Chapter 90: Fang Tien’s Sword intent

“Tien!, prepare yourself you owe me a gift!” As Huan Qin said this her figure vanished.

“BOOM!” After-images of her figure could be seen as she dashed towards Fang Tien her powerful force creating a trail of blazing fire behind her as each step she took created a trail of lava, as the ice below her feet slowly melted.

With her newly formed spear grasped between her slender fingers, Huan Qin stabbed forward towards Fang Tien, each stab containing a tyrannical fire Qi, these stabs appeared so quickly most students could only see one simple stab, but if an expert were to look they could see dozens of attacks contained within each strike, her simple spear stab contained a profound style as the multiple hidden attacks charged aggressively towards Fang Tien.

Fang Tien could be seen calmly looking at Huan Qin, his limpid purple eyes and serene expression made it seem as if he wasn’t the one current fighting but an onlooker, “Bang” the sword held within his hand had been dropped on the floor, as its tip sunk within the ice arena, his crystal clear eyes opened widely as a silver radiance spurted outwards, this silver light carried an ancient feel to it, it was as if the world had been transported back to an antiquity age as runic marks of time drifted within the space.

The feeling of antiquity was derived from these runic marks but if one’s cultivation was too low they were impossible to see all they could feel was as if time changed, a feeling of being transported to an ancient past would cover their senses, these marks danced within the sky to an unknown rhythm as if they were alive, Xun Guanting stared wide-eyed as all of this happened, while he had no idea what these marks stood for the pressure he felt as he looked at them was greater than anything he’d felt, not even a False Law Magus of rank 8 had given him this much pressure.

These marks seemed so ancient as if they had existed since the creation of the world itself, as Huan Qin’s attacked came close to Fang Tien intense purple lights covered in sword Qi jumped from within his eyes.

These lights took the shape of miniature swords as they attacked relentlessly toward Huan QIn’s spear attacked.

“Clang, Clang, Clang.” loud sounds of sword cries resonated as the purple miniature swords collided with Huan Qin’s attacks, blocking the dozen of hidden attacks and forcing her backward.

“BANG!” an explosive sound rang out as a storm of fire mixed with purple light covered the entire stage, Huan Qin and Fang Tien’s figures became hidden within this firestorm.

As the students looked upon Fang Tien attack a feeling as if a sword was aimed at their necks raided their senses, some weak students instantly coughed blood as the illusion and pressure caused by the attack proved to be too powerful for most, only a few talented ones managed to hang on, seeing this Xun Guanting quickly intensified his protective ice elemental barrier that had covered the students previously.

Sighs of relief could be heard coming from the students as some had already fainted, but those that

had managed to stay conscious rejoiced as Xun Guanting barrier had elevated almost all of the pressure emitted from Fang Tien’s sword intent.

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