Chapter 80: Life is Hard Without A Maid

As Fang Tien turned around Huan Qin could be seen running towards him, “Are you planning to take the warrior path?..after a short pause she continued”You should have stuck to magus you won’t be able to compete with me or my brother as a warrior.”

“Oh? I don’t believe there exists any being I can’t compete with.” Fang Tien said with a smile.

“hmmph, extremely arrogant we’ll see if you dare to come to warrior classes.” With a huff Huan Qin stormed off, she had only wanted to offer advice as she hated to see so much talent go to waste but Fang Tien reply had changed her mind, she was now anticipating the moment when they could spar and she would crush his pride and self-confident smile.


A week has passed since Fang Tien had been accepted inside the academy, inside an enormous mountain a cave mansion could be seen, besides this cave mansion a small hut stood erect.

A form could be seen leaving this small hut, their face covered by a black veil that covered their face, revealing only their small cherry-like mouth, an amulet of purple grace hanged around their neck, a black silky long hair flowed freely behind this person was a student of the academy as they wore a white robe with sky blue strips.

This was Fang Tien, he could be seen leaning on his hut as his eyes stared at the cave mansion.

It’s been a week since I’ve joined but apart from providing me with a place to sleep my master hasn’t appeared again.

With a sigh, Fang Tien shook his head, “FWEET!” A loud whistle came from Fang Tien’s mouth as looked towards the skies.

“SCREEE!” loud sounds of a bird cry rang out as a gigantic bird flew down, this wasn’t just any gigantic bird but a mythical beast, this Emperor Dove was famous throughout the academy, while normally despite its great size one that could easily cover Fang Tien’s hut house with its wings Emperor Dove’s are peaceful and docile creatures this one had a ferocious reputation as it regularly had anger tantrums.

This Emperor Dove was at the True Magus rank, its special light element and high healing magical abilities made its fame spread among high ranking cultivators thought this dove little appeared to the outside world as it was exclusive to the south region of the elves.

Fang Tien looked upwards to the Emperor Dove, this was the spiritual pet of his master and also the only way for him to descend this mountain! Fang Tien still couldn’t safely climb down this mountain as he had attempted countless times all ending in failure and near death experiences if this dove hadn’t saved him countless times he would probably be dead by now.

.Classes finally start today. A smile of excitement could be seen on Fang Tien’s face as he thought about his first warrior class, while his master hadn’t even talked to him since the acceptance she did leave him with a special light cultivation manual and magical herbs to soak in which helped to speed up his progress.

He was now a rank 1 novice warrior, although this didn’t seem like much the difference between a rank one warrior and a mortals body was enormous strength wise as a rank 1 warrior could carry a large boulder.

“Take me down the mountain swifty.” Fang Tien said.

“Scree!” as if protesting the nickname Fang Tien had given it the Emperor Dove turned its back towards him with its head raised upwards, before it slowly lowered its body allowing Fang Tien to get on its back.

“Swish!” As Fang Tien mounted the dove it swiftly took off.

“BOOM!” Before Fang Tien could even admire the flight they had already descended the mountain and reached below as it flew further dropping him off at the west district of the academy.

As the Emperor Dove flew away Fang Tien waved goodbyes towards it, he had considered this bird his first friend at this academy as it had alliviated some of his boredom and kept his company.

Only now did Fang Tien realize how much Sha Sha’s annoying constant streams of chatter was useful to him, he had eventually gotten used to it and began enjoying it.

Ever since the academy test ceremony she had vanished, no matter how hard he called she refused to reply.

“Master Sha Sha hates it here, Sha Sha feels terrified.”

“Sha Sha? what’s wrong.” Fang Tien asked concernedly.

“Wuuwuu, Sha Sha is terrified, an aura in this academy scares Sha Sha, Master Sha Sha will sleep, Sha Sha hates this stupid academy.”

“Sha Sha? Sha Sha?” as quickly as she had come she vanished as Fang Tien received no replies for his calls.

I wonder what’s suppressing Sha Sha?..I’ve noticed that I’m having my strange dream less frequently ever since I’ve entered in this academy are the two related… As Fang Tien Thought about his dreams about a chained eyeball he realized he was lost.

How do I even find my class? normally a maid would handle this…Maybe I’ll ask for directions.

Looking around Fang Tien saw a single figure, he seemed to be wondering around aimlessly in the same spot but he had recognized him from the entrance ceremony, Fang Tien decided to ask this person for directions.

After a quick question, Fang Tien had received his directions as he headed towards his first class as Fang Tien left he wondered if he was that scary? as when ever he talked the person would stammer their replies towards him.

Shortly after Fang Tien had left a female could be seen walking towards this person.

“You’ve actually talked to our prince!” she asked excitedly.

“It was nothing, our Goddess had decided to bless the one true faction with their divine questions.” the boy said.

“Goddess?!.. Prince!” the girl replied angrily.

“Goddess….wait, Stop, we can’t afford to fight among ourselves, we had both agreed to combine our faction as we lost a lot of supporters due to the ceremony test, with our small numbers that made it in only by combining can we hope to survive against the other factions inside this school.” The boy said with a sigh.

“Fine I’ll agree, as our faction is newly created we can employ the ones who’ve failed to maintain an outside branch, they can solve the logistic of life outside for our Prince when he travels.” The Girl said

“We should change our names to one to signify sincerity.” The boy said.

“Fine,we’ll use the name we agreed upon earlier, we shall be known as the Heavenly Eye faction!” The girl said with a smile.

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