Chapter 9: Celestial Ascendance

Situ Jin was dressed in black and white attire, whilst the other male was dressed in a blue tunic, lanky like a pine, eyes arrogant and apathetic.

The other two people in the group were both ladies, gorgeous and seductive; even though Wu Yu was a Prince Heir in the Mortal Realm, it was still quite rare for him to see such beautiful women.

One woman was tall in stature, face cold and unmoving, beautiful but hard to get close to, whilst the other woman was short and cute, eyes bright and teeth white, her red clothing fully showing off the exquisite curves of her body, very seductive. But when facing Wu Yu and the servants, all that was exuded from them was haughtiness and pomposity.

“You!” Situ Jin jumped of the crane, showing off his nimble body, and with two steps, rushed to where Wu Yu was, staring at him, eyes wide with shock.

“After striking him down, I checked his body and verified his skull was broken. How is he not dead?” Situ Jin found the situation unbelievable.

“Situ Jin.” The three other Shangxian’s also walked forward to where they were, and upon noticing Wu Yu, also stopped in surprise.

“That slave hasn’t died yet?” The girl in the red tunic put her hand to her mouth.

“How did you not die?” Situ Jin exclaimed angrily. Back then, he wanted to kill Wu Yu in order to show off his might as well as to warn the servants to do their jobs better, but now, upon finding Wu Yu hadn’t died, he was afraid his friends would jeer at him.

Wu Yu knew that he wasn’t weaker than Situ Jin now, but considering his current status, he decided not to make a mess of things, otherwise he might be stripped of his qualifications to enter the entrance exam.

Therefore, he said “Shangxian, this servant’s life is very stubborn, so he was able to live. Thus, he wants to thank Shangxian for his mercy.”

Sun Wudao’s body was shaking from anxiousness, scared of what was going to happen later, but upon hearing what Wu Yu said, he relaxed slightly, saying hurriedly “Shangxian, thank you for your mercy! Last time, it was our fault for being too careless, not properly taking care of your Celestial Cranes. We swear it will not happen again next time!”

The Shangxian’s looked at each other, conferring with their eyes, then Situ Jin suddenly burst into laughter “My three friends, sorry for letting you guys see such a joke!”

“Situ Jin, you’re so weak! You whipped the slave for over half a day and still couldn’t kill him!” The red clothed girl said sweetly, then looked at her Celestial Crane “If it was my Mei Er that was treated badly, then I’d torture the servant responsible until I’ve skinned him and removed his tendons alive!”

The sweet tone she spoke in made everyone speechless. She truly was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing!

Situ Jin, after hearing what the girl said, became incredibly embarrassed, and thinking quickly, he said to Wu Yu “Last time it was you who hurt my Lin Er, and we’ve not settled the animosity between us. How about this, here is a bunch of Celestial Crane “essence”, and if you eat them, I’ll let you off for what you’ve done.”

What Situ was talking about was obviously Celestial Crane shit.

The three other Shangxian’s couldn’t help but burst into laughter after hearing how Wu Yu was going to be punished.

“Situ Jin, you’re so vulgar!” Even the apathetic and tall girl could not hold back her giggles.

“Situ my brother, nice!” The blue clothed young man said.

“My friends, I’ve let you seen such a joke on my part, so why not find some mirth in it while we’re at it!” Situ replied.

After hearing what they said, the faces of the surrounding servants became pale and colourless, but there was nothing they could do to help Wu Yu.

“The… “essence”, I’ll eat it” Sun Wudao was very worried that Wu Yu could not control his anger, so he hastily replied for him. Even though it was the first time in his life to receive such humiliation, he didn’t care, because everything was for Wu Yu!

The deep love from Sun Wudao moved Wu Yu.

They hadn’t known each other for long, and weren’t related by blood, so why was he going so far for himself?

“Don’t bother with them.” Wu Yu originally wanted to take revenge against them after the entrance exam, but it seemed fate had other plans in store for him. What he didn’t know was whether fighting and opposing them today would strip his qualifications for participating in the entrance exam.

“Wu Yu!” Sun Wudao exclaimed, shocked by his behavior, but Wu Yu took hold of his arm and pushed him back a few steps. A radiant golden light suddenly emitted from Wu Yu’s eyes, like a giant Beast had just awakened.

“You dare defy my orders?!” Situ Jin, who was quite pleased with his quick wit, had not expected Wu Yu would rebel against him, causing him to become very embarrassed and angry.

