Chapter 89: A sword cuts reality

As Fang Tien walked towards the end of the stage he came to a stop towards the end, his back turned towards Huan Qin.

“Is he suicidal or surrendering?”

“He’s both? what’s he doing.”

As a discussion of confusion could be heard coming from below the students utterly lost as to Fang Tien’s strange actions.

“I’ve never used my intent is actual combat but if I’m this far it should be alright.” Fang Tien muttered.

“Teacher, you should probably protect Huan Qin from my full strike.” Fang Tien said seriously, his voice reverberated inside Xun Guanting soul.

“Huh…Impossible!” Xun Guanting stood up in shock, his face dripping with sweat as Fang Tien voice resonated inside his soul, such a thing was impossible as his natural defensive elemental and bloodline guard was always up, a cultivators soul was their important sanctuary, as one grew stronger it became impossible for someone to communicate with it forcefully unless there was an immense gap between the cultivations of the two.

Xun Guanting shock came from the fact that Fang Tien had effortlessly communicated with his soul who was this kid?Xun Guanting began to realize that this student was more mysterious than he had previously thought. A thought of seriously looking into his background sprang inside his mind as his relation to the Fang Teacher had made him assume he was from the Fang Clan, but his mystical eyes and unexplainable feats for his rank showed that it wasn’t that simple.

As Xun Guanting stood up the students looked on in wonder, his face serious and his ax gripped tightly, Xun Guanting had thought it was stupid to react so seriously but since it was his new treasured disciple no risk could be taken, with someone of his cultivation even Huan Qin’s strike required a slight effort to dispell.

“Seeing how far Fang Tien had walked disappointed flashed across Huan Qin’s eyes,” are you giving up?” while she didn’t shout her voice carried across the entire area, resonating clearly in the ears of all.

As Fang Tien heard that, he slowly turned around a smile on his face, “Giving up?…just the opposite, I’m using my strongest attack, prepare yourself.”

After saying these words Fang Tien’s eyes closed, watching Huan Qin use her sword intent had inspired him before he had previously thought that it could only be used by sword user and of a specific dao but Huan Qin had shown him a different path.

What if he had fused it with his element, or could it be fused with his dao of time? his mind quickly deducing and pondering he had accidentally entered a state of enlightenment, within his dantian a blood-colored willow tree could be seen, as Fang Tien’s eyes viewed this tree a sword flew from it, this broken sword was the same that he had inside the Dao of slaughter world within the willow tree

As the sword flew towards him a leaf from his Dao of time Katsura tree drifted off towards the sword, the two slowly fusing creating a fruit, this fruit hanged joyfully upon the Willow tree, its silver, and translucent nature appeared striking next to the intensely blood-red colors of the willow tree, its pure nature reflecting the willow tree off its clear surface.

The Fusion of the two and the creation of the fruit had dragged Fang Tien’s soul to a mysterious dimension, this dimension contained infinite fragments of time that floated within a void populated by primordial Qi, these fragments of time each showing a different sword technique, as Fang Tien tried to view them their contents became hazy and mystical.

What is this…a world of time-based sword arts?… Strange, whenever I inspect them closer the image becomes convoluted and faded, but appears exceptionally clear otherwise, is this an illusion or due to my cultivation rank..? as Fang Tien wondered no one was present to reply to his questions, as his Du clan bloodline and his Dao was even more mysterious than most, he was destined for a life of unanswerable questions as everything would have to depend on him, as far as he was aware no other Du member or ancestor had ever cultivated the Dao of Time.

Fang Tien had become a pathfinder on the road of time and thus was destined to a hard life of struggling alone as no one else could help him.

As Fang Tien looked outwards trillions of time fragments reflected within his amethyst like eyes, This is…I can see it?

Excitement ran through Fang Tien’s veins as a fragment of time was visible even when carefully inspected, as his eyes focused intensely onto it his soul was brought back to his dantian world, leaving the strange dimension.

A single fragment of time floated in front of him like a mirror it reflected a blank world, void of life but containing an immense sword intent, this sword intent was ever changing and transforming as Fang Tien viewed this scene, a world filled with giant mountains and trees could be seen, long streams that seem to run across the entire world was clearly visible, this world seemed almost like an antiquity wonderland except for its lack of life was particularly striking.

As Fang Tien viewed this world a greatsword could be seen floating within the skies, this sword while not immensely large or decorative gave one the feeling as if it was bigger larger than the world, this snow white sword shone as a simple slash was made, this slash seemed very plain to Fang Tien as he could only catch a glimpse of the principles it contained.

But such a simple slash seemed to surmount space and time as the sword light penetrated through all, under this light the rivers and trees, the colossal mountains and even space and time were cut, under such a sword light even the stars within the space were destroyed.

“BOOM!” a loud sound of explosion rang out within Fang Tien’s mind as a line had been created by the sword within the space of the world, this deep cut seemed to leave a brand mark in the very reality of the dimension as it became a permanent feature of this world, as if such a mark had existed within the world since ancient antiquity times.

The sword had had long since disappeared and what was left behind was this now chaotic world as the strike as destroyed and ruined most of its beautiful features, as Fang Tien looked inside the deep abyssal fissure left behind by the sword slash within this world his mind became engrossed by a newly found sensibility contained inside it.

A fusion of sword arts and time could be felt inside this fissure as Fang Tien frantically tried to absorb all he could from this fissure, within his mind the scene of the sword appearing inside the world and its simple slash endlessly replayed itself.

Inside his Dantian the Fragment of time floated in front of Fang Tien’s eyes, as he sat crossed-legged with his eyes closed, slowly this Fragment of time grew dim until it had lost all its glow, as if exhausted it slowly floated towards the silver translucent fruit that now hanged onto the willow tree, before becoming one with the fruit, as the two fused a mark of a snow white giant sword had appeared on the outer layer of the fruit.

Inside the arena Fang Tien’s eyes slowly opened, his expression calm as the purple glow from his eyes dimmed, becoming more reserve.

Even though he felt as if weeks had passed by inside his dantian only a second had passed in the real world.

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