Chapter 9: Honour Exceeds Everything

Obtaining the special permission of Dean, Mo Lin was able to become a student of Zhai Feng institute at a time when the year was just about to end. After leaving Dean’s room, Mo Lin impatiently arrived on the first floor of Zhai Feng building.

Time of classes were forty minutes followed by a rest of ten minutes. The arrangement which has always been strictly followed by Zhai Feng institute is said to have come from the teaching style of Big four institute. When Mo Lin entered a classroom, it was the time of rest for that class.

A strange face again. Students were unable to stop themselves from giving him a second look.

Although this kind of matter in Zhai Feng institute is not strange, but the first-grade is different from higher grades. Some curious students would go to high-grade classrooms to hear, this is normal. However, a high-grade student coming to a first-grade lecture to hear, this is beyond reasoning. So apart from a student like Lu Ping who would attend the classes so seldom that no one knows him, normally there would be only one cause: A high-grade student coming to first-grade class in order to get close to a girl student. Although Mo Lin’s style while wearing that straw hat seemed a little weird, he still managed to embarrass the young female students. Secretly, a feeling of expectation also began to spread inside the class. However, after sweeping a glance in the classroom, Mo Lin’s expression displayed a disappointed look. At this point, he originally wished to leave at once, however classroom bell suddenly rang up and the teacher timely entered the classroom. Mo Lin being an assassin didn’t want to attract too much attention. He quietly selected an empty seat in the corner and sat down.

It was the end of the year, teachers didn’t have anything new to teach. For the most part, it was just revision and consolidation of everything that had been taught during the year.

“So, yesterday’s discussion, anyone has any questions?” The teacher didn’t pay any attention to the new strange face and continued on with his usual rhythm. Some students raised their hand to present their doubts in front of the teacher. After some of them were finished, students realized that the new strange face was also raising his hand.

“ You.” The teacher pointed towards Mo Lin.

“ I want to ask a question.” Mo Lin stood up and said. “ Why is Lu Ping not in the class?”

Lu Ping?

“He never comes to class.” Some individuals blurted out the truth without holding anything back.

“Huh?” Mo Li was astonished, This guy is also bad at this? Mo Sen uncle didn’t tell me anything about this!

“ Who are you?” The teacher was also starting to get suspicious. Is there an individual in Zhai Feng institute who is not aware of the matter about Lu Ping not attending lectures?

“ I….I have joined the institute just today. I am called Lin Mo.” Mo Lin introduced himself to everybody. Naturally, he used a false name. He can’t possibly forget about his identity. He is an assassin, how can he casually give away his information?

Just entered the courtyard?

Everyone stared blankly. It’s the end of the year right now. For a student to be admitted at this time? It is only possible through breaking the rules. This straw hat, exactly what is extraordinary about him?

Students were unable to make out. Fortunately, the teacher present also was unable to determine the realm of his soul’s power precisely. By basic perception, Teacher was only able to feel that his soul’s power is definitely not simple. There is no way that he could be a first-year student.

“ If you are trying to find Lu Ping, then you have come to the wrong place.” Teacher said

“ In that case, can I leave?” Mo Lin asked.

“ As you wish.” The teacher also knew that contents of first-grade classroom wouldn’t have a single use for Mo Lin.

Mo Lin departed with a lightning fast speed. After coming out of the classroom, he slapped his head and gloomily cursed at his own stupidity. In Zhai Feng institute, even Dean himself thinks that attending classes is not important. Lu Ping who is much stronger than him, attending classes? How senseless does that sound. Of course that guy wouldn’t feel necessary to attend classes every day. In that case, what does he do every day? And how does he cultivate his Perception and Linking Up of souls?

Mo Lin wanted to know it as soon as possible. He searched inside the institute but was unable to discover any trace of Lu Ping. This made him depressed. This institute is only so much big and it is taking me this much effort to find one person? I even had to use “ Ask Someone” kind of low method. I am an assassin yo, what kind of assassin would ask about whereabouts of his own target in the middle of a street. Wouldn’t it just be attracting attention to the self?

Entire early morning, Mo Lin had no gains. As the noon arrived, he immediately ran towards the dining hall in order to stand guard there. Eventually, he was able to spot Lu Ping.

Mo Lin thought that he could at least be considered as familiar with Lu Ping. He grabbed a bread and moved closer. As he saw Lu Ping and Su tang are about to line up to get food, he quickly found himself an opening.

“ Wanna eat cake?” Mo said while waving the half bread in his hand.

Lu Ping didn’t reply, however, he carefully observed that bread.

“ Don’t worry, it ain’t poisoned this time.” Mo Lin said.

Immediately all the surrounding looks converged on them. Using the word ‘poison’ at the place of eating is really too much.

“ Joke, Joke.” Mo Lin explained at once. Feigning innocence, he immediately snapped the bread in two, then ate one of the parts and handed over the other one to Lu Ping.

“ How come you are still here?” Lu Ping asked while accepting the cake.

“ I am now a student of Zhai Feng institute.“ Mo Lin said.

Before Lu Ping was able to say anything, dressed in black, having a golden insignia with silver boundary, the Discipline Squadron who is always present in the shadows of Lu Ping, immediately appeared without wasting a single moment. Everybody put their current affairs aside and quietly watched the scene.

Xi Fan’s expression was extremely serious, however he didn’t even glanced at Lu Ping. He walked straight towards Mo Lin.