“Poor Wu Yu!” All the servants looked at him with eyes of pity “Last time he was very lucky to survive, but it looks like this time he cannot escape his fate.”

“Sigh, it was damned Zhao Chuan who brought such trouble on him…”

Situ Jin had to find an opportunity to punish him, otherwise he would be laughed at for not being able to kill a lowly servant. If he didn’t, then his efforts at wooing the red clothed girl would all be in vain.

“Today I will send you down to the Yellow River!”

Situ Jin was about to attack.

But right at that moment, a white robed girl appeared in front of him without a sound, causing his eyes to blur. He diverted his punch, smashing it on a nearby green rock, and with a Pa, the rock cracked.

“Who!?” Situ Jin shouted, face red with anger, teeth clenched so hard that one shattered, but when he looked closely at who it was, he shivered with fear, because he’d shouted at somebody he shouldn’t have “Big Sister Su, why have you come?”

Wu Yu did not expect Su Yanli’s appearance, and upon looking at her closely, he was shocked by her beauty. Not even the two Shangxian friends of Situ Jin could compare with her, whether in facial appearance or in the air they gave off; it was like comparing rice with the moon!

“This is Yan Li Mountain, my property.” Su Yanli said with an indifferent voice, waving her hand “Situ Jin and you three, Yan Li Mountain is off limits to you from now on. I hope I do not see you here again. ”

She was obviously very angry.

Situ Jin found the situation quite unbelievable “Big Sister Su, isn’t he just a servant, I….”

“He is resident of Yan Li Mountain. Whether he needs to be punished or not is not up to you.”

She did not speak loudly, and her tone was quite apathetic, but there was an undisputable might to it. In Wu Yu’s eyes, she was a real Shangxian, somebody who could be compared to Hao Tian Shangxian, somebody who could execute Daoist Arts and reverse Yin & Yang!


The four Shangxian’s were angered by what Su Shangxian said.

Situ Jin breathed deeply, then looked at Su Yanli, uttering his words one by one “Big Sister Su, my little brother Situ Bright is 13 years old as of today, and has already reached the peak of the Mortal Body Forging Phase, “Tongshen” Stage. If he was in the Mortal Realm, then people would have to call him Martial Sovereign. His talent, aha, is better than that of yours!”

The red clothed girl by the side also added “Reportedly, the Protector Sovereign of the Sect is preparing to make him her disciple after he successfully Condenses his Qi, and when that happens, his status within the Sect will not be lower than yours, Big Sister Su.”

The Protector Sovereign, her position within the Sect only lower than the Sect Leader’s.

Su Yanli’s lips opened slightly, face still impassive “Are you trying to threaten me?”

“We don’t dare! We’re just telling you in case you wanted to know!” Situ Jin smiled coldly, touching his blazingly hot face, before leaping onto his Celestial Crane, taking off into the clouds. And as he was leaving, his turned his head to stare at Wu Yu.

Their gazes met.

“Weng!” Situ Jin’s mind shook, as if assaulted, nearly falling off his Celestial Crane.

“Must be Su Yanli who did that.” He did not think of the possibility that it was Wu Yu who attacked him.

“Situ Bright? 13 years old, and already a Martial Sovereign?” Su Yanli turned her head to look at Wu Yu and Sun Wudao but was thinking of other things, before disappearing with the blink of an eye, as if she had never appeared.

“Thank you Shangxian!” Sun Wudao, who had escaped narrowly from disaster, hastily kneeled down and bowed.

They managed to avoid a catastrophe today with much thanks to Su Yanli’s efforts, so Wu Yu was also very moved by her actions.

Wu Yu was very immersed into the joy of cultivation, so he had nearly forgotten about Situ Jin and what he’d done to himself, but today’s events had jogged his memory and added something to his to-do list, which was to make Situ Jin kneel in front of himself beg for mercy.

“Thirteen years old, “Tongshen” Stage!” Thinking of what Situ Jin said about his little brother, Situ Bright, Wu Yu could not help but be shocked. When he reached the 5th Heavenly Stage of Martial Arts at the age of 15, people already called him a Martial Arts Genius. But Situ Bright here had already reached the 10th Heavenly Stage of Martial Arts, and he was only 13 years old!

“Right now, with my current status as a servant, fighting back against Outer Disciples if they bully me would bring me trouble, therefore I have to take hold of this last chance to pass the entrance exam and truly become a member of the Sect!

Before long, it was deep night.

“Wu Yu, tomorrow’s entrance exam, are you going?” Sun Wudao asked.

