Chapter 8: To Heaven Celestial Palace

“Wu Yu!” Sun Wudao hurried over.

It was dawn, and Wu Yu was about to leave the house to fully finish cultivating “Golden Flame Bones”


“I’ve just heard that Zhao Chuan and some of his lackeys were killed here on Yan Li Mountain last night! Right now the whole mountain is in an uproar! Reportedly some daemons and demons from the outside have entered the Blue Surge Mountains to take revenge on the Celestials! All the servants are scared shitless!”

“Oh. Ok.”

“Sigh… the world has fallen into chaos.” Sun Wudao sternly stared at Wu Yu “These few days have been very chaotic, so don’t go outside to stroll around. The time left for you to rest and nurse your wounds isn’t long, so go back to your room and rest.”

Sun was definitely very good to himself; if it wasn’t for him, Wu Yu wouldn’t have been able to make a comeback.

“I still want to go outside to walk around. Don’t worry, because I won’t be gone far, just near the back of the mountain.” Wu Yu insisted. In fact, there were many times he had wanted to tell Sun Wudao the truth behind what really happened yesterday night, but after thinking thoroughly about it, he decided not on telling, because he wanted Sun to be shocked during the entrance exam, to feel proud of him under the eyes of thousands.

Before long, he had arrived at the back of the mountain. Through the tree canopies of the forest, the sun could be seen rising in the east.

Even if one hovered in the sky, looking down at the vast expanse of the mist and cloud covered Blue Surge Mountain Range, one would not be able to find its end.

Celestial Mist permeated the air, showing the seven colours of the rainbow under the rays of sunlight.

Countless Celestial Cranes danced in the sky, and numerous exotic Beasts charged excitedly around the forest.

Swords filled the troposphere, light reflected off their blades in the sunlight, capering in the hands of Celestials, turning into flowers or turning into thousands of different Beasts.

In the place where the blazing sun hit hardest, Wu Yu was bareback, cultivating to forge his bones golden. His long hair was tied into a long ponytail, handsome face shining with golden light.

After cultivating the 1st Heavenly Stage, his flesh and blood was reborn, new skin white and smooth, emitting a golden light that seemed to flow and surge around his body. The air he gave off was changed too, giving off the impression of a bright, radiant handsome youngster.

There was this natural chutzpah in his eyes as well that was very eye-catching, an after-effect of reaching the 1st Heavenly Stage.

The “卍” on his back was even more prominent, agglomerating the sunlight into one big ray and guiding it into his body.

Vajra muscles, a network of golden tendons, and bones crackling with golden flames…

Wu Yu was now finally in the Introduction stage of <>!

His cultivation of <> had now finished, and his battle ability had risen drastically once again!

“I’ve just reached the 3rd Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, yet I now have the strength of over 50 battlehorses, which is comparable to that of 5th Heavenly Stage Martial Artist. The current me can now rival the me from back before I had ingested Soul Severing Powder in terms of battle ability! Wait, no, I think I’m even stronger than back then!”

Under the blazing sun, Wu Yu could not help but smile.

Only a total of ten days had passed, yet he’d already reached this stage!

Even though previous experience had a major part to play, one cannot deny that <> was very overpowered. Wu Yu deeply understood that he had obtained an unbelievable legacy.

“Legacies, Inheritances would definitely be very coveted in the Celestial Sect; it looks like except for the entrance exam, I have to remain low key to avoid attracting unwanted attention.”

“I just don’t know whether I can rival Jindan Celestials if I cultivate it to its deepest stages…”

Wu Yu’s dream had changed from slowly bring peace and stability to the world, fighting battles for his country to flying on a Celestial Sword, living a carefree and unrestrained life.

In the remaining 10 days, he planned on cultivating and trying to reach the next stage, because he would not be qualified for the entrance exam with his current battle ability.

“Even though I have obtained a Legacy, entering the Celestial Sect is still very important, because it can provide me with cultivation resources and allow me to expand my connections.” Wu Yu was the Prince Heir of a kingdom, so he understood these principles.

The 4th Big Technique of <> was cultivated in order to reach the 4th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phases “Neizhuang”.

Neizhuang meant to toughen and strengthen the inner organs of the body; the inner organs were the foundations of Qi and blood, the central pillar supporting the body, quite important, so after reaching the 4th Heavenly Stage, the Qi and blood within the body would be much stronger and richer.

In the Mortal Realm, one could become a Martial Expert after reaching “Neizhuang”, exemplifying the difference in battle ability between the 3rd and the 4th stage.

