Chapter 93: Long Royal Family

As if Long Bin’s words had shown them a different light, the female magis had grown quiet.

Fang Tien had felt strange ever since Long Bin had appeared, it was as if a pair of eyes constantly stared at his, the source of this feeling was hard to pinpoint. Was it my imagination? Fang Tien wondered.

“I’m sorry for the ignorance of my class, You must be Fang Tien? it’s strange to see a member of the Fang family here, but then again who am I to talk? haha.”Long Bin said with a smile, his melodious laughter bringing comfort to all as if just the simple act of him laughing was enough to pull one’s soul back from the deepest of despairs.

‘Fang Family? I’m from the Du Clan, I’m only partially Fang, I couldn’t be considered to be the same as you…Prince Long Bin.” Fang Tien replied calmly.

Oh? Long Bin was surprised at the lack of reaction from Fang Tien, normally anyone even of the top clans would be surprised to meet a Long family prince, but more than that if we’ve just met how would he know? There are some interesting people in this first year, after all, Long Bin thought.

“There is no need to call me prince, after all, we’re all equal in here, I look forward to our meeting in the class exams,” Long-Bin said.

“Class exams?” Fang Tien thought aloud.

“Leader, the two classes face each other at the end of the year to decide the placements for the next grade, a better placement means more resources given for training.” Yao Chang said.

“That’s right I’m sure I’ll be seeing you there, I also heard that Huan Qin was here?” Long-Bin said as his eyed searched the group of warrior students.

“She’s with her master healing.” Yao Chang said.

“Healing…did she lose her sparring match?” As Long Bin looked around his eyes once again focused on Fang Tien,

“To you I assume?”

“Yes, she lost to our leader!” as Lin Shui replied before Fang Tien could a strange thought appeared in her mind.

Huh? why did I answer that so quickly?

As Fang Tien observed this a sense of familiarity could be felt again from Long Bin, but like a word that has been forgotten being at the tip of one’s tongue the actual source of this familiarity evaded him.

“Leader, we will be late if we delay any longer.”

a soft voice could be heard coming from the group of magus, directed towards Long Bin.

“Has it been so long? We’ll be leaving, train hard warriors after all we’re each the pride of our clan and academy, Long Bin said as he walked away his movements seemingly slow yet fast, as his simple step had already made him vanish from the eyes of the warrior students.

He actually vanished, it wasn’t his speed…this is…a Dao? As Fang Tien replayed the last moments of Long Bin movements his figure had suddenly disappeared from the area, one would assume it was a high-level Qinggong but as his eyes allowed him to clearly follow his movements Fang Tien was able to see the true picture.

Long Bin had a smile as he looked back towards me before he vanished, could it be he wanted me to see it? Fang Tien wondered.

” I have to follow also, can we meet up later?” Shao Jian asked.

“Sure, whenever I’m free.” Fang Tien replied nonchalantly.

“I’ll contact your faction when I’m ready then!” Shao Jian said as she walked away and with her the magus class.

My Faction? what does she mean as Fang Tien thoughts wondered on her last words a feeling of weariness overcame him, the exhaustion from the long day of training and intense spar had finally caught up to him.

If I didn’t possess this amulet I would have been even more tired, such a simple item has been so useful, is this the power of magical items? Fang Tien thought as his hands held the amulet around his neck, while it was hidden from view due to his veil being around his neck its effects of lessening his consumption played a major part within the fight.

“I’m heading back, if you’ll need me I’m located in my masters quarters.” Fang Tien said.

Even though this was only directed at Lin Shui and Yao Chang all the warrior students paid attention as subconsciously they had placed him as their class leader within their hearts, after all he was the strongest in their class it was only natural.


As Fang Tien made it back to his masters home a familiar hut close to large cave mansion came within view, the emperor dove hovered around as it had just dropped him off, walking into the hut Fang Tien quickly found his bed and dozed off to a world of dreams as a familiar sight of an eye chained by stars once again appeared inside his dreams.

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