Chapter 8: Huge Difference

Mo Sen was astonished. And it was not because of the fact that Mo Lin knows more than him. He already knew that this nephew of his is also deeply knowledgeable about plants. Only, his main focus is different than a gardener. This property of Dormant Fire Lotus has much more possibility to be covered into Mo Lin’s area of expertise.

He is astonished because the Dormant Fire Lotus was just about to bloom and got stepped on by Lu Ping, was it coincidence? Or Lu Ping knew that blooming of Dormant Fire Lotus will produce a calamity?

As Mo Lin looked at the plants and flowers surrounding the Dormant Fire Lotus, the plants and flowers which he cherished, he couldn’t help himself from considering this.

The plants spoiled by Lu Ping were not a few. And when he would be fuming with anger, Lu Ping would say

“ I am just stepping on weeds.”

At that time, Mo Sen absolutely didn’t take notice of such an explanation. However now, he was thinking.

He doesn’t remember too clearly, but he has some impressions.

Viscum vine, Heart piercing fruit, Tong tian bamboo, Fei Xin grass….

These names made Mo Sen’s impression even deeper. When Lu ping was stepping on the plants, Mo Sen was only focussed on being regretful and angry. But now that he carefully think about it, although saying that these plants are weeds, is still an exaggeration, however, their existence does affect the growth of other plants to some extent. They are not too much of a harmonious existence.

Viscum Vine climbs onto the body of other plants, it can possibly crush the other plant beneath its body.

Fruit produced by Heart piercing fruit is very sharp, squeezing it inside the flower garden can easily result in it piercing the other plants.

Tong Tian bamboo’s roots grow a lot, it can damage the roots of other plants under the ground.

As far as Fei Xin grass is concerned, it doesn’t influence the vegetation surrounding it. However after maturation, its leaf flocculants moves freely with the wind, producing a new Fei Xin grass. Such an uncontrolled propagation will affect the composition of the entire flower garden.

Above mentioned few plants are pretty good if considered from the ornamental property. However, their growth needs to be managed very carefully. Is it possible that such a cruel treatment by Lu Ping actually was in order to sort out the growth of these?

Mo Sen who was standing in the flower garden seemed blanked out. This most favourite flower garden of his, this special vitality, is it possible that all of this is the result of Lu Ping helping out from the shadows?

Immediately accepting this point was truly a little hard for Mo Sen. He was completely incapable to superimpose the Lu Ping which has just formed in his head with the Lu Ping in his previous impression. At this moment, the shock and feeling of being at a loss in his heart far exceeded the same which Mo Lin brought to him late night.

Mo Lin!

Mo Sen suddenly returned to the earth, but there were no signs of Mo Lin around him.

“ This youngster!” Mo Sen was feeling very anxious. If my recent thoughts happened to be true, then it would be wrong to aim Lu Ping. I am afraid that this child is completely different from what everyone considers him to be.

Where did he run off to?

Mo Sen began to search for Lu Ping at once. He asked around from the people he ran into. Though, there were only a few people who recognised Lu Ping. Very soon, Mo Sen spotted Lu ping and Su Tang at the Zhai Feng courtyard’s dining hall. But what about Mo Lin?

He swept his glance inside the dining hall and eventually spotted Mo Lin at an extremely ordinary corner. He was holding a large piece of bread in his hand. He would take an occasional bite, however, his eyes were unblinkingly staring in a direction. The direction in which Lu Ping and Su Tang were eating breakfast and chatting.

Mo Sen quickly walked in front of Mo Lin. However, Mo Lin’s eye was already on him.

“ What are you doing?” Mo Sen sensed an abnormality.

“ I have poisoned his porridge.” Mo Lin said.

“ Didn’t I ask you to stop this already?” Mo Sen was worried, he was just about to dash forward.

“Don’t worry.” Mo Lin dragged him back. “ Amount of drug inside is not much. I have also prepared an antidote in advance. However it doesn’t seem to be of much use.”

“ Why would you think that?”

“ He has finished eating, but there is no reaction. “ As Mo Lin was saying these words, his vision never left Lu Ping’s body for a single moment.

“ Which poison did you use?”

“ Sesame wood.”

Although Mo Sen is not too researched in this domain, but he is comparatively knowledgeable about plants. Sesame wood is kind of a commonly seen poison grass. Its toxicity can’t be considered as much, its antidote is even more common, even he can forge it himself. Moreover, Mo Lin even controlled its quantity, this allowed him to let out a sigh of relief.

However right after, he heard Mo Lin mumbling to himself “ Although the amount of drug is reduced, it is still enough to kill three people. How can there be no reaction from him?”

“ So this how you control the amount of drug!” Mo Sen almost jumped up. However just as he turned his head to look there again, Lu Ping’s gaze also arrived on them.

Mo Sen and Mo Li, both were at a loss. However, Lu Ping just smiled and pointed with his fingers towards the recently emptied porridge bowl. After that, he departed together with Su Tang.

“ What does it mean?” Mo Sen was still in a daze. However, Mo Lin immediately dashed forward with a lightning fast speed. Mo Sen jerked himself and immediately followed after him.

Mo Lin didn’t go towards Lu Ping, he immediately arrived at the location where Lu Ping and Su Tang were recently seated. He picked up that empty bowl and looked at the shallow remainder of that white porridge at the base of the bowl.

