Chapter 8: Same step fight

Fang Tien stood lost in thought, processing the information he had just received suddenly a thought flashed across his mind, he could finally try to defeat this old woman.

“Hey! Granny, its time for you to lose, I don’t believe you can beat me again in the same step war” Fang Tien said with a smile

“So arrogant when you’ve only known how to lose,” The immortal Ancient tree said with a chuckle

“so be it! get ready” The immortal Ancient tree said

“Bang!” suddenly the branch from the immortal ancient tree exploded, and with it, Rich green aura spewed forth! rich of vitality slowly in the aura a female form began to take form, this form was covered by a rich green aura.

This female form seemed elusive, as if it was aloof from all worldly desires, even though she stood there covered by Haze one could tell she was a peerless beauty, her every action seemed to command the attention of all, while her form was covered by a haze her piercing green eyes seemed as if they reflected the world, one could see flowers bloom with life and wither with no vitality in her eyes

it was as if she contained a vast heavenly forest within her eyes!

“I’ve suppressed myself to closed physique rank, how much dirt will you eat this time?” The immortal Ancient tree said with a smile, her voice was interesting to listen, her sound as if it was the sound of nature.

“Cut the talking!” Fang Tien shouted

“Rumble, rumble!” a deep rumbling sound could be heard coming from within Fang Tien’s pupil, at this time his pupils remained closed but the sound only got louder seeming to come from another space

“Boom!” in this instant, Fang Tien eyes opened, when his vision gazed upon the world it gave a misconception as if the World opened its eye at this time, his vision felt like it came from every corner of the world, as if the world was staring at you, how could one hide from the vision of the world? it was as if there was nowhere you could hide.

If one looked you would notice that his entire eye seemed to emit a golden radiance, it was as if his eyes contained the world, one look and one would be lost in his vision.

“oh? try to block this” The immortal Ancient tree said with a smile.

Suddenly flowers bloomed around her, as these flowers bloomed they seem to contain inexhaustible amounts of petals, suddenly these petals seemed to turn into the sharpest weapon as it flew toward Fang Tien.


Fang Tien Looked up as an inexhaustible amount of petals flew towards him at an inconceivable speed, it seemed as if all the leaves in the forest was contained in these petals, their sharp blades cutting through the air easily bringing a strong gust of wind behind them.

Suddenly time seemed to slow down as Fang Tien tried to find a way out, his pupil rapidly moving in its socket he could see each and every petal, and all their finest detail, it was as if he were looking at every detailed zoomed in.

Golden light flowed out from Fang Tien’s pupils, surrounding his body

“I can see it! haha” Fang Tien laughed excitedly, as he noticed a path to escape.

he simply walked through the barrage of Petals as if they didn’t exist, this action might seem simple to an outsider but it required immense concentration to dodge an onslaught of petals of what seemed to be in the thousands.

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