Chapter 95: Angel Bloodline

“An angel? what species is that?” Fang Tien asked, he was more confused about the name rather than the fact of their first ancestor being from another universe, after all, he had seen beings from other universes before within the flow of time, how could something as simple as this affect him?

“According to my memories, angels are divine beings molded by their universe creator, an ancient being known as “God”, Raphael strongly believes him to be as old as time itself, It’s been recorded in our ancient books that a heavenly being descended upon the lands of the elven tribes, injured and dying, he was rescued by a princess of the elven royal family and nursed back to health, during this time he slowly learned the language of our people, the two spending all their days together quickly fell in love, but it was recorded that only after rescuing the tribe from a hoard of Emperor beast lead by a supreme Liger he asked to be rewarded with her hand in marriage. “

A supreme Liger? that’s comparable to the world-devouring snake…God beast, just how strong was he… Fang Tien wondered.

“This is how our Fang Royal family came to be, as we were much weaker than the other royal elven families at the time, having just lost our spiritual protector,this is also how we became connected to your Du Clan, you might not know this but your Clans spiritual protector the immortal ancient tree was but a leaf that your clans first ancestor robbed, it was rumored the leaf belonged to the antiquity tree the great Yggdrasil.”

“Our Fang and Du are close because our current spiritual protector could be considered to be the child of your own spiritual protector, as it was the first grown from the first seed produced by your immortal ancient tree.”Fang Yimu said softly.

As if recalling a faraway place and past event Fang Yimu expression became lonely “…Much like you I’ve been plagued by nightmares, nightmares of war and terror after my own awakening ceremony.”

“I was looked upon as the future patriarch of our clan as I had the highest talent and the purest bloodline in the history of our family births, but sadly fate is cruel as shortly after awakening my bloodline my body…or rather my soul deteriorated I was subjected to long periods of sleep, it was as if I was in a constant state of hibernation, no one could find the reason as to why, even the strongest magus of our continent had been invited but regardless of how strong they were none could solve my problem, ironic isn’t it? to be so talented yet crippled by one’s own body.”Fang Yimu sighed.

“Eventually I was reduced to being able to stay awake inside my bed, you could say I was confined to it, but as much of a curse as that was it was also a blessing.” as Fang Yimu said this a light shone within her eyes, Fang Tien only thought was that at this moment her common facial features carried a special charm to them.

“As I had more time to myself I became trapped within my own world, what would I do without being able to physically move around, being bedridden and assaulted by nightmares each night? Maybe I’ve already gone crazy, but this internal struggle allowed my soul to obtain a quantitative leap, as an untrained magus or warrior I possed the same soul intensity of that of a rank 5 magus,, by the age of 9 I had partially awakened my inheritance, my intelligence and wisdom far surpassing my age, my once unnerving dreams became a release as I began to live my life in another world, through the memories of our first ancestor.”Fang Yimu said softly.

“Even though I just viewed the events of his daily life as he would, it was another form of release, I feel free, this is why I believe your dreams are just the manifestation of an unawakened inheritance.”

With his brows furrowed Fang Tien asked,” How do I awaken it then?”

“I suspect its due to your current soul level, being a Magus automatically increases your soul intensity each rank.”Fang Yimu replied.

“My Soul? that can’t be right, my clan is known for our naturally high soul intensity.” Fang Tien said.

“I could try to forcefully awaken your inheritance, my bloodline strength should be able to suppress yours easily, release your defenses and relax.” as Fang Yimu said this an intense sacred aura covered the room, as a large Halo of light energy appeared above her head, ancient mantras resonated inside as divine scriptures of an unknown language covered the room..

with his eyes closed, Fang Tien felt as if soul was being wrapped in a protective cover as a sweet lullaby resonated within his ears and soul, his mind drifting as a feeling of relaxation and complete peace covered his senses.

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