Chapter 88: Empress Huan Qin

As Fang Tien’s eyes viewed the entirety of Huan Qin’s body, her entire meridians become even more visible her bloodline reaching its equilibrium as her eyes slowly changed, as he had seen this happen already Fang Tien was more than prepared, unlike Han Shi’s inability to react the Du Clan’s bloodline special eye made it all too obvious to him.

She will attack my left side, but that’s just a bait, her real target will be my wrist!

“BOOM!”A loud explosive sound rang out as Huan Qin vanished, reappearing behind Fang Tien at his blind spot, her long spear swiftly sweeping towards His left side as Fang Tien’s sword raised as he stabbed forward

Like a prerecorded event, Huan Qin attack pattern followed exactly as Fang Tien predicted, as Huan Qin attacked with faster speed and with unthinkable precision Fang Tien seemed to be one step ahead as each attack would be countered in the most minimal and energy conserving way.

This is…a new way to fight? was my focus wrong all along…if I’m able to predict then I can create a counter ahead of time, my Du clan’s weakness might not even matter if we’re able to fight in a conserved way.

Fang Tien became excited as he thought about the improvements his clan would receive, as all of this was being thought of as he seemingly continuously blocked and countered every attack that Huan had thrown at him and more with ease!

“How is his reaction so fast?is this even possible.”

“It’s not that his reaction is fast as he’s just lazily countering.”

“Maybe she’s being blinded by that crazy light show shooting from his eyes…”

As the students looked on, various heated discussions flowed in as most wondered how Fang Tien could possibly block Huan Qin’s attacks with such minimal effort.

It’s almost like he’s predicting all my attacks…that’s impossible. As Huan Qin attacked in a crazed frenzied her mind becoming clearer as her failures increase, instead of becoming frustrated and making even more mistakes an ice cold feeling ran through her veins, her mind and expression becoming serenely peaceful, her beautiful face void of any expression.

“Bang!” A loud sound of an explosion rang out as intense fire Qi exploded from within Huan Qin’s body, such an intense energy of Qi erupting instantaneously was akin to a mini volcano as an intense heat wave emitted around the area, from its cool temperature the training area felt more like a desert now.

“BANG, BANG, BANG” The thundering sound of erupting Qi lingered on faintly, like a powerful flood a sea of Fire Qi washed over the stage, engulfing everything and giving it a faint red glow, this cruel Fire Qi roared as if it was alive a fade a and hazy afterimage of ancient beast reappearing behind Huan Qin and with it a tyrannical aura spread throughout.

All students and even teachers close by had the impulsion of kneeling as aura dominated their hearts and consciousness, such a feeling was suffocating, all the first years would undoubtedly kneel if Xun Guanting had not shielded them, using his own elemental force to alleviate some of the pressure.

Feebly the first years stood up as, strangely enough, Fang Tien who was directly affected by this aura, having its most tyrannical rage centered on him seemed unaffected as his two eyes shone with a purple brilliance, it was as if they were two Amethyst gems as they shone beautifully, an intense and ancient foreign aura surrounded Fang Tien as silver runic marks appeared around him protectively.

This aura felt strange to most but Xun Guanting could be seen looking at Fang Tien as if he was viewing a monster, this aura gave the feeling of time but such a domain was impossible to be learned by even the strongest magus and warriors he’d seen, not to mention a kid as young as Fang Tien.

Shaking his head Xun Guanting decided that it must have been something similar to time, as even space abilities while rare wasn’t as unheard of.

“This is my Huan’s family Divine ability, in the same realm this move is invincible, while I can’t even bring out 1% of its might I’ll savor your defeat.” Huan Qin said, her voice bringing a chill to every student as it carried a tyrannical will to it if before she appeared similar to a tigress she was undoubtedly an emperor lioness now.

Her bloodline is affecting her personality… will the same happen to me? As Fang Tien looked ahead a serious expression could be seen on his face, such a thing was rare for him but an intense feeling of danger could be felt from Huan Qin’s aura, such a feeling is the most intense he’s felt since leaving his clan.

“BOOM!” in an instant a loud explosive sound rang out, Fang Tien senses became raided by an intense pricking feeling as the world around him shattered as if it was a glass mirror, what replaced the shattered space was a great firestorm made up of millions of spears that pointed towards him, as an immense feeling of death covered his mind a feeling of familiarity could be felt.

This was…intent? sword intent isn’t the only one? a surprised expression appeared on Fang Tien face followed by excitement, as if discovering a new toy.

If this is spear-intent then that firestorm is just an illusion, “break!” Fang Tien shouted, the world around him and the firestorm breaking to pieces, as if broken glass the pieces fell revealing the real world, Huan Qin could be seen standing aggressively as her Ice spear became coated by an ancient antique aura this coat of fire acted as another spear as its large size made it seem like her ice spear was but a mere component inside of it.

A self-satisfied look could be seen on Huan Qin,” My Heaven-striking spear has already formed, forfeit as its impossible for me to hold back once I use it.”

As Fang Tien heard that he began walking, heading for the edge of the stage.

“Is he surrendering? what a disappointment but its to be expected.” a student sighed.

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