Chapter 83: Huan Qin The Bully!

Xun Guanting had made the whole class change into a more suitable outfit for training and combat with both the boys and the girls changing into traditional blue and white wushu clothing.

The class had been ordered to run 50 laps around the field as the intensive training went on Fang Tien’s group quickly fell towards the last place, while they were all warriors of novice rank most had obviously been at the peak at rank 2 for years, as being a novice warrior was a requirement for being accepted.

This caused Fang Tien’s group to fall behind as he couldn’t perform with the same speed and endurance as everyone else did despite his hard efforts, the downsides of the Du Clan stamina effects had reared its head once again.

Hours had passed as the marathon laps were completed, after a short break the teams had once again begun another intensive training regime consisted of carrying the large boulders as they walked, these boulders weighing 1200 lb caused Fang Tien to strenuously complete the walk, his body exhausted towards the end.

As most of the students were adjusted to this type of training at their family homes light herbs were distributed to alleviate their pain and speed up their recovery, Xun Guanting seeing Fang Tien’s state gave him a stronger herb.

Seeing Fang Tien’s tired state and their low-rank Yao Chang began suspecting whether he had made the correct choice in hastily picking Fang Tien as a leader.

Fang Tien had long since removed his veil as he tied it around his neck, due to the heat and constant sweating because of training it would only become a hindrance to keep wearing it.

A sad look could be seen on Fang Tien’s face as the failure of being his team being the last place weighted heavily on his heart, he couldn’t remember not being first at whatever he did ever since a young age, looking at his teammates Fang Tien sighed “I’ll make it up later guys, don’t worry.”

Lin Shui had quietly moved closer to Fang Tien as she wiped the sweat off his face with her silky handkerchief her face reddened as she said, ” It’s fine the teacher is being unreasonable by making us train so hard early on right Chang?”

Fang Tien had thought nothing of her actions as he was used to being taken care of by his maids, he only felt it was a natural thing to happen.

Yao Chang seeing this scene became speechless, not only did he cost us to come last place but she’s even making excuses for him while he raged internally his outside semblance was perfect, as his handsome face which caused him to be popular with the ladies, meant that he always tried to keep a calm facial expression hiding his real emotions.

“Yes, its the teachers fault how could he expect us all to perform equally?” Yao Chang said seriously.

Hearing their replies Fang Tien smiled brightly, “Thank you guys.” his genuine smile seemed to instantly brighten the world within Lin Shui heart as she was forced to look down towards the floor.

Huan Qin had just happened to look over as this happened, for some reason this scene pissed her off as Fang Tien’s arrogant words at the testing hall repeated inside her mind, with an annoyed expression she quickly stormed over towards Fang Tien as she left her team behind, “So much for your big words, you can’t even manage to come second to last place.”

Hearing her words Lin Shui had instantly rebutted, ” It’s not his fault, the training was just too hard.”

Hearing her reply Huan Qin quickly glanced at her angrily, causing Shui to lower her head once again.

Seeing who had come Yao Chang didn’t dear to voice an opinion as the overbearing style of the Huan clan has long since been famous, even their women were known as tigresses, Yao Chang had been prepared to watch in delight as she chews Fang Tien out.

Seeing who had come, Fang Tien smiled wearily, as even he was indeed embarrassed by his words now after his abysmal performance.

Seeing his expression Huan Qin expression and tone softened, “If…You really want to improve you should ask your teacher for more help.”

Hearing his teacher mentioned Fang Tien sighed lightly “My teacher? I haven’t seen her since she took me in.”

“This…I did hear that your teacher was famous in large hunting groups, she’s one of the best healers in our Skyfire continent after all.” Huan Qin said.

“Is she? still, she could have said something before leaving.” Fang Tien replied the more he thought of his teacher’s action after seeing how much Xun Guanting had done for Huan Qin the more angry he became.

“You don’t even know how famous your teacher is? Why did you choose her then…how can you not know aren’t you both from the same clan?” Huan Qin looked at Fang Tien suspiciously.

“Same clan? I’m from the Du Clan.”

Hearing his reply Huan Qin’s thoughts wondered Du Clan? maybe my brother will know it..” well it doesn’t matter now if you’d like..” after a short pause ” You can do some extra lessons with my master, I’ll ask him only because it would be a pity if your elemental talent went to waste.”

“Are you sure? I might learn too quickly and then you’d have no hope of catching up afterward.” Fang Tien said jokingly.

“I believe team leader will definitely bring us to first place.” Lin Shui quietly muttered.

“You’re not funny!”Huan Qin said as she tried to hide her smile.

“Bam!” Huan Qin had punched Fang Tien’s shoulder playfully which had nearly caused him to fall over, luckily Lin Shui was close by as she managed to hold him steadily.

Seeing this Huan Qin blushed in embarrassment as she had never imagined her playful punch would cause so much damage.”I’m sorry are you ok?”

As Fang Tien straightened himself up he replied wearily, ” It’s fine.”

Suddenly Fang Tien and Huan Qin expressions had changed as if simultaneously the two had felt visions filled with hatred and jealousy directed towards them.

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