Chapter 86: Huan Qin vs Han Shi( Part 2 )

As Huan Qin spear fell, a change could be seen in her eyes as her original white pupil turned fully yellow.


“She disappeared?” As Han Shi looked around Huan Qin figure was nowhere to be seen, suddenly a feeling of danger raided his senses as he quickly turned around.

“Boom!” A loud sound rang out as Han Shi quickly raised his sword in a defensive position, barely blocking the punch attack caused by Huan Qin, the massive force causing a rebound knocking him backward.

“Woosh!” As Huan Qin dashed forward her feet and hands covered by flames in an instant she appeared next to Han Shi.

Seeing that Huan Qin was so close Han Shi decided to attack rather than guard, after all, how could his sword lose to her fist?”Slash!” with quick and successive attacks Han Shi swang with a series of slashes each faster than the other.

“Dun, Dun, Dun!” loud thumping sounds rang out as Huan Qin countered each slash with her fist, her hands attacking the center of the blade as she dodged and countered, with a quick twirl into a

roundhouse kick.

“Boom!” Using his hand as a guard Han Shi feebly blocked the kick,which pushed him to become off balance as he stumbled backward struggling to catch his balance as the pain from his arm attacked his senses, as he came to a full stop his left hand hanged lifelessly as he had lost all feeling inside it, if it wasn’t for his natural high resistance to fire he was sure the flames would have burned him too.

“Hiya!” With a loud shout, Huan Qin stuck to Han Shi as if she was glue, her punches constantly raining down, quickly Han Shi lost his sword as the feeling of his left arm being broken caused his concentration to break, taking advantage of this opening Huan Qin managed to land a kick onto his right wrist, forcing him to drop the sword.

Lin Shui looked on in shock as Han Shi began losing. “How is she fighting better without a weapon? its like she has unlimited stamina”

“It’s probably because of her bloodline, I noticed that her blood flow changed, which affected her eyes.” Fang Tien said calmly.

“How can you see that?”Lin Shui asked in surprise.

Fang Tien turned towards her his star-shaped eyes reflected within her own,” It’s because of my bloodline, Haven’t you noticed my eyes? I’m an eye cultivator as well.”

Seeing his face so closely caused Lin Shui to blush as she looked down as if the floor contained the most interesting secret, “I…Always thought your eyes were just beautiful, eye cultivators haven’t appeared since ancient times, only one clan still exist and they never appear in the outside world.”

“Are you talking about that clan of clairvoyance cultivators? we’re a different clan, my Du clan bloodline is superior.” Fang Tien said with a smile.

“Actually the result of the fight was obvious from the start, and the change in her just proves how high her blood relationship is.” Yao Chang said abruptly.

“Was it?”Lin Shui asked, her head tilted as she tried to figure out how it was obvious.

With a self-satisfied smile, Yao Chang said.”Its a special characteristic of the WarGod clan, it’s said that their ancestor was just a normal honey badger until it walked upon a wounded dragon, in its fearlessness it dared to attack it and managed to chew off a part of its wounded flesh, allowing it to absorb some of its bloodline and granting it a greater intelligence.”

“There is a reason why they’re called the WarGod clan, their first ancestor dared to fight anyone regardless of how higher their cultivation was and his special physique was said to be indestructible, In my clans ancient history records its been recorded that he faced off alone versus three patriarchs of the strongest clans of his era alone and killed all three, even thousands of years later now who doesn’t know him? this fact should be recorded in every lower tier and above family records.”Yao Chang said as he looked questionly at both Fang Tien and Lin Shui.

“Who reads those lame books? I was always too busy playing.”Lin Shui muttered.

“I’ve been told about their clan by my elders but never in detail.” Fang Tien replied.

“Thump!” Fang Tien’s attention was brought back to the stage as Han Shi could be seen laying facedown, his face bloodied and bruised as Huan Qin stood over him.

“That’s enough Qin’er, you’ve won.”Xun Guanting said.

“As Huan Qin breathing returned to normal her pupils restored their original white look, her deathly calm facial expression vanishing with it as a look of surprise then a smile appeared on her face.

“Huan Qin rules the world who can compare!” excited shouts and cheers could be heard coming from some of the male students as Huan Qin had managed to win.

“The Huan bloodline is pretty amazing, even at a low rank…worthily of one of the top bloodlines.” a boy said.

“The Han bloodline is pretty strong versus fire element if he was at the Bloodline Warrior realm Huan Qin’s fire attacks would have only served to power him up…what a pity.”

“So what? At a higher realm, he would lose even harder, his family medium bloodline can never compete with a top-tier bloodline as the Huan’s.”

“Huan Qin wins, Who’s next on the chopping block? haha!” Xun Guanting said loudly.

Silence covered the field as no one dared to step forward, after all, if even Han shin had failed who else could win?

The students looked in horror as Han Shi’s beaten and bruised body was removed from the stage by the school’s medical staff.

After a minute of silence and no one coming forward, Xun Guanting was ready to declare Huan Qin the winner.

“Wait!” a melodious sound resonated as someone had walked onto the stage silently, unknown to most students it was as if they had just appeared there.

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