Chapter 9: Same step fight( part 2 )

“You’ve lost,” Fang Tien said, walking toward the immortal ancient Tree his steps seemed slow but each step he took seemed to surmount a large distance, quickly he was in front of the immortal ancient tree, his vision locked on her form.

The star in his pupil seemed to revolve with each step he took to reach, golden light overflowing from his eyes their gazed locked, his revolving star pupil seemed to carry an eccentric rhythm to it, the more she gazed at his eyes the huger his form became, it seemed as if his form was the entire world, he seems to cover every space there was.

“anything!” The Immortal Ancient Tree shouted in shock

“broken!” The Immortal Ancient Tree cried out, cracks seem to appear in the world as everything shattered, like broken glass, including the huge Fang Tien form

when her vision Restored she noticed Fang Tien was still standing in his original position smiling! he hadn’t moved at all.

“An Illusion?..impossible illusions can’t affect me, it’s his time dao?” The Immortal Ancient Tree thought

As if reading her mind Fang Tien replied,” it’s my second divine ability, I kept it a secret for this moment, what you saw indeed was not an illusion it was neither real yet real at the same time, my second ability allows me to use my vision as the vessel to affect your perception of time, so while I can’t actually affect time currently I can affect how you perceive it!

“watch out, I’m attacking!” Fang Tien said jokingly

“Divine Ability, Time-Mark!” Fang Tien shouted

boom!” a loud sound could be herd as a fearful Light beam projected from Fang Tien’s pupils, silver in color seeming almost transparent, this silver light piercing aura brought with it a deep and ancient pressure, it seemed primordial in nature

“Divine Ability, petal-shield!” The Immortal Ancient Tree bellowed, forming a protective layer of a shield surrounded by petals, despite its beautiful appearance this shield gave one a fearful feeling as if it was impenetrable, it seemed as if it could block all.

seeming to be as quick as lightning the radiant silver light pierced through the impenetrable petal shield, stabbing the immortal ancient tree through her chest, a deep hole could be seen as torrents of blood poured out

“Splat!” a hand could be heard dropping to the floor as the second pupil light sliced through the immortal ancient tree left hand, suddenly terrifying amounts of vitality Qi surrounded her, rapidly healing all her injuries, even more, inconsiderable was that a brand new arm was regenerating!

Fang Tien watched as she recovered, frowning in thought.

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