“ You are that new student?” Xi Fan stated.

“ That’s right. I am called Lin Mo.” Mo Lin again fakely introduced himself.

“ I heard you are trying to look for Lu Ping since early morning. What is the matter?” Xi Fan said. Regarding the matter of Pavilion yesterday morning, he was finally unable to find any clues pointing towards Lu Ping. But how could he give up like this? Today’s morning, he heard a new student was asking about Lu Ping all over the place starting from the First Grade Classroom.

Who would try to look for a garbage in such a manner?

The first impression is last instinct of Xi Fan made him convinced that Lu Ping has once again invited some disaster which he could look into. This kind of opportunity? Of course, he wouldn’t miss that. As a result, as Mo Lin was trying to look for Lu Ping, Xi Fan was also trying to look for Mo Lin. In the end, all of them bumped into each other here.

“ Huh?” Mo Lin looked puzzled. “ Me trying to find him, what doest that has to do with you? who are you?”

“ Xi Fan, Discipline Squadron.” Xi Fan briefly introduced himself in clear words. The caption of Discipline Squadron, he doesn’t like to introduce himself with this identity.

“ So what?”

“ Whatever issue you have, you can speak with us.”

“ Issue is, you are trying to find me for what business?” Mo Lin said.

Xi Fan remained silent. This new guy truly didn’t understand anything. If it was any other student, he would have immediately realized what to do. He decided that he needed to put more effort. Xi Fan was about to open his mouth to explain, but this time, Lu Ping was faster “ You two take your time.” After saying these words, he began to walk away.



Xi Fan and Mo Lin spoke the same thing with different mouths. However, their wordings were different. Xi Fan thought that he was successful in forming a mutual understanding with Mo Lin this time. However, he didn’t expect that Mo Lin wouldn’t pay any attention to him. Mo Lin instantly caught up with Lu Ping. The expression on his face somehow looked like trouble, it even looked like he wanted to worm his way……into becoming friends?

Unexpectedly he is showing goodwill towards Lu Ping?

Xi Fan was immediately scared of Mo Lin as if he was an otherworldly being. During his three years in Zhai Feng institute, such an individual has never ever appeared. There was only Su Tang, who has been close with Lu Ping from an earlier time.

“ Where did this new guy come from?” Xi Fan felt that his brain was somewhat lacking.

“ Currently unclear!” Two members of Discipline Squadron who often followed him were also somewhat at a loss. Such a matter, where someone displays good intentions towards Lu Ping, it really was a little too hard to comprehend.

“ Go immediately find out.” Xi Fan instructed and decided that he himself will also turn the focus point of his attention towards Mo Lin.

For entire three years, he was unable to find anything that could be used against Lu Ping. These past few days, although he was determined, he was not genuinely optimistic. After he was unable to pin the matter of Observing Pavilion on Lu Ping, he didn’t know whether he would even get another opportunity to investigate Lu Ping.

And then Mo Lin appeared like this.

Hearing about Mo Lin, Xi Fan arrived as fast as he could to seize the opportunity. But the difference between the reality and what he considered being the case was a little too much. This guy was definitely not someone whom they could use as a pretext to create trouble for Lu Ping.

However, the appearance of this person is still very strange.

Becoming a member of Zhai Feng institute when the year is about to be finished. As soon as entered the institute, asking about Lu Ping, going by his manner, he seems completely unfamiliar with Lu Ping and yet trying to get close. What is the reason?

This is possibly an opening for a breakthrough. It’s possible to hear a few things about Lu Ping from this.

On the afternoon of that day, Xi Fan obtained some information about where did the guy originate from.

Information was simple: Specific origins unclear, however realm very high. Pivot’s soul has already attained sixth Heavenly Layer. Reason to come at Zhai Feng institute is reported as to follow teacher Mo Sen. However the truth, he is asking about Lu Ping all the time. No one ever heard ‘ Mo Sen’ coming out from his mouth.

“ This is a pretense.” Xi Fan immediately concluded after hearing the report. “ It’s quite clear, this guy has rushed over in institute to find Lu Ping. What kind of attitude is this towards the institute?”

“The integrity of courtyard allows us even more to pay attention to this Lin Mo. However, because that guy’s realm is incomparably high, it would be unwise to dispatch a team that has individuals below sixth Heavenly Layer to engage him.” A squadron member reported.

“ In other words it would be just me!” Within Discipline Squadron, the sole individual who possesses the realm of sixth Heavenly layer of soul’s power is Xi Fan. In an unknown tiny institute like Zhai Feng institute, an individual able to attain sixth Heavenly Layer realm within four years is truly an extremely rare spectacle.

“ All the rest of you keep working on the history of this guy. And also don’t relax on the side of Lu Ping. From hereon, hand over the direct surveillance of Lin Mo to me.”

“ Yes!” All squadron members received the orders.

Four more days to go!

Xi Fan was looking at the calendar posted on the wall of Discipline Squadron room.

There were less than four days remaining in the yearly Annual Assessment. Every single student was sweating on this matter.

However from the perspective of Xi Fan, how to expel Lu Ping from the institute within four days was the most important matter.

Absolutely can’t let the Discipline Squadron tied up on the pillar of disgrace together with that guy.

This was Xi Fan’s resolve. Maybe others don’t care, but he cares.

Honor exceeds everything!

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