Chapter 81: First Class

Most geniuses inside the academy had their own shadow faction that they either actively form or that groups of their admirers make, the significant and history of such a practice is as ancient as the academy itself.

Students gather under geniuses not only for the significance of benefits inside the academy and to have a backing but also because these benefits extend outside the academy, as after graduating these geniuses normally go on to become famous high ranking cultivators, its been known that the connections made inside these factions are lifelong and can even carry over to ones clan/family.

Imagine one owned the loyal faction for a young cultivator who went on to become one of the strongest in the continent or world? such benefits were endless as one even be employed by such genius for being loyal and from the same academy.

These factions aren’t all benefits as being connected in such a world caries endless troubles if one genius died opposing with another the faction is normally the first to be exterminated, and even one’s clan or family might be implicated.

Stories of Families offending the wrong Faction which lead to wars causing entire clans to vanish overnight have been a popular bedtime story for mortals and nobles alike.

It was said that the current Sword Saint had risen to fame after a war between his faction and another became so heated that he was forced to step in, in his rage he alone clashed with the patriarch of a top clan and escaped, this feat was amazing seeing as he was at the Awakened Warrior rank fighting a False Law Magus, such a difference in rank at that level was believed to be instant death to the warrior, not only did he escape but he had also managed to extinguish various mid-tier families connected to this clan.

As Fang Tien Finds the Class and enters, he was greeted by a ferocious bear-like figure to his surprise it was none other than Xun Guanting.

Inside this classroom, Fang Tien noticed that apart from Huan Qin, only 3 other females took part, even the number of males seemed low as the class only had 15 students in total, it was obvious that most went to the Magus class.

As Fang Tien entered the class most eyes briefly looked at him before they continued their morning cultivation, to be able to even attend a class meant one was not only talented but carried immense pressure as the expectation from their clans would be intense.

Seeing Fang Tien had arrived Xun Guanting called the attention of everyone, “Since everyone is here lets begin!”

After Fang Tien heard that he realized he was the last person to arrive, quickly taking a seat in a secluded corner his attention focused on what Xun Guanting was saying.

“As many of you know warriors are thought to be weaker than Magus, but that’s a popular misconception!”

“Magus is just a group of flashy high powered cultivators, one swing from my ax and they would be pulverized quickly!” Xun Guanting Said.

“Cough…Master stick to the topic.” Huan Qin’s voice could be heard, an expression of annoyance shown on her face.

“Ah right..Magus with their large firepower and attractive spells at lower ranks is extremely popular with most, the largest difference is that warriors have to train their body through physical work which brings great pain to most, this factor becomes a huge gatekeeper that stops most young nobles from choosing it.”

“As such most warriors stem from mortals families, as the pain and endurance needed is more than most nobles are willing to sacrifice.” Xun Guanting said.

“Now as many of you have chosen the warriors path over magus I’ll tell you the benefits, warriors have a longer lifespan in their mortal bodies than Magus, this is important because while Magus can live for thousands of years their mortal bodies actually decay after a few hundred years, so their famous long-life span is for their ability to survive with their soul for thousands of years.”

“As you are all from noble clans in here, you’re aware of the large boost in power a warrior gets at rank 5, as you know most noble families are descendants of an ancient beast, the bloodline of our great ancestor runs through our vein… Through this bloodline at rank5, we become better to adapt at facing off vs a Magus and even killing them, depending on your bloodline the special abilities and effects it will have on a fight varies.” Xun Guanting said.

With a wave of his hand blue lines circled his finger as an ice cold aura could be felt, in the next second his fingers had transformed into large white claws that looked ferocious in nature. “For example, my Bloodline is that of the King bear of the north as such I can transform parts of my body or when fighting summon my bloodline spirit to assist me.” Xun Guanting said.

Seeing this Fang Tien wasn’t surprised as he’d read this information in his clan’s ancient books, but this was his first time actually seeing it.

“Even if one doesn’t know what your bloodline truly is after achieving rank 5 one will naturally discover it, this is why noble families are so strong their innate advantage given to them by their bloodline is hard to overcome, someone of a lesser bloodline can never win vs a superior bloodline in equal fights but a trained rank 5 warrior veteran with a lesser bloodline could beat a newly rank 5 superior bloodline warrior.”

“Magus can also manifest their bloodline abilities through spells later on, but warriors hold the superiority at higher rank as some top clan patriarchs can even fully transform into their bloodlines ancient beast gaining some of the strength their ancestor possessed.” Xun Guanting said.

Hearing this Fang Tien thought back towards the strange dreams about the chained eye he would always have and the strange illusion of a world that he saw when performing his aptitude test.

“Could it be…where those two beings my bloodline ancestors?”

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