Chapter 84: First Combat class

As Fang Tien turned around he could feel an intense stare coming from Han Shi, he was sure they had never interacted so this vision of hatred perplexed him.

As Huan Qin turned around she could feel intense stares coming from the other two females within the class, she was confused as to when she had offended them but since they had dared to stare at her with such a look she would be sure to beat them mercilessly if they ever dared to cross her path in a spar.

“You all have 30minutes to rest before combat lessons start.” Xun Guanting, after a short pause he added,” Huan Qin come here.”

Hearing her master call Huan qin quickly left, but not before leaving Fang Tien with a recovery herb to help hasten his stamina recovery.

Looking at this herbs Fang Tien had scanned it with his eyes before determining that it was safe to take, with a quick bite the herb vanished, almost instantly Fang Tien could feel his energy recovering 2x as fast.”Lets quickly recovery our energy in time.” Fang Tien said to his group, his eyes closed as he sat crossed-legged his mind focused on restoring to his top condition.

My energy is recovering much faster than before despite the herb, this is the difference between a rank 1 warrior and a none warrior body…

Using this time Fang Tien began practicing using the special cultivation method left behind by his master, slowly a golden glow radiated from his body if one would look at him at this moment it was as if a heavenly immortal had arrived at the mortal realm.

My recovery has increased again? is this a special attribute of my light element? Fang Tiien recovering had increased even more recovering 3x as fast as he could feel the sore muscles inside his healing at an accelerated rate and even growing, Fang Tien could feel his strength increasing rapidly as the weariness from the training quickly vanished, he felt even better than before the training began an overwhelming feeling of power overcame him.

“Boom!” loud sounds of something breaking resonated inside Fang Tien’s mind as he had broken through to a rank 2 warrior, an intense flush of new vitality flooded his body as his strength had once again increased.

Rank 2? I’m still so low…but maybe now I won’t struggle so much between exercises now.

Feeling a fluctuation in the area Xun Guanting looked opened his eyes, his vision attracted to Fang Tien. Mhmm? Did someone rank up?…haha interesting that kid huh…Huan Qin has competition.

Han Shi and Huan Qin looked over towards the direction of Fang Tien, feeling the obvious signs of his breakthrough.

Just now reaching Rank 2? what a waste, Han Shi thought as he felt the fluctuation of energy from Fang Tien.

in the blink of an eye, 30 minutes had quickly passed by as Fang Tien immersed himself in cultivating.

Xun Guanting large figure could be seen standing up, Huan Qin’s small frame still seated cross-legged beside him.

“Time’s up, this first combat lesson will include a rank Rare cultivation technique of your element for defeating my very own disciple!” Xun Guanting said a huge grin plastered on his face, his white shark like teeth appearing in full force.

“BOOM!” with a wave of his ax, a large ice stage arose from thin air within the open field.


It’s time, hearing her teachers words Huan Qin’s eyes quietly opened.


In a split second, Huan Qin had quickly arrived onto the stage of ice, her speed shocking all the students present, as she looked below towards all the students a self-confident smile on her face, her white pupils made it appear as if she had no pupils at all as her beautiful fiery red hair hanged loosely behind her.

” Who wants to be the first stepping stone? Spear!” as she shouted loudly her right hand held outwards a spear of ice materialized itself within her hands, strangely enough even though the spear and stage were made from Xun Guanting’s ice element they appeared warm on contact, as it if wasn’t ice she had held but a normal spear.

“How is she so fast when we’re the same rank?..worthily the sister of the Warclan Godchild.” A student said as he stared in awe.

“Tsk..she’s still just a female warrior, maybe if she was a magus I’d be more scared.” A student said as he mounted the stage, he was one of the 5 group leaders like Fang Tien and Han Shi. Known as Xia Yi, his short spiky brown hair and tall stocky stature made him seem imposing for his rank.

“Sorry, but you’ll be stepping down after the first round, Sword and shield!” as his sound ended a shield and sword made of ice materialized its self into his two hands, immediately entering a battle stance his shield blocking forward as he focused on Huan Qin’s every action.

With a smile, Huan Qin chuckled at his words, “One round? let’s see if you get by the first 3 movies.”


With a great push, Huan Qin stabbed forward, her spear aiming straight for his face.

“Is this it? easy!” with a smirk, Xia Yi easily blocked the spear strike, his shield pulled towards his face.

“Easy indeed.” With a chuckle Huan Qi performed a sweeping strike aimed for his legs, her spear moved as quick as lightning as it swiftly carried him off his feet.

“How?” Confusion overcame Xia Yi as he felt his body tilting towards the ground, he had only just blocked her strike how was it possible for her to strike again so quickly? was she really just a rank 2 warrior like he was?

“Weak..” Huan Qi said blandly, her Spear moved as if it was a great serpent as it quickly moved from his legs to striking the back of his neck, her control impeccable as she had only used enough force to knock him out, such a task was hard for first years.


Xia Yi’s unconscious body slumped onto the Frozen stage, silence covered the students as they stared in shock and awe, how was it possible for the gap to be so large between leaders?

“Can no one beat her..?” A student asked subconsciously.

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