Chapter 91: A Bet to remember

“Bang!, Bang!, Bang!” Explosive sounds rang out as Huan Qin clashed with Fang Tien’s swords, an intense amount fire Qi was contained inside Huan Qin’s strike, as she clashed and traded over a hundred moves with Fang Tien in a matter of seconds the firestorm that they fought in grew even more intense, her fiery red hair flowed freely within the air seeming to fuse with the storm itself as it became hard to tell the fire and her hair apart, a crazed expressions appeared inside her eyes as she started at Fang Tien.

“Raging-FlameStorm sweep!” with her spear of flames Huan Qin made a wide sweeping motion as she attacked with it, its tip containing a trail of fire that quickly turned into a mini-storm of flames as her spear swept.

“Clang, Clang.” As Huan Qin’s spear clashed with Fang Tien’s sword’s the quantity quickly reduced, as Huan Qin had destroyed them faster than Fang Tien could produce them her large area of effect fire skills proving to be more troublesome than he had assumed as the cost and consumption of this skill proved to be great, taking an enormous toll on his eyes.

As Fang Tien rate of creating swords slowed down Huan Qin had managed to close most of the gap, with her superior range from her spear she attacked directly her spear ripping through the air and creating a vacuum of space within the firestorm as a straight line from her locating extending to Fang Tien was created in the aftermath of her powerful strike, before her strike even reached an intense tyrannical energy of fire in the shape of a spear attacked Fang Tien, before Fang Tien could even physically react this strike was already within his sights and itches away from his body, the intense heat causing him to sweat as it felt as if he was trapped within a desert.

“Spatial-Chrono Reversal!” Radiant silver light burst forth from Fang Tien’s eyes, as the runic marks of time appeared on the fire shaped spear that attacked him as if it was an image being played in reverse the attack went backward until it was reduced to a ball of fire qi from which it originally formed.

“Cut!” Fang Tien shouted.

“Bang!” A purple sword blasted forth from his eyes as it quickly destroyed the ball of Qi corrupting and scattering it with its own purple energy, as all of this happened the purple amulet that hanged around his neck shone brightly as it reduced the consumption of his techniques.

“Slash!” a purple sword bigger than the rest had appeared from Fang Tien’s eyes, as it sliced forward clashing with Huan Qin’s spear large cracks appearing on it.

“Ahhh!” A mighty roar came from Huan Qin as her spear destroyed the sword, its unstoppable path of fiery destruction head right towards Fang Tien.

With a calm expression, Fang Tien slowly raised his arms as he held it straight above his head it was raised erect as if pointing at the heavens, “Reality…” his voice could be heard as his hands descended downwards the field began to vibrate, it was as if his hands contained the weight of the world as cracks began to appear on the field of ice.

“Break!” As if synchronizing with his voice a great white sword appeared within the sky, the pressure emitted from if felt as if its very presence increased the gravity of the area, with a “Bang” this great sword slashed towards the general area where Huan Qin stood, her large spear paled in comparison, as this great sword was more like a Mountain while her spear was just a hill!

Even tho the battle seemed hopeless Huan Qin charged forward fearlessly, as the crazed look inside her eyes grew even more intense her giant spear of fire stabbing towards the giant sword.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” explosive sounds rang out as the great storm of fire that covered the Field was swept away, replaced by smoke.

Xun Guanting looked towards this shocked, this level of fighting was beyond anything two newbie first years should be able to do, it was akin to experienced second years!.

Luckily Xun Guanting had already made countermeasures, as the smoke cleared Fang Tien could be seen standing up, his clothing spotless and his features serene, it was as if he had taken a casual stroll, if not for the sweat that dripped from his face one would question if he had even fought at all, large amounts of blood could be seen on the floor beneath Huan Qin’s feat, her head leaned on Fang Tien’s chest as a trail of bloodied finer prints could be seen on Fang Tien’s face as the line of blood dragged down towards his clothing.

Fang Tien was still lost in thought as he remembered the last moments of the fight, Huan Qin in her exhausted and weakened state had limped forwards towards him, an ax made of ice had counter-attacked his strike but the backlash had still affected Huan Qin, as she had feebly walked towards him her slender fingers formed into a fist as she weekly touched his chest, blood dripping from her mouth as her hands touched his face with her last breath she Fang Tien heard a whisper, ” I win.” Before her eyes closed as she became unconscious from exhaustion and injuries a smile of self-satisfaction was on her face.

“Was a stupid bet really worth it?” Fang Tien shook his head, he had only made the bet as a joke, of course, he had never believed she could land a hit on him as his confidence in his own abilities made it so, but the reality was different as her strong desire to land a hit on him had made him cancel thoughts of dodging her final attempt, after all, he never took the bet that seriously to begin with.

“He..won?” As the students looked toward the stage a feeling of fear and awe was felt by all, as this fight had altered all they thought was possible at their ranks, they saw Huan Qin and Fang Tien in a new light as the two rose to the levels of the immortal physique and War God child level talent that the second year students have, those two level of talent are so high that even the 3rd years can only compete with them using their higher ranks.

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