Chapter 82: Fang Tien’s Team

Looking around on the uninterested faces of his students Xun Guanting continued, “Knowing that, can a low-rank warrior still win against a magus of the same rank?”

“Why not? Magis still take a while to cast their powerful spells, while the quick cast ones are mostly for utility.” Huan Qin answered proudly.

Hearing Huan Qin’s reply Xun Guanting sighed lightly, “it’s the utility spells which are the most dangerous, while its true that attack spells are powerful as a novice warrior are you experienced enough to handle a quick casting immobilizing spell?”

Immobilizing? Scenes of the bandit fight flashed back into Fang Tien’s mind if he had been immobilized mid fight it would have definitely been worse, but if not for his special eyes would any other warrior have possibly survived such a sneak attack? That Fight had allowed Fang Tien to realize how dangerous and unpredictable a fight was.

“Speed and one’s reaction is a warrior’s most important skill versus a magus, not power, with enough speed and reaction one could dodge most immobilizing spells and swiftly close the gap between a magus.”

“But you’re so large how would you catch a magus of the same rank? they have spells to dodge and increase their own speed.” A student said.

Flexing his muscles Xun Guanting smiled lightly, ” it’s a basic requirement for all warriors to be fast, I can pack a powerful punch and take even more hits but my speed is also one of my highest traits, my bloodline transformation gives me a naturally high attack power and defense, what does this mean? I only need to focus on speed in my training, if your bloodline gives you naturally high speed then your focus would be on a greater attack power because what’s the point of reaching them if you can’t break their shields?”

Walking through the back exit Xun Guanting waved at his students, “We’re moving to the practice field, this is where most of your first-year life as a warrior will be spent.”

As Fang Tien traveled through the exit what greeted his sight was an open field, filled with various large boulders and hills, ” A forest?” looking onwards the entrance to a forest could be seen, cries of beasts and birds resonating inside.

Seeing his questioning look, Huan Qin, moved closer as she answered, ” it’s the entrance to our real training ground since this is just the first year entrance I’ve been told that mythical beast of up to rank 5 can be found inside.”

“Can a first-year survive against a rank 5 mythical beast?” Fang Tien thought aloud.

“It’s possible, my brother as a Great Warrior had managed to not only survive versus one but kill a rank 5 lightning wolf, I’ll surely do the same.” Excitement could be seen within Huan Qin’s eyes as she daydreamed about her future self.

Seeing that all the students had arrived Xun Guanting continued, ” Separate in groups of three’s as you’ll be training with your chosen partners for the rest of the year, monthly competitions will be held with rewards for the highest ranking teams toward the end, you have 10 minutes to chose.”

“Partners?” As the students heard this their visions focused on the most talented members inside the class, before Fang Tien could react he had become surrounded by 5 students, undoubtedly his popularity was the highest due to his elemental affinity, even if his warrior talent wasn’t the highest who wouldn’t want a light elemental warrior on their team?

Fang Tien wasn’t the only one while Huan Qin and another youth had been surrounded similarly, this youth was from the Han clan of the east, their bloodline is that of Great fire lizard, this lizard is known to survive in volcanic fire and to be immune to most fire making the Han clan the bane of fire elementals everywhere, this Han youth had a high fire element talent and also a high warrior talent, making him a genius among most first years.

“Please accept me as a partner, my attribute is a medium water element!” A student shouted towards Fang Tien, sounds of similar shouts could be heard coming from Huan Qin and the Han youth side.

Fang Tien could feel a headache slowly creeping upon him as the noisy chatter became even more chaotic, would he really need to choose partners? Fang Tien had always preferred working alone as he believed partners would be huge distractions.

Looking at the students enthusiastically trying to sell their usefulness Fang Tien had decided against drawing it out any longer as he randomly picked two students.

The other 3 students could only leave dejectedly, as they looked towards Huan Qin group.

“Thanks for choosing us! We won’t fail you, I’m Yao Chang and my bloodline is the water elemental Gloomserpent.” A handsome blue haired youth said.

“And I’m Lin Shui, my bloodline is the mighty wind elemental Grimecat.” Lei Lan said with a smile her sharp teeth and large fuzzy hair made Fang Tien think she really was a cat.

Seeing that all the groups had been settled Xun Guanting called to the attention of everyone a large blank space within the open fields, using his ax as if it was a delicate pen Xun Guanting began writing

the training schedule of all the students.

Marathons, boulder training and combat practice? is this it? Fang Tien wondered as he saw the list, he wasn’t sure what else he would need but this list seemed almost too simple.

“Seeing as everyone here is a novice warrior we shall begin by training your endurance and stamina, begin by doing 50 laps around the field!” Xun Guanting said with a grin.

“Boom!” with a wave of his ax a circle the size of 800 meters was carved within the open field.

Seeing this first task Fang Tien grew excited, while the Du Clan possessed enormous Qi even greater than magis their bodies were even weaker than magis and as such were susceptible to physical attacks the most, this was why Fang Tien had decided to become a warrior in hopes of making up for his Clan’s shortcoming.

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