Chapter 94: Bloodline Inheritance

Fang Tien had woken up abruptly again, sweat covering his face, he looked as if he had just seen a nightmare, “This dream again?…” Fang Tien muttered.

“What dream?” a pleasant voice floated between his ears, it was as if he was being caressed by heavenly melodies.

As Fang Tien looked up a familiar sight that reminded him of his entrance ceremony could be seen, as two light blue eyes could be seen staring at him, the reflection from the sunlight caused by the door being half opened made her seem almost like an angel descending the earth as a light golden glow surrounded her body and a faint smile as she looked towards Fang Tien.

“How are you here?” Fang Tien asked, his mind dazed from his abrupt awakening.

“I sensed that your spirit energy was chaotic so I came to check, what would I do if my only student overstated?”

Thinking about his dream that had long since plagued him, Fang Tien decided to tell her, after all what’s the point of a master he can’t confide in?

“I’ve started having this strange dream, or you could call it visions of another dimension.” Fang Tien said calmly, his mind clear as his spiritual energy had cleared away all dizziness.

The smile on Fang Yimu’s face had vanished, as she looked at Fang Tien her expression solemn, “what do you see exactly?”

Seeing the change in her expression Fnag Tien became weary as he replied, his senses heightened as his eyes watched for any slight movements, it was better to be absolutely safe than to regret later he thought.

“I have the same repeated dreams of an eye chained by stars, it appears to be in an isolated dimension as its surrounded by pure void.”

“Dreams of another dimension?” As she stared into Fang Tien’s translucent eyes, a reflection of her body mirrored within, “These eyes, do they look like yours?”

“Mine? Well…yes it would be the exact same.” Fang Tien muttered.

“I haven’t learned much about your Clan but I’ve been told eyes such as yours indicate closeness to your bloodline source, do you know about bloodline inheritance?” Fang Yimu said her voice resonating within Fang Tien’s soul.

“Bloodline inheritance? its something scared beast is born with that includes memories from their ancestors, it’s another reason why their bloodline is so strong.” Fang Tien replied.

“Well yes, since your Fang Bloodline is pure enough, even comparable to mine I shall tell you a secret, as I doubt our idiotic family will even accept you much less tell you this.” Fang Yimu voice resonated inside his soul, hints of anger hidden within.

Hearing this Fang Tien Looked up towards Fang Yimu in anticipation, excitement contained within his eyes.

“I suspect your dreams are actually glimpses of your suppressed bloodline inheritance, as I cannot speak on your Du Clans bloodline I can tell you my own experience, Firstly your bloodline inheritance is nothing but a brand mark left behind by your ancestors, for sacred beast this inheritance manifests itself in the form of memories of their ancestors, they’ll automatically be more intelligent than common mystical beast, apart from their physical advantages their souls will stronger due to the nourishment from their bloodlines.”

“Sacred beast are all born with their own cultivation merit laws hence why they’re so widely feared, there is no such thing as a weak sacred beast as even a newborn sacred beast is comparable to a rank 5 warrior.”Fang Yimu said.

“Are you saying my dreams are because of my bloodline?” Fang Tien asked.

“That’s where my experience comes in, do you know who our Fang first Ancestor is?” Fang Yimu asked as she looked towards Fang Tien her voice resonating inside his soul.

“I couldn’t possibly know, I’ve had no contact from my mothers family.” Fang Tien replied slightly annoyed.

“Do you know why I left right after accepting you? to confirm your lineage, while I wouldn’t visit my clan, I am friends with some of your elders who allowed me to speak to your patriarch, sadly your mother was born long after I had left.”

After a Long pause, as if contemplating her future words she continued, “Our first Ancestor is known as “Raphael” and the source of my bloodline inheritance he referred to himself as an angel, but he’s not from our world or even our universe, it’s been said that he’s from another world within our universe as his bloodline was foreign to our world, but my inheritance tells me another story of a universe completely different to ours.”

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