The name of the 4th Big Technique was: <>

“Implant 5 Golden God seeds into the 5 organs, which are: Red Gold God, Purple Gold God, Yellow Gold God, Platinum God and Black Gold God respectively.”

“A total of five steps!”

As the name stated, once one finishes cultivating <>, one’s five organs will feel like a God is residing in each, creating Qi and blood non-stop. Their bodies would also become as big as the world, inner organs as tough as wild Beasts, to the point where it’s tougher than one’s bones.

To start with, one had to inhale and exhale air according to the breathing method recorded within the technique. Wu Yu followed the instructions, and to his surprise, what he breathed in was not normal air, but a type of gas that was as sharp as a knife and as searing as a fire. It ravaged around his body, shredding his inner organs, unbearably painful.

“There’s only one chance left for me to enter the Celestial Sect!”

The technique was so hard to cultivate that Wu Yu had the notion of giving up, but his determination to enter the Sect was unwaverable, so even if his heart was stabbed, rendered to shreds over and over again, he would endure, he would withstand.

Wu Yu’s toughness was very horrifying.

However, <> was a technique that required a whole lot of tempering and pain to succeed in cultivating anyways.

Although the “golden knifes” within his body only lasted for a short 10 days, his organs were shredded more than a billion times. But with each shredding, they would regenerate, tougher than before. Therefore, his current organs have become golden, shining brightly, tougher than the organs of a giant whale! They were so strong that one exhalation of his could shatter a tree!

Only when one’s inner organs are strong could one be considered truly strong.

Each and every breath of Wu Yu’s were like the angry roars of a tiger, like the rumblings of thunder, such that one would believe the sounds were released by an Ancient Giant Beast, not a human with a meager frame. The “卍” on his back was getting brighter and brighter…


Wu Yu exhaled, forming a wind that caused the trees in the forest to quake, scattering leaves all over the place.

“<>, complete! I have reached the 4th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase!”

After success, he did not feel strength, but hunger. Extreme hunger.


Sprinting around in the forest, Wu Yu easily killed a 2000 jin wild boar, used fire to roast it, and ate it for over half a day. To one’s surprise, he actually finished it, and looking at the bones that remained after the meal,  what he’d done finally hit him. Why had his appetite increased so much?

“Cultivators need huge replenishment every day, and because I don’t have any cultivation resources right now, I can only use Mortal “Materials” to replenish my energy stores. Reportedly, some Celestial Plants and Celestial Medicines, once eaten, can allow one to not eat for half a month without any side effects.

I have finally succeeded!

The depression that he was under had finally been lifted today. After his heart and body had become stronger, he smiled more often, giving people the impression the spring breeze was blowing against their faces.

The impression he gave off could not be compared to those of the Servant Disciples; if he did not wear the servant uniform, people would mistake him for an Outer Disciple.

“Wow, I did not expect to have the strength of 130 battlehorses at the 4th Heavenly Stage. Even Martial Experts at the 6th Heavenly Stage don’t have such power. The more strength my body has, the tougher my body is; it seems like normal blades cannot pierce through my skin now.” Wu Yu smiled joyously.

Wu Yu now had 100% confidence that the entrance exam was going to be a walk in the park.

There were 3 more days left until the exam, and Wu Yu was not planning to spend them cultivating. Sun Wudao would worry over him every time he left the house this month, so he felt no need to let him keep on worrying over him since he’d succeeded on reaching the 4th Heavenly Stage.

Wu Yu went back to the site where he’d killed Zhao Chuan, dug up Zhao’s sword, and brought it back to his quarters, in preparation for the battles to come 3 days later.

Everything was ready.

“You’ve finally thought it through! Tomorrow, come with me to the Celestial Beast Gardens and help out with the work needed to be done there.”

Sun Wudao was old, so his vision was getting blurrier and blurrier, therefore he did not notice the drastic change that had happened within Wu Yu, such as how he now walked like a tiger stalking its prey.

“Servants should honestly do as they’re told if they want to live peacefully and well. Zhao Chuan just did not follow that rule, so he lost his little life.” Sun Wudao lamented about Zhao’s death, to act as a negative example to Wu Yu.

“The entrance exam is three days away, do you want to go see it?” Wu Yu asked during dinner.

“Definitely!” It was Sun Wudao’s most important date, going everytime it was hosted because it was his previous dream. Even if he could not enter the Celestial Sect, just seeing the lucky ones that did would make him feel happy.

“Ok.” Wu Yu finally stopped worrying that Sun wouldn’t go.

