Chapter 92: Magus Of First Year

Fang Tien had won the Sparing match and as such, his team was boosted from last place to 5th, as the sparing match rewarded more points, he had casually selected a Lightning cultivation technique for speed as his teacher could solve all his light elemental cultivation needs.

As the students left Xun Guanting had chosen to stay behind as he watched over the injured students, while the light elemental magus could quickly heal them they still required some time to reach.

The large group of first-year warrior students could be seen leaving their class, as they exited the warrior area another group of students could be seen also, these students wore largely snow white robes with blue stripes, the signature pattern of the academy.

These students all carried an air of nobility with them and their looks aloof as they looked towards Fang Tien’s group, it was apparent that they were also first years, the Magus first-year class.

The boys and girls of this class all seemed to be surrounded by a special aura as the elemental energy of the surrounding area seemed to be naturally attracted to them

As the two groups crossed paths someone from the magus group had stopped, as a sweet voice called out, ” Fang Tien!”

This Magus while young seemed particularly charming as strands of her silky purple hair escaped the openings of her robe, her pearly bright green eyes shone like pairs of emeralds as she smiled sweetly.

“Someone is calling leaders name…?” Lin Shui whispered as she looked towards the group of Magus.

“Its Shao Jian, she’s one of the most famous First year Magus, don’t you know her?” Yao Chang said as he shook his head in disappointment at her lack of knowledge, ever since witnessing Fang Tien’s fight, he’s been transformed into a different person, if before his reservation about Fang Tien and his perceived weakness has been completely subverted by his prowess shown in the fight.

Fang Tien paused as he heard a familiar voice, as he turned around a familiar figure greeted him.

“Jian’er,” Fang Tien said with a smile as Shao Jian walked towards him, he had forgotten that she had entered the first year too.

As Shao Jian walked closer Lin Shui and Yao Chang instinctively hid behind Fang Tien, “I’m happy you made it in, but why didn’t you tell me you were attending?…you probably took me for a fool back then.” Shao Jian said while pouting.

Fang Tien was still wary about interactions with Shao Jian, as her actions which lead to the bandit accident still weighted heavily on his mind, was this situation what the Immortal ancient tree had meant by human relationships being complicated? Truthfully every action and potential goal had to be planned with the interest of the clan in his mind, was it worth it to become cold toward her? After all her family is one of the main branches of the Elemental clan, would her use far outweigh the negatives?

These types of questions constantly weighed heavily on Fang Tien’s mind with each new interaction. if I can’t handle this small spark how will I handle a bigger fire in the future? with his mind made up, Fang Tien replied with a smile.”It’s a pleasant surprise at least, right?”

“I was surprised when I saw you on the testing stage, but your results shocked me even more,… you’re always doing the unexpected.” Shao Jian said.

He doesn’t seem as cold and so distant as last time, was I overthinking things? Shao Jian wondered as Fang Tien’s friendly smile reinforced her thoughts that it was an overreaction on her part, ever since she had first seen him inside the Inn she sensed that he carried a special aura around him, she wasn’t sure if it was because of her special element or her bloodline but she had always had the talent of judging someone’s worth.

she believed Fang Tien would become exceptionally strong once grown, which is why she didn’t hesitate to get him inside the inn, as who wouldn’t want a powerful retinue. From her defeat in the Inn, which led to her trying to use her clan’s internal strife as a way to recruit him, if he had lost in the fight she would have saved him, who wouldn’t be grateful for being saved? With her beautiful face and prestigious clan background, she believed only a little nudge in the right direction would be needed.

“Jian’er Who is this?” A White haired handsome magus had walked over from the group, his steps calm and steady as just his simple act of walking carried an aura of nobility as if he was royalty living amongst commoners.

Before Shao Jian could reply another magus had walked over, “Long Bin, this is the waste first year who discarded his magical talents to become a warrior.”

Long Bin? A royal family member from the western wyvern clan? Fang Tien was slightly surprised to see a member of the wyvern royal clan here as they were famous for never joining sects and academies.

“Is that so?” Long Bin said, his attention now focused on Fang Tien, his sky blue eyes seemed to absorb one into it as a feeling of your inner thoughts being reflected within them would be felt.

Fang Tien felt weirdly strange as his eyes met with Long Bin, a feeling of being stared at by an ancient antiquity beast was felt, but more than that..a feeling of familiarity.

“To think that someone would choose to become a lowly warrior with talent such as his, a true waste.” the female magus snorted.

Hearing her the class of first-year warriors didn’t reply, her mocking words were met with a strange silence as no one wanted a conflict with a magus.

“Even as a warrior your entire class combined couldn’t compare with him!” Lin Shui voice could be heard, her face red and her fist gripped tightly from anger as if the attack on Fang Tien was directed to herself.

“Yeah that’s right, who are you to call him a waste?!” As if given a boost from Lin Shui’s bravery the other warrior females echoed.

“You..! how can you even say that with someone like Long Bin in our class? No one can compare in our first year to him.” another female magus shouted.

As his hand was slowly held up, an immediate silence was made among the magus first year,” It’s fine, why argue over something so arbitrary?” Long Bin’s commanding voice resonated.

“Besides, it’s not good to be so arrogant just because we’re Magus, who’s to say a warrior can’t compete? I have a deep respect for them as just like Magus we each respectively have our own strength and weaknesses, maybe he has his own profound truth in becoming a warrior?” Long Bin said looks of admiration could be seen within the eyes of the first year warriors as if Long bin’s words had left behind a mark within each of their hearts.

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