around Fang Yimu could see the faces of many guests, students, and teachers staring at Fang Tien, she knew that any more delay might cause problems and some teachers were brazen enough to kidnap talented students.

“I’ve accepted Fang Tien as my direct disciple, he has now been taken.”Fang Yimu said, even though she had said this casually for all to hear it was more of a warning to any teacher still holding thoughts towards him.

“I’ll show you where you will be staying.”Fang Yimu added.

“Wait…I’ve traveled with clans mate all the way here, they can’t join me?” Fang Tien asked.

“The School doesn’t allow one to bring their own servants or maids if your friends want to get in they would need their own individual invitation letters.”Fang Yimu said.

Hearing this Fang Tien had rejoiced in his last minute thinking, he had given Du Yan the Shao token to use in the situation where they had to be separated, this could be used to gain admittance in a medium school where they could train until he was done with his studies.

As the two left the stage a voice could be heard calling out to them, “Wait!”

Hearing the voice Fang Tien turned around, “Huan Qin?…”

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