What Wu Yu did not know, however, was that at this time Su Yanli had arrived at the core of the Blue Surge Mountain Range!

The main mountain of the range, “To Heaven Mountain”!

Reportedly, this was not the original name of the mountain. After the Sword to Heaven Sect had discovered the place and set up shop there, they named the mountain “To Heaven Mountain” because its peak thrusted into the skies, like it was reaching into the Heavens.

On top of the mountain, in the middle of the swirling rainbow Celestial Mists, the outline of a enormous Celestial Palace could be seen. That was the “To Heaven Celestial Palace”, where the Sect Leader conducted his business and cultivated.

Numerous dangers surrounded the Palace; Giant Beasts danced in the sky, as did blades that shined cruelly. Lightning also snaked around, ready to strike down any invaders entering the Palace without permission. It was the Sect Leader’s quarters, and his only, so without his permission, even a Protector Elder could not enter.

As of now, Su Yanli was in front of “To Heaven Celestial Palace”.

“Master, Yanli requests an audience with Master!” Su Yanli’s crisp voice sounded.

Her gown fluttered around in the Celestial Mist, so ethereal that she really was like a Celestial Girl from the Heavens.

Immediately after she spoke, the lightning that snaked around the Palace disappeared, and a path appeared through the mist and clouds to the Palace.

With the blink of an eye, she had entered the Palace.

In the hall.

The walls around her hanged 81 swords that shined with runes.

They were the weapons of a Cultivator.

Ding Ding Ding.

The swords, like trapped Beasts, struggled to get free of their confinements, an energy wall, to no avail.

“I have observed Wu Yu for over half a month since he’d slayed Zhao Chuan. This is the information I have been able to gather.”

Su Yanli respectfully bowed her head.

The Sect Leader Feng Xue Ya was standing on a podium, surrounded by a deep abyss, trapped in a reverie of the first time he met Wu Yu.

“Master, how do I handle this situation; should I snatch the legacy he received? Like the old saying, people don’t have sin until they hide a jade*. You taught me that Cultivation is the Dao of plundering”

Feng Xue Ya looked back, face stern and amgry, scaring Su Yanli so bad she retreated three steps.

“Yanli, my, Feng Xue Ya’s Dao, is the number one Dao of the Blue Surge Mountain Range. You have my legacy, which is the best legacy here, so why do you have to covet the legacy of a servant? Cultivate my Dao, and Master can guarantee that one day you will reach the Jindan Phase, reach my heights!”

Su Yanli finally understood.

She respectfully bowed her head, eyes glinting, obviously pondering over something, until the Sect Leader shouted, instantly bringing her out of her trance.

“From now on, Yanli will only focus on cultivating Master’s To Heaven Sword Dao!”

“Very good! My disciples have to be like me, to have the aspiration to look down upon the world! Even though the world of Cultivation is brutal and cruel, you cannot let down your conscience! If you do that, you’ll won’t accumulate guilt, guaranteeing you a smooth journey up the ranks of Cultivation!”

“In my Sword to Heaven Sect, if one obtains the legacy of a senior, then let him be. If he can keep it and become someone of great ability, then it is his luck. But if he cannot keep it, losing his life as a result, then he deserves it. You are a talented Disciple, so you have to think things through; if you want to plunder somebody’s legacy, then plunder the legacy of a strong person – that is the Dao of Cultivation!”

“Disciple understands!”

“Ok, you can leave.”

After that, the Sect Leader waved his hands, and the surrounding swords, upon detecting his Celestial Might, started shuddering incessantly.

At that time, Wu Yu, along with Sun Wudao, had arrived at the Celestial Beast Gardens. The month of rest given by Su Yanli had passed, so according to the rules, he had to go back to work at the Gardens today.

Nothing eventful happened that day, so they passed the time by chatting.

Suddenly, they heard the caw of a Celestial Crane, which an obvious sign that visitors had descended onto the mountain. The congregation of servants leaped up to receive them, and Wu Yu also lifted his head to see who had come. After seeing who they were, his pupils contracted; it was Situ Jin “Shangxian” and his “Shangxian” friends.

“Wu Yu, hide, quickly!” Sun Wudao said urgently. After all, in the eyes of Situ Jin, Wu Yu was already dead! If Situ Jin saw him, then something bad was going to happen.

But it was too late. Wu Yu was just too prominent – Situ Jin had noticed him.


People don’t have sin until they hide a jade* – The meaning of this old Chinese saying is treasure can bring trouble to its bearer.

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