Chapter 85: Huan Qin vs Han Shi

As Xia Yi’s body fell down Fang Tien replayed the fight scene inside his mind,…Could I win without my Divine abilities?

“She’s as strong as she is scary, right Tien?” Lin Shui muttered, even though she spoke of Huan Qin her eyes were focused on Fang Tien.

“Huh?…Yea” Fang Tien replied absentmindedly, his mind absorbed by the scenes of the fight.

“Han Shi?” A student asked in wonder as Han Shi stood up abruptly from his seated position, his medium length hair dark hair gaining a light red glow as he stood up.

“I’ll attempt my luck, I always admired your clan’s fighting style, especially since we share the same element, we share a common connection no?” Han Shi said with a smile as he lightly stepped onto the stage of ice.

“A common connection? I guess so, how long will you last though?” Huan Qin said with a laugh, her spear brandished aggressively.

“Sword!” Han Shi shouted, his hand held out as a sword made of ice materialized, ” Don’t worry I won’t be like that waste you defeated.”


Han Shi dashed towards Huan Qin, his sword glowing red as the gap between the two shortened.

With her eyes focused on his movements, Huan Qin entered her attack stance her spear heald aggressively forward as Han Shi dashed closer.”An elemental move? Too bad I still outreach you.”

“Hiya!” Stabbing forward in a barrage of spear attacks, Huan Qin’s spear seemed as if it had multiplied as afterimages created by the sheer speed gave the illusion that one hundred spears stabbed forward at the same time.

“Break!” Han Shi shouted as his sword slashed forward, as he tried to counter Huan Qin’s stabs.

“TZZZ” sounds of fire crackling rang out as Han Shi slashed forward, flames appearing on his sword as his swing sliced through the barrage of spears, scattering the afterimages as attack stopped Huan Qin’s spear.

“Han Shi is able to apply his element to his weapon already?”Lin Shui asked in surprise.

“Why is that strange?” Fang Tien asked.

“Strange? it’s very strange for him to be able to do it while still a novice warrior, at least…I can’t do it.”Lin Shui muttered.

Looking at his hand a golden glow appeared, this bright glow seemed sacred in nature as Fang Tien brandished his hand, ” isn’t it just this? making your element appear externally, it seems easy.”

“Oh, that’s not the same!” Lin Shui said.

Hearing their conversation Yao Chang became unable to bear as he chimed in,” It’s much harder to apply your element to an external object than projecting it on your body, it’s only a skill great warriors and up possess.”

“Oh?” Fang Tien thought it couldn’t be that hard, with a thought his long sword appeared within his hands.

“Are you going to try? it’s not as easy as it sounds you’ll fail anyway.”Yao Chang said.

Ignoring Yao Chang words Fang Tien’s mind focused onto the sword, his Light elemental Qi gathering inside his palm as he attempted to push it onto the sword, but like a stream of water going down a hill, it ran right off.

It won’t stick?… it’s like the sword is rejecting my element.

“See? it’s not something you can do below rank 3, Han Shi is just very talented.” Yao Chang said.

“Boom!” Sounds of an explosion rang out as Han Shi aggressively attacked his sword covered in flames burned intensely with each slash.

“Swoosh” The powerful barrage of Han Shi’s frenzied attacks forced Huan Qin to be on guard, the mighty force pushing her across the stage when blocking.

“Am I easy?” Han Shi sneered as he kept attacking, Huan Qin had stopped even exchanging blows as his attacks rained down like a heavy storm, forcing her to constantly block.

As Huan Qin was pushed towards the ends of the stage a red glow surrounded her body with a mighty shout “Hiya!” her spear rotated rapidly and quickly as it spun like a disc.

“Woosh” sounds of fire cracking could be heard as her spear became engulfed in flames creating a whirlwind of fire that was directed towards Han Shi, even though this fire burned with great might the stage of ice seemed unaffected by it as if no heat could melt its frozen texture.

“Fire versus a Han? ha.” Han Shi laughter resonated as his figure could be seen moving within the flames, he moved with such a rhythm it was almost as if he danced his way through the flames.

“Slash!” with a quick downward slash Han Shi managed to stop Huan Qin’s spear mid-spin.

“Bang!” The force from Han Shi’s slash caused Huan Qin’s spear to slam onto the ground leaving her defenseless.

“You’ve lost surrender.” Han Shi said a smile of self-satisfaction could be seen on his face.

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