Chapter 87: Fang Tien Vs Huan Qin

Fang Tien had appeared onto the stage, as he stood directly facing Huan Qin a smile could be seen on his face.”I’ll be the next challenge, how fast do you want to lose?” Fang Tien said jokingly.

“Hmmph! you can’t even take a punch.” Huan Qin said.

“Let’s’ make a bet, if you can even land one punch on me I’ll give you a gift, if not you owe me one.”

“A bet? fine its basically free anyways!” Huan Qin muttered.

At once, all the students looked at each other, believing that Fang Tien was either secretly strong or extremely arrogant and stupid, most choosing the latter, how could someone from an unknown family possible hope to compete versus a top-tier family?

“extremely arrogant, does he think Huan Qin is a 5-year-old child? that’s the only way he won’t be touched.”

With his hands held outwards, Fang Tien walked forward ” Longsword!” as a longsword made of ice materialized itself within his palms.

Directly across Huan Qin could be seen standing in a neutral stance with her spear, a smirk on her face as if she was teasing Fang Tien to attack as she appeared full of openings.

“Fang Tien? if even Han Shi had lost why did he come up…He’s just going to be more fodder.” A student sighed.

“Leader will definitely win!”Lin Shui shouted.

“Win? Maybe in a few years, he would win with his high talent but now…no chance?” another student added.

“Bang!” Purple light radiated from Fang Tien’s eyes as he dashed forward his Longsword glowing with a golden shade as he slashed forward.

Huh…this? before Huan Qin could even think Fang Tien had appeared in front of her, in a split second they had traded dozens of blows, this brought immense shock to her as she expected this fight to be even easier than the others.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!” loud explosive sounds rang out as Fang Tien and Huan Qin traded multiple blows in a matter of seconds, each strike more intensive than the other, a picture of flames and a golden light mix was all that most students could see.

“So fast! are they even humans?”

“They’re reinforcing their bodies with their element and using it to exceed their speed limits.”Xun Guanting said, his voice spreading to every student.

This is something I recently taught Huan Qin, did that women teach him it also..? Xun Guanting wondered.

“Swoosh” After a series of traded blows the two separated, Huan Qin could be seen panting heavily as Fang Tien stood serenely opposite of her.

Mhmm? Her blood flow is changing again, here it comes. Fang Tien thought as his eyes looked at Huan Qin’s body his eyes penetrated her outer skin seeing the flow of her meridians, a strong flow of strange Qi appeared! It was her special bloodline blood, it could be seen activating.

“Hehe…hehe…haha!” With a laughter that slowly turned into a chuckle, Huan Qin’s expression turned into one of excitement and ecstasy, “I haven’t had so much fun since I’ve fought my brother.”

With a smile, Fang Tien looked at her, his bright purple eyes glowing majestically as if they were two small moons at night, “I can’t say I’ve had my fill, I haven’t really tried yet.” He said teasingly.

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