Mo Lin’s expression suddenly changed, with a thought, he fished out a measuring pipette from his leather bag. He very cautiously inhaled all of that remaining white soup at the bottom of the bowl into the pipette. Afterwards, he looked at the marked scale showing extremely clear and precise 06 millimeters. Mo Lin’s face became incomparably serious. He very seriously took out the antidote he prepared for Lu Ping and dropped one drop of it in his mouth. After that, he dropped all of that 06 millimeters of content in his own mouth. Soon after, his face revealed a painful expression. Beads of sweat began rolling out of his face. Severe pain was rendering him incapable of even standing straight. However even in pain, Mo Lin’s face was displaying grave seriousness. He was carefully comprehending this feeling. The antidote which he took earlier also began to display its effect. It collided with the pain until last bit of it was removed. However, Mo Lin’s face didn’t resume a single bit of its former peace. After calculating through measuring instruments and testing it on his own body, Mo Lin was now certain that the quantity of poison he mixed inside the porridge was residing untouched at the bottom of the bowl. It was exact to the finest quantity.

Mo Sen who was standing to the side also realized what had just happened. A single look at Mo Lin’s expression and he didn’t even need to confirm the result.

“ How is this possible? What did he do?” Mo Sen said

“ I didn’t saw him making any movements….” Mo Lin said. From the moment Lu Ping picked up the bowl, his vision never left Lu Pig’s body for a second. He watched every single gulp Lu Ping took, it seemed like Lu Ping wasn’t able to detect anything. Or more importantly, Lu Ping didn’t use any detoxification methods whatsoever. But in the end, poison was left at the bottom of the bowl untouched.

“Unbelievable.” In the eyes of Mo Sen, Lu Ping was getting more and more unfamiliar.

“ If it is real. Then, it is only possible through an ability produced by linking up of Pivot’s soul. It has to be fourth level or higher.” Mo Lin said. He has already attained sixth Heavenly Layer in Pivot’s soul. He can be considered as quite researched about this particular soul’s power. However, perception and linking up are two completely different realms. What Lu Ping just accomplished, not even a perceiver of Pivot’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer can achieve, it only be done by a Linked One.

Not only a Linked One, a Linked One who possesses an ability of fourth level or higher. Mo Sen’s face was beginning to become even more astonished. Because this implies, Lu Ping is an existence even stronger than himself.

“ Unimaginable, I must clarify.” Mo Lin said

“What do you want to do now?” Mo Sen asked. After this moment, he wasn’t worried for Lu Ping, he was worried for Mo Lin.

“I will join Zhai Feng institute and closely observe Lu Ping.” Mo Lin said.

“ What kind of joke is this!” Mo Sen involuntarily cried out. In a short day, Lu Ping has already gone through numerous transformations is his heart. From garbage to not so simple, then hard to believe, then inconceivable, and at present; is a mystery, is danger.

“ Certainly, I will not use these kinds of methods again.” Mo Sen said. Two times, or perhaps three times, methods he thought to be as brilliant, methods that would never fail, all of them were easily ‘neutralized’ by the other guy.

Poison needle? Mo Lin still doesn’t know about its whereabouts.

Swamp made by earthworm grass, the guy just raised his leg and walked away.

Sesame Wood, to start of leniently let’s just say it is enough to kill three people. And the guy seemed to have drunk it without any problems, but the poison remained at the bottom of the bowl. However, Mo Lin felt that what remained after the ‘neutralization’ is, Gold. What he considered as his killer moves, to the other guy it was not even worth taking action. If one is still unable to realize that there is a huge gap in the strength, then he would be an utter fool.

In the end, Lu Ping turned out to be way too strong. How did he become this strong, this question caused Mo Lin to be extremely interested.

Zhai Feng institute’s building, sixth floor.

Inside the Dean’s room, from where the entire institute could be monitored like flying vision, Dean Godou was watching a strange guy in a straw hat.

“ You wish to join our institute?” Now definitely isn’t the time of admitting new students, if it was any ordinary student, then that student would have already sent on his way back. Why would Dean personally handle this matter? But the guy in front of the Dean, his total soul’s power is fourteen Heavenly Layers with Pivot’s soul already at sixth Heavenly Layer. Such a realm is even more outstanding than many graduates of Zhai Feng institute. However in front of his eyes, this guy is saying that he wish to become a member of Zhai Feng institute.

“ That’s right!” Mo Lin confirmed his intentions. The thirst in eyes seemed to be genuine.

“ For what?” Godou thought this person ought to have some special reasons.

“To study!” was Mo Lin’s reply.


A student with outstanding talent will obviously receive courtyard’s welcome. However, Mo Lin’s strength was already above what institute could offer to teach him. This feeling was just like as if some graduate from four big academies has come to Zhai Feng institute for advanced learning. The only difference is that degree of exaggeration is way too high.

“ Which teacher do you wish to follow?” Godou said

Mo Lin’s situation, Godou can only think of one possibility, that is Mo Lin wants to learn a certain ability, and that ability is by chance in possession of some teacher of Zhai Feng institute.

“ Teacher?” Mo Lin was surprised for a moment but then immediately recovered himself and answered a name without slightest hesitation “ Mo Sen.”

Mo Sen?

Godou originally thought that Mo Lin certainly desires to learn an ability of a threader of Pivot’s soul. Who could have imagined, he wishes to learn the ability of Mo Sen, a Linked One of Infusion’s soul. At this moment this guy’s Infusion soul is only at third Heavenly Layer, this difference is too big!

But it doesn’t matter. Clarification of the purpose can’t be justified as a reason to decline such a powerful student. Such a student can even be accepted regardless of admission times. Zhai Feng institute’s rules have always been very lenient.

“ I approve your admission. Follow teacher Mo Sen. Take guidance from him.” Godou said.

“ Thank you, can I also go to any lecture?”

“ Of course, is it important to you?”

“ In my opinion, it is better to have it.” Mo Lin seriously said.

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