“Of course!”

“I’m getting old, so my legs aren’t as good as they used to be, and “Celestial Ascendance Mountain” is quite far from here, so let’s set off tonight?”

Sun, in actuality, shouldn’t go, since he was getting old; but the entrance exam was his dream, and he didn’t want to miss it for the world’s, because, at his age, seeing youngsters becoming Sect Disciples one by one brought joy and satisfaction to him!

“No need, I’ll piggyback you there.” Wu Yu wrapped his metal sword up carefully and strapped it onto his waist. If Sun Wudao asked him what it was, he would reply that it was a walking stick for tomorrow.

The day of the entrance exam finally arrived.

Sun Wudao tried to discourage Wu Yu from carrying him, but upon seeing that Wu Yu’s steps were still nimble and supple whilst piggybacking him, he quickly quieted down.

Celestial Ascendance Mountain! Today’s most popular place in the Blue Surge Mountain Range! All entrance exams took place there regardless of whether it was the entrance exam for servants or the entrance exam for Geniuses selected from the outside world. If one could pass the exam, one would be given the chance to step onto the road of Cultivation!

From a Mortal to a Cultivator.

It was the first time Wu Yu had walked so far in the Blue Surge Mountain Range, and since today’s entrance exam was the servant disciples greatest and most popular event, many servants had already set off for Celestial Ascendance Mountain before the sky had brightened. The entrance exam, however, would take place at noon.

“You body has become fitter!” Sun Wudao was shocked that Wu Yu, who had to hike across mountains whilst carrying himself, was not tired in the slightest.

“I have the foundations of the 5th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase! It’s just that the Soul Severing Powder has dragged me down.”

Of course, that was not the real reason, and upon thinking that he could give Sun Wudao a big surprise soon, he could not calm down his excited heart.

Noticing Sun Wudao had fallen asleep on his back, he sped up, arriving at Celestial Ascendance Mountain just as the sky brightened. They were one of the first ones to arrive at the mountain – most of the crowd, mainly servants, had not turned up yet.

“Celestial Ascendance Road, Celestial Ascendance Podium! Disciples participating in the exam have to first show their qualifications at the bottom of the mountain, then enter the mountain to be tested, before exiting from the peak if they manage to pass. This is what they to go through in the Celestial Ascendance Road, and after exiting from the peak, they have to go onto the Celestial Ascendance Podium to face one last test. Disciples who aren’t participating in the event can directly make their way to the top of the mountain to watch the exam.”

There were over ten thousand spectator podiums on the Celestial Ascendance Podium reserved for servant disciples in order to encourage them to cultivate, and official disciples of the Sect could hover in the sky on their Celestial Cranes to spectate the event, giving them a better position and better view.

Celestial Ascendance Mountain’s height was similar to Yan Li Mountain’s, but was several times wider, and by the time Sun Wudao had woken up, Wu Yu had already found a good spot which could clearly view the entrance exam battle zone.

“We’re here? So fast?” Sun Wudao stared around his surroundings, vision still blurry and murky with sleep. He remembered every time he had to get here to watch the event, he had to pretty much exhaust himself, but this time, he only had to sleep and he was there.

“Yeah.” Wu Yu smiled faintly

“This spot is just too good!” Sun Wudao seemed like he had reverted back into a child, face full of excitement “Today, I can clearly see young geniuses become Celestials!”

“Next time, I’ll still piggyback you over.” Wu Yu smiled again.

Wu Yu was also very excited, because today was his chance to change his life, as well as fulfill his and Sun Wudao’s dreams.

People soon started to arrive, until the mountain filled up with ten thousand servants, voices filling the air.

Reportedly, many servants have already passed the qualifications checking at the bottom of the mountain, and were already on the Celestial Ascendance Road, preparing for the tests ahead.

It was soon going to be noon.

Wu Yu excused himself by saying his stomach hurt, which was a great excuse because there were no toilets on top of the mountain.

“But the event is going to start soon!” Sun Wudao really wanted Wu Yu to watch the entrance exam.

“It ok. I don’t have too much of an interest in it, so as long as you can watch it, I’m fine with that. I’m going to return very fast, so don’t walk around, or I’ll have to spend a long time finding you.”

“That’s fine. I’ll save a spot for you!”

Wu Yu was not worried that he’d walk around, because his legs weren’t as they used to be – even walking down the mountain was a problem for him. After waving goodbye, Wu Yu swiftly rushed down the mountain and prepared himself for qualifications